Our Little Secret February 28, 2010

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Shareology is about to share her secret accessories store:  Our Little Secret.   Located at 6001 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN, directly across the street from Bachman’s main store, it offers earrings, necklaces, scarves, jackets, purses and more at extremely comfortable prices.   Let’s take a look at Our Little Secret, Designer Accessories at Wholesale Prices:  



Owner Nancy Nelson with one of her favorite accessories:  


Examples of why Shareology loves this store:  



The impossible-to-accessorize jacket found a pair of earrings at Our Little Secret:  



More of the Store



Stained glass in the sunny front windows -- and check out the real live birds in the tree outside!


Framed puzzles to go!


The sound of running water in the pond, plus bridge and fish


Did I mention the very welcoming store owner?


There’s also a Our Little Secret in Chanhassen at 7828 Market Boulevard.  Find out more at      or follow on twitter at: 

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire  


Social Media as a Networking Tool February 24, 2010

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Shareology is preparing a presentation she is giving in a couple of weeks on Social Media as a Networking Tool.   The slides are prepared and ready to copy.   But (shades of Carrie Bradshaw) she can’t help wondering — what more should she be considering?

Dear Readers:  

  • what have been your best experiences using social media as a networking tool? 
  • your worst?  
  • What tools are your favorite?  LinkedIn?  Facebook?  Twitter? Other?
  • Any key thoughts?  

Inquiring minds want to know… well, at least Shareology does……

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


The Wire…the new age of interactive news & the future of Mobile Marketing. February 19, 2010

Shareology attended the Executive Marketing Guild February 19, where Dan Monfre, New Media Sales Manager at WCCO-TV shared exciting inside scoop of the soon to be launched future of interactive news: The Wire. This new site will primarily focus on local news in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, with a frosting of national  news.  Dan  also took out his crystal ball and shared some of the  exciting future aspects of mobile marketing.    Sierra Bravo worked in conjunction with Channel 4 TV personnel to create this interactive news web and mobile site.  Almost two years in the making, launch date is early March, 2010: you’ve  been warned!!

Dan Monfre sets up his presentation

The Wire: at its most basic

Imagine what Shareology can't show you: Yet!

@Graeme Thickins tweeting at #wccowire

Sini Ross presents Dan with a gift from Executive Marketing Guild

Your early March location:   (There might be a soft opening a tad sooner…)

For more information on Executive Marketing Guild,  go to:

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire



MIMA, the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, held one of its February events, and Shareology was there:


Social marketing, cloud computing, geo-location, oh my. It’s a new year. In what new technology should we invest our time and energies to stay innovative and connect with our communities? What worked in 2009 and what flopped? How do you know which technologies are hype, and which could make or break success in 2010? Join experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, the Minneapolis Start-up Community, and the Fortune 500 Community for a rousing discussion on emerging technologies and predictions for the future of start-ups, tech and integrated marketing.  

We’ll review current predictions for 2010 and review past technology predictions in 2009, including social media’s and mobile’s connection to geo-location and real time, cloud computing, Silicon Valley trends, the start-up community’s pulse and the Fortune 500 mix.  


Kim Garretson (Panelist)
Kim is Partner, Ovative Group, “Realizing Innovation” to your network.  Kim leads the Ovative group in partnership with Dale Nitchke, recent President of and Sev Maynard, recent digital media, entertainment and mobile strategy leader for Best Buy.  Ovative/Group hosts a series of senior executive dialogue events that focuses on “operationalizing” trends presented by early-stage company founders.

Alex Hawkinson – Founder and CEO of Mural Ventures (Panelist)
Alex is Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CloudProfile.  In his career, Alex has started and helped build a few companies and has learned a lot of lessons along the way.  What was most significant was the realization that small businesses need help in embracing the web.  He created CloudProfile to address this problem and to help small businesses leverage the web to be found by and engage prospects and customers.  

Robert Stephens, Founder and Chief Inspector for The Geek Squad.  His goal for The Geek Squad is to achieve complete world domination as the technology services brand.  He has been with Best Buy’s Geek Squad for 16 years.

Douglas Pollei – VP, Internet Strategy and Corporate Development, IKANO (moderator)
Doug is Vice President Strategy and Corporate Development, IKANO Communications.  In his role, Doug develops strategic opportunities for growth with selected vendors, venture capital portfolio companies and industry networks.

Below are some of the photographic memories:  



Sini Ross, Sexton Strategic

Ben Wallace, MIMA Board



Panel: Robert, Alex, Kim Moderator: Doug

Graeme Thickins, an iPhone and a rubber band


After the Panel networking: Kim Garretson and Greg Swan

 Shareology does not pretend to understand everything she hears at MIMA; she can say that the last two MIMA events have been superb ways to find out what’s going on now and in the future.   Way to start the year, Tim Brunelle and Board! 

To follow MIMA, go to  or on twitter at #MIMA or @MIMATweet  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


The Museum of Russian Art February 16, 2010

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In the spirit of the name of this blog, Shareology, here is a tip that is good until the end of this month, less than two weeks of opportunity.   The Museum of Russian Art  is a jewel of a museum in Minneapolis, located at 5500 Stevens Avenue South, on Diamond Lake Road between 35W and Nicollet Avenue.  Shareology has a huge interest in museums and other touristy delights.  Two current shows (one of which ends on February 28th) are amazing.   TMORA is located in a former white, Spanish style church, and is intriguing not only for its shows, but for the simplicity and beauty of its architecture.

