CoCo for SMBMSP tweetup! January 30, 2010

Per Urban Dictionary:             Tweetup:   A gathering of nerds attempting social contact…. Usually disintegrates into everyone running to the nearest computer to type to one another

Hmmm….not a half bad definition.    As a change of pace, SMBMSP (Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul) did not meet on Friday from 8 – 10 am, but rather Thursday, January 28, from 6 – 9 pm at CoCo (coworking & collaborative space)  in St. Paul.   This change of format turned the entire event into one big networking nirvana; photographic proof is offered below:  



early crowd

later crowd


Amy and her DIY bangs!

Patrick Rhone -- your mac not well? contact @PatrickRhone

Kyle Coolbroth, coco founder

Tom Dunn and Todd Tweedy, multi-tasking

Rachele Victoria Cermak exchanges cards with Kay Loire

Aimee Cheek brightens up the St. Paul winter

PJBFCP aka Pete Barry

Shareology has saved the very best for last:   

Meg Canada and The Ring!!!

 Now that’s a smile to light up the St. Paul skyline!   

 A good time was had by all!   Mykl and Rick are getting a ton of requests to do this again — Gasp:   Social Media Breakfast in the evening — what a concept! 

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Pining for Princess Finery?

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Shareology was on her way to coffee at Good Earth in Galleria once again on Friday.  You might remember that coffee at Good Earth consists of yogurt with raspberries and kiwis……   One of the delights of Galleria is the indoor walking and eye candy combination.  Now the two Tiffany windows are probably on the top of the eye candy list.   But on the other side of Galleria, Arafina manages to pull off glorious gown color combinations.  Shareology always stops to see what colors are bouncing off each other.  Friday there were no colors…(Halston did decree that the primarys are black, white and red….)

What was in the window was the most wonderful princess dress Shareology has seen in a long, long while.  Too bad there are no inaugural balls in DC to attend this year.  (Last year, one local lady did buy her dress at Arafina before flying off to her ball.) 

Below is sheer eye candy to perk up your winter blahs.  P.S.  Black and white is a trend that just will not die.  

Shareology always thought “pearl encrusted bodice” was one of those really over the top descriptions of something that anyone could easily live without.   But the pearls on this dress just elevate it to heavenly.  Maybe Shareology has a Barbie doll tucked away in a closet that needs a new dress.

UPDATE February 2, 2010:

Shareology couldn’t resist one more look at “the dress”…..  To justify what has become an obession, she popped in to Arafina and asked “Who IS the designer?”

The black short cocktail dress is by Robert Rodriguez.   Next to it, the magic tulle gown is by Jovani

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Inquiring Minds want to Know! January 28, 2010

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Shareology is going to throw her first hissy fit.  (Fair warning:  She does NOT approve of hissy fits.) 
For the 4 millionth time, she has heard someone introduce themselves as a marketing professional.  Having a very literal frame of mind on occasion, Shareology always asks herself:   Where are the marketing amateurs?   If one must be labeled a marketing professional, surely there are marketing amateurs one is asking to be differentiated from?   No?   Eliminate the marketing professional words from your vocabulary!  It makes marketing people sound like they can’t deal with the fact that doctors and lawyers get to be professionals without having to label themselves.  

Okay.  That ends the first and last hissy fit Shareology will ever throw.   See you at the tweetup in St. Paul tonight!  Hmm….. maybe #SMBMSP will be loaded with marketing amateurs, laced amongst the geeks…..

Please, Please, Please if you ever meet one of these marketing amateurs, do send them Shareology’s way!!

