What suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul offers…… October 27, 2011

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this photo of Don Quixote?  and yes, that’s Sancho Panza next to him…..

so….where do you think they live???

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Shhhhhhh….don’t tell Facebook!!! October 24, 2011

Having lunch last week with an author, I discovered yet another person who hasn’t drunk the Facebook Kool-Aid.  She’s focusing primarily on LinkedIn, her blog and her website.  As you can imagine, when her book came out, there was spirited discussion of whether to produce a Facebook page.  Turns out, she didn’t.

Wow:  so there is more than one of me.  It is really hard to ignore 800,000,000 Facebook members. But I am pretty much doing it.  

When was launching, as I considered the social media strategy, LinkedIn groups and Twitter were a no-brainer.  But, Facebook?  When I realized that most folks spend 55 minutes a day on Facebook, I was concerned I would never get them to leave and click on  Now the amount of time the average person spends on Facebook is still growing.  Five minutes ago, I had yet another Smart Brief article hit my email why we should all get social.  (This translates to spend yet more time and marketing energy on…….Facebook!)

I do find Facebook handy to keep track of nephews:  getting pictures from Peru and Afghanistan has been wonderful to keep up as they travel the globe.  When Stephan Pastis hit Minneapolis two weekends ago and posed in front of Charles Schultz’ former home in St. Paul and posted it to his Facebook page, I lit up like the 4th of July. Yes, occasionally I do post a new Shareology item to both Google+ and Facebook.

But in general, I think it is very freeing to know you can participate in social media without being on every platform in existence.  Yes, even one with 800,000,000 members.  In my case, the primary platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter and Shareology. In the case of and Shareology, most traffic has been generated by 1.  LinkedIn groups and 2.  Twitter.

So if never-ending changes and privacy concerns worry you, be assured you can live a fruitful, satisfying life without significant Facebook presence.  Heck, you can even drop the electronics for a few days and rediscover the beautiful of falling leaves and walks in the crisp air.  But that’s another post.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Boss vs. Hugo Boss at MOA: Visual Pun or Great Ad Placement???? October 21, 2011

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Shareology was stopped in her tracks this week during her travels through Mall of America.  To the immediate left hand of Hugo Boss was an ad for…………….Boss!  the TV show.  Wouldn’t you just love to be privy to those conversations behind the scenes?  Does MOA tell Hugo Boss what is about to go up next to their store?   Are these ads all over the Mall and Shareology just never noticed?  Ah, so many questions….your thoughts??

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Think you know what Retail is? Think again – Mayo Clinic debuts at Mall of America October 20, 2011

Shareology was bemused last week to see that Mayo Clinic has opened a store on the East side 1st floor of Mall of America, just off the Rotunda.  Our MOA correspondent, Kayla Curtiss, tells us about her experience in this new example of the ever-changing retail scene:

Visit 1:

My first visit to Mayo wasn’t so much window shopping as it was a technology-based health experience in the making.

The first thing the associates had me do was enter my name and e-mail into this table with a screen in it and before I knew it, a card pops out with my name and a QR code. As I was informed, this card gives you access to various health assessments that you can take on your own at one of the several kiosks.

As a recent smart phone owner, I was verbally ecstatic to scan said QR code, but was promptly sad-faced when the overhearing sales associate (is that what they call themselves?) told me that the code doesn’t actually go anywhere yet, and that I should go to the Mayo Clinic health experience forum (also on the back of the card) to join the “online community forum”. When I’m shopping, I really don’t want to bother with things like giving my personal information for something that is “still in development” even though I just entered my full name and e-mail address into a counter top. I just want to look at stuff and see how healthy I am – that’s what Mayo Clinic is doing in the Mall in the first place, right?

Visit 2 (One Week Later):

I attempted to swipe my card at a kiosk, and the “technical difficulties” from last time weren’t resolved yet (an associate told me that I need to register my information online in order for the membership card to remember my assessment scores and stuff that I’ve watched and whatever else it is I am supposed to do. Is that lame or is that lame?). But I was able to access the tidbits of information anyway. There were different tabs that featured various videos and things to read about sleeping, relaxing, eating, and so on and so forth. There are tips on how to battle Jet Lag, snoring and other annoying health issues.

Heads Up: The videos aren’t closed captioned, which to me is a HUGE no-no at the Mall of America, especially in the Rotunda where there’s going to be all sorts of noise on any given day. Even on quieter days, hearing impaired customers, or folks like myself who just like to read what’s going on are probably missing out on the health tips. In addition, there’s no scroll bar to let you skip to the end, or back to the beginning.

Anyhow, my personal favorite feature of the Mayo store is the WebMD kiosk. You tell it your symptoms and it guesses what could be wrong with you besides “You’re carrying too much weight on your shoulders – literally. Put the shopping bags DOWN”.

In terms of actual retail, there are plenty of unique items, such as pedometers, yoga workout card decks, and of course, the Vegan Cookbook. “And there’s an entire chapter on Crock-Pot recipes!” exclaimed the associate.

There are also a few lounges with access to the mayo website. This caused me to ask: Why on God’s green earth would someone go in there with tons of shopping bags and then go online? Personally, I would make it a fancy meeting spot, Like “Ok, kids, if we get separated, let’s meet back here and check our Facebook, sound good?”

Eventually there will be occasions where health experts will be on-site to answer questions about subjects like breast cancer.  That’s the View of the Mall for now!

Wow!  Thanks Kayla!  Sounds like there is a tad of tweaking yet to do on the new Mayo store!  Shareology can’t wait to find out what you alert us to next at Mall of America!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Look what’s coming to Mall of America! October 8, 2011

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Shareology loves taking an occasional peek at what’s new at Mall of America.  To aid in this reporting, Shareology would like to introduce our new correspondent, Kayla Curtiss!! So Kayla, what’s new at MOA???

What a perfect addition to the newly chandeliered South.   So, Kayla, where will this new store be opening in November of 2011?

OMG, right next to the new Michael Kors store?   Shoes, Shoes, Shoes?  Has anyone told Carrie Bradshaw??? On first floor South near Bloomingdale’s?  Love it!!

What else is new at MOA?

Really?   Well, that’s easily your next story:  the changing definition of retail!!!

Follow Kayla at @KaylaCurtiss.  Check out MOA at

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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