Want quality twitter followers? Use your lists!! December 9, 2009

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Want more twitter followers, but want quality followers?   Use the lists as resources!!

Shareology must confess she was not crazy about lists when they first appeared on Twitter.  As she got added to more and more lists, her ego took over…. particularly as others added her to lists with names like smgenius.   Really?  Social Media Genius?   Moi??  (Shareology has always had a lot in common with Miss Piggy….)

Shareology had stalled out with followers.   As usual, she was setting goals:  I’m tired of having 469 followers!  Get to 500 already!!!!

Slowly it dawned on her; she could use the lists others had added her to; before you know it, she was at 500 followers, and they were twitheads who others had added to lists for marketing and social media.   Here’s how to do it:

First, you do not have to create any lists; however, you do need to be on lists that others have created.  (Oops, Shareology goofed:  if you are not on any lists, you can just use a list from somebody else, as long as it looks like a quality list from your area of interest.) 

  • From home, click on your lists. (upper right hand corner under Listed)
  • Click on a list with a name you like (one that targets people you want for followers) — let’s click on that smgenius list as an example
  • You will now see recent tweets from the folks in this list.   In the upper right hand corner, click on Following
  • Your screen now has the folks on this particular list — in the middle of each person’s info, the three action icons are what you are looking for.   Pick the one with the person outline –should be the icon on the left  — the words Follow KayLoire (or whomever) should appear — Click!
  • Proceed down the list, hovering over the follow icon, and clicking… are gonna get a rhythm and this is gonna go very fast!!!  In order not to get overwhelmed with twitter emails in your email box, work with one list at a time.   I also chose to work lists that had maybe 50 or less people  on them.   Seemed less overwhelming to me.  

You’re done!!   In the next couple  of days, some of these folks will follow you back.   The bottom line?   Other twitheads have put thought into naming these lists and into who they put on them.   You can then use the lists to find quality followers in your area of interest.   Click your fingers off!   If somebody later proves to be a too frequent tweeter or someone you just do not want to have clogging up your tweet feed, simply unfollow them.  

Okay,  I finally have a way to use lists.   I suspect others are using lists to ape TweetDeck and filter out folks they really don’t care that much about (and conversely, filter in those twitheads they really do want to read………..).    What are YOU using lists for?

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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