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


New Retail Blog Star = Flora Delaney! January 27, 2010

Shareology is proud to alert readers to a new blog about retail and networking:   Flora Delaney writes on retail, merchandising, strategy and networking.  Her recent post on The Care and Feeding of Your Network touches on a subject dear to Shareology’s heart.   Once you click on the link below, be sure and read her earlier posts on holiday merchandising:  (you can also follow her on Twitter at  @FloraDelaney)

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Shareology suggests you check out Social Media Journal January 22, 2010

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@ColleenMick is a clear, strong writer on social media issues; @KayLoire was searching for someone who would help her understand a complex subject.   What Shareology loves about @ColleenMick is that she writes about social media in a way that is oh so easy to understand — yet in a way that is oh so smart!  Over coffee (Okay, yogurt with raspberries and kiwis) we hatched a plan; today Shareology is guest blogging on Social Media Journal.   So get thee to @ColleenMick, get another taste of Shareology, and salute the smart blog, Social Media Journal:

 Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


MIMA and Mobile Marketing January 21, 2010

Shareology traveled to the University of Minnesota Alumni Center Wednesday evening for some new thoughts and networking: 


The practice of mobile marketing is going mainstream. From local and regional retailers to Fortune 100 fast-moving consumer goods providers, brands and charities, marketers are employing mobile marketing practices to engage their audience in mutually beneficial communication, delivery, and exchange of value.   In this event, we’ll address why mobile and why now?  We will review leading market metrics, consumer behaviors, case studies, mobile marketing strategies and tactics and key steps that should be taken to successfully integrate mobile marketing efforts with your existing business practices.  In other words, you’ll learn what it takes to embrace and generate ROI through and with mobile marketing. 

Michael Becker, a leader in the mobile marketing industry, assumes the roles of entrepreneur, volunteer, author and academic. Mr. Becker is VP Mobile Strategies for iLoop Mobile, the industry’s leading mobile marketing solutions provider and winner of the 2007 MMA Innovation of the Year Award. In addition, he is the Global and North American Vice Chairperson for the Mobile Marketing Association and member of the Direct Marketing Association Mobile Advisory Council. Mr. Becker is the founder and co-editor of the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing, contributing and co-author to Mobile Internet for Dummies, Web Marketing All-in One for Dummies and Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing; in addition, he has written over 70 articles and conducted hundreds of seminars on mobile marketing. On the academic front, he is pursuing a doctorate focused on mobile enhanced customer managed interactions and is an adjunct professor of marketing, teaching mobile marketing, at Golden Gate University. Mr. Becker has been recognized for his industry contributions, having received the MMA Individual Achievement Award in 2007 and the Direct Marketing Education Foundation 2009 Rising Stars Award. 

Some  photos from MIMA: 









Mini MIMA board meeting with President Tim Brunelle and Programming Director Greg Swan

Q & A via text

Shareology was very impressed with the complexity of mobile marketing and the possibilities for the near and far future.   MIMA helps keep us aware of how quickly our marketing world is changing and how much fun the future can be.  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Target and The Great Save Event – plus a branding update January 17, 2010

Ahh, remember the good old days when Target sent buyers off to the Paris flea market or the Asian shores to bring us back treasures for our home in January?   Those days are gone in this post recession world; this year we get The Great Save Event!   If it happens to remind you of Costco or Sam’s Club or even Wal-Mart — no problemo!   Shareology dashed in last week to see what all the fuss was about:   

No Membership Fees

Club Packs Club Packs

Signage hanging from the ceiling near checkout reminds shoppers (‘cuse me:   Guests) to check out the back of the store.  And yes, as Shareology left,  headed out the door ahead of her was a woman with a shopping cart loaded with one of the largest packs of toilet tissue Shareology has ever seen.   Does everyone have storage for these club packs?    

Remember that Branding Opportunity or Ugly Concrete Posts? item Shareology wrote a few months back?  It seems for everything there is a season; even branding opportunities, or round red Target balls, have a winter season:   

even Branding Opportunities have a winter season

Life is now good in Minnesota; 30’s seem warm in comparison to the below zero cold of a week ago.  And as Shareology types this, the score is Vikings 34  Dallas 3.   For a snapshot in time, life is good.   