The two shows that captured Shareology’s attention?  First, a collection of 100-year-old color (yep, color!) photographs taken in Central Asia.   The show is called Photographer to the Tsar”  Revealing the Silk Road.  Amazingly, the negatives left Russia in 1918 and ended up in the Library of Congress, which lent 26 images to TMORA.   The images include observers of a solar eclipse, university students, fabric merchants, amazing architecture, a girl in front of a yurt with a magnificent hand-woven rug, camels, sacks of cotton, cotton gins, fruit and melon stands.   The glimpse into the faces of people 100 years ago in color photography amazes. 

The second exhibit?  A series of nesting dolls.   Surprisingly, there are sets of political dolls; the most striking includes USA political figures on one side, Russian leaders on the other side.  The tallest dolls are about a foot high; the smallest dolls barely a half-inch.  Bring a child and allow them to play with the dolls in the entrance to the exhibit. 

The best thing about TMORA  is the reasonable size; you can easily enjoy both exhibits and parts of the permanent collection and get out within an hour.   If you want to linger, there is a wonderful gift shop. 

Just the thing to brighten a Minnesota winter that has been going on far too long.  More information at    Another source is this great article on the exhibit by Mary Abbe:

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Politics and Social Media at #SMBMSP #23 February 13, 2010

Shareology traveled to St. Paul on February 12 for a discussion of social media and politics at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.  Paul  #23: 

Panel: Politics and Social Media 

Facilitated by: Blois R. Olson (Tunheim Partners) 

Panel Members:  

  • Michael Brodkorb (Deputy Chair GOP/Comm. Director Senate GOP caucus)
  • Denise Cardinal (Executive Dir. / Alliance for a Better Minnesota)
  • Tom Scheck (MPR)
  • Rachel Stassen-Berger (StarTribune)

 Computers, smart phones, the internet have all changed segments of the world in the last few years; print media and journalism have been and continue to be highly impacted.  Starting from “What’s the internet?” to “It just hit Drudge” to “It’s all over YouTube!”  how does journalism and politics function in a world that still requires sources to verify truth and where suddenly everyone is a journalist? 

Images from St. Paul, a few steps from the Capitol: 



@ColleenMick signs 'em in!

Ummmm... tradition!



can you spot our very own above? @dianekulseth   @BG3dPPC  & @jeffsauer

Laptop coming through!!

our fearless leaders


Blois Olson






the all important post-panel networking begins

one more conversation before hitting the parking lot.....

For more information, follow the discussion on Twitter at #smbmsp or go to 

How excited do you think Shareology is to hear the next Social Media Breakfast will be held at Mall of America on March 5?  Can you guess the topic?   See you there!! 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Banish the Winter Blahs at Mall of America! February 10, 2010

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Shareology is pretty much done with winter; one might wish that winter felt the same way.   Minneapolis has had its share of snow lately, although the East Coast is waaaaaay ahead of us in flyover land.   What you don’t have on either the East or West Coasts is………..  the Mall of America!   As soon as the latest red and orange warning colors cleared on, Shareology was off to MOA to check out what might be a reason for living.   She found several; however, before she set foot in the actual mall, she had to endure one final blast of white: 

Between the West Parking Ramp and Macy's, Shareology found.......more Snow!!!

 Ed Hardy opened last October and is the perfect place to find a pricey T shirt with attitude: 



One of the oldies but goodies at Mall of America is Legoland, still entertaining kids of all ages: 



The great thing about MOA is you can find stores devoted to just one thing:  say sunglasses — or flip-flops!  Yep, deep in the heart of Minnesota winter, an entire store devoted to flip-flops  with the perfect name of Flips: 



What struck Shareology about this trip to Mall  of America is that there are a boatload of things to do that don’t speak much to traditional retail.  Wanna go wall climbing?   You can do that smack in the middle (OK, off to the NW wall) of Nickelodeon Universe: 




Some windows include a web site these days; some go straight to texting: 


It is approaching Valentine’s Day and there are lots of options: 


remember, dark chocolate is goooood for you!

Two last items before we leave; the first is an important historical note buried in the northwest corner of Nickelodeon Universe: 


Finally, also in Nickelodeon Universe, Shareology found that promise of spring she was looking for: 


All better now!   

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


MetroIBA heads NorthEast to Create Catering February 6, 2010

Shareology headed to NE Minneapolis to Create Catering for the February 2   MetroIBA Networking Event. 

Members of the Metro Independent Business Alliance brought their small business problems, small business solutions, and small business questions; members found out who they had something in common with or who they might do business with.  

Create Catering offered a yummy and warm alternative to yet another snowy Minnesota morning; photos are below: 













Now this is a good looking exit!

Create Catering is on the web at   More information on MetroIBA can be found at  or follow them on Twitter at   @MetroIBA 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Are you ready to heal, Viking fans?

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Mark Lucker, a Shareology friend from way back, now lives in New Orleans.   Shareology was the happy recipient of a box of Mardi Gras beads awhile back; there are definite benefits to have a friend in the Big Easy.    Today’s big tip:  check out Mark’s review of T Shirts for the Big Game, straight from the streets of Nawlins:   go to the right, all  the way down to Blogs  Worth Following, and click on Chaotic Zen, A’ La Carte

When the Saints go marching in……Heal Vikings, Heal!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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