Ida Lemler Roseland June 24, 2010

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April 28, 1920   –   June 23, 2010


For mom’s own story, go to:

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Microsoft coming to Mall of America! June 20, 2010

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Informed sources tell Shareology that one of the new tenants slated for Mall of America’s south corridor this fall is …… Microsoft!   Watch the GapKids space for one of the first retail stores opened by the Washington company; plan on watching a lot of Xboxes go out the door.  Shaping up to be even more fun is the Guru versus Genius Bar battle between Microsoft and their across-the-hall neighbor, Apple…    Let the Games begin!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


SMBMSP #27: Sports, Social Media and Shareology! June 19, 2010

In the interest of full disclosure:  Shareology’s idea of a sport is the Triple Crown.  Given that, it was way past time to learn more about sports and social media.  Off Shareology went to Target Center in downtown Minneapolis for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #27.   

SMBMSP 27:  a great sports panel on how they use social media for their organizations, teams, fans, and more. Here’s the lineup:   

  • Candice Wiggins of the Minnesota Lynx (@CandiceWiggins)
  • Gregg Litman from WCCO (@GRLitman)
  • Matt Teske from the St. Paul Saints (@StPaulSaints)
  • Scott Spiridigliozzi from the Minnesota Timberwolves (@Liozzi)
  • Austin Stair Calhoun from the UM Tucker Center (@austinstair)

Gregg Litman shared this bit of wisdom (that so many politicians have not learned) “Treat all mikes like they’re open…”   

Actually, to pull this wisdom into social media:  Treat all social  media (twitter, blogs, google, everything…) like it is live…….and forever!   




Sarah Smiles!


Candice, Scott, Gregg


Gregg, Austin, Matt



Sini Ross delivering the signed Lynx ball to Gabriel Skelly!


Social Media DJ's


Joel's Fan Club!! Twitterview Forever!!


Candice got rave reviews: on and off court!!


Post Panel Networking


To find out more, go to Twitter:   @smbmsp   #smbmsp   and  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Best of Summer: Snoopy and St. Paul and Shareology June 15, 2010

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best of summer:

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from e-strategy: Shareology as Blogger June 9, 2010

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Thank you to David Erickson for shooting Shareology as one of his first video series on Minnesota Bloggers:


Again, many thanks to David!  Read more from him at:

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Update from Social Media Breakfast – Retail: Izzy’s Secret Revealed! June 6, 2010

Remember Social Media Breakfast – Minneapolis – St. Paul – Retail when Jeff Sommers of Izzy’s Ice Cream had a big revelation coming?  One that he could not reveal that morning at Mall of America?   Well, Shareology went to 2034 Marshall Avenue in St. Paul for a tweet-up this weekend, and saw the secret revealed!    

It actually starts on YOUR computer!    


By going to their website (listed below), then clicking on Izzy’s Flavor Up, you can check out what flavors are available today in the store for your taste buds!  By using RFID technology, a boatload of persistence, and the help of Tunheim Partners and Sierra Bravo, Izzy’s helps you find your favorite flavor available today in the store.  32 flavors are always on hand; a total of 90 are in rotation.  However, in Izzy’s history, 100’s of flavors have danced through the Marshall Avenue store.  

So check out Izzy’s current inventory via web and head on over to the store:  



Choices, Choices, Choices!




Social Media Savvy Izzy's!




Inside or outside, Izzy's creates memories

Kinda makes you wonder what else RFID technology could be used for in retail….  

Jeff and Lara opened Izzy’s on July 29, 2000; as you can see by the date, you’ve got a great 10 year celebration to add to your calendar.  So get yourself over to Izzy’s at 2034 Marshall Avenue in St. Paul and start online!  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Mall of America Summer Update June 2, 2010

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Quick 1-2-3 update from the Mall of America:  

One:   Hugo Boss is much closer to reality at MOA: 

South Corridor, 1st Floor, Hugo Boss sooooon!


 Two:   Shareology was taken with these hats:  I need to adopt a four-year old! 

   Is it just Shareology,  or do two of those hats seem to be flirting? 

 Three:  It’s the anniversary of the June 3, 1967 longest home run ever hit in Met Stadium by (who else?) Harmon Killebrew!  He slammed this 520 foot homer into the 2nd deck in left field, and shattered not one but two seats!   Let’s see how this is celebrated: 


See that tiny red speck on the grey wall?


The red chair marks the spot that homer landed!


Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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