See y’all in N’awlins! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


New Jobs News from Smiling and Dialing January 13, 2010

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The Smiling and Dialing Club is a networking club for Senior Executives; their mission is to help senior executives find new or additional employment within the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area.  The most recent meeting on January 12, 2010 found the group celebrating 20 years of networking experience.  Since 80% of jobs are found through networking, groups such as Smiling and Dialing are key to the process. Normally, the meeting room at Golden Valley Country Club has around 170 attendees; at the January 12 meeting, there were 106 people.

 This rather dramatic reduction in attendance can be attributed to one of three factors:

  • everyone is wintering in Naples
  • folks have given up searching
  • the job search picture is brightening!

Shareology found other information to support the last bullet.  At the January 4 Wooddale job search group, 15 people showed up with the announcement that they had found new positions.  In addition, at the January 11 meeting, 17 people had new jobs!   These are huge numbers compared to last year and do reflect “beginning of new budget year” hiring; what a warm way to start the new year!

 Some photos from Smiling and Dialing: 





7 am starting time gives holiday lights a special glow

Sign In Time!

Smiling and Dialing co-founder Lonny Gulden

co-founder Mike Dunn

networking, networking, networking

exchange those business cards!

Networking in Minnesota in January

To join Smiling and Dialing, one initially is invited as the guest of a current member.  To find out more about the group, go to:

 Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Networking Nirvana? Fond memories of the Honeywell Women’s Council….. January 6, 2010

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One of Shareology’s key interest areas is networking.   Recently, she has been remembering one of the strongest networking groups she has ever been a part of:  The Honeywell Women’s Council.

During Shareology’s 10 year run at Honeywell, she spent three years on the Honeywell Women’s Council; for two of those years she served as Programs Chair.   A few standouts:

1.  The use of strategic planning  Honeywell in general was strong on strategic planning.  The process was integrated throughout the company.   The retail business unit had a  three-day summer session once a year to develop plans for the coming year.  In the fall, the entire division created the strategic plan for the next year; Shareology was a part of that process and presented on the marketing communications plans for the RBU. 

But that was all a tad corporate.   And as strong as it was, there was an inclination (incorrect) to think that the plan got clipped in a three-ring binder and tossed on a credenza for the rest of the year.  The Honeywell Women’s Council took the strategic planning process and integrated it into the group.   If you were Programs Chair, you couldn’t begin to understand what you were going to do that year until you knew what the strategic direction for the Council would be that year.  Smaller than corporate, yes, but much more immediate.  It taught me to love the strategic planning process from beginning to end and back again.

2.   The sheer talent of the women on the HWC  To give but a few examples, one woman left Honeywell, taking the public relations function with her, and began a firm bearing her name that continues to this day to stand tall in Minnesota public relations.   Another council member left Minneapolis to run a division of Honeywell in the eastern US, served not one, but two terms as a Minnesota State Commissioner, and is now head of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau.  A third council member served as Chairman of the Board of the Guthrie Theater.  To be working as peers with these high achieving women was a strong, empowering experience.

3.  Miscellaneous HWC joys  With the Honeywell Women’s Council, you just never knew what would happen next.  One year, we were host to a group of women from Russia.   To say that culture shock existed is to put it mildly.   The Russian women entered a room at Honeywell Golden Valley filled with women who made their living by designing, marketing and selling electronic controls.  In Russia, such a thing as The Round did not exist, let alone a programmable thermostat.  In Russia, if you  were too hot, you opened a window.  If you were too cold, you closed a window.  That was temperature control in Russia.   Yet we listened and we learned.  This happened in the 1980’s, and we thought often of these Russian women, as the economy and politics in their country created changes that we could not hope to imagine.

So there it is:  Shareology loves the Honeywell Women’s Council.   That three-year experience was a key building block; in fact, after her HWC term, Shareology had so much spare time on her hands, that she decided to “take a few courses….”   Well, dear readers, before you know it, Shareology was back in academia, beginning her MBA road.

Recently, Shareology met a former President of the HWC, and started glowing in memory land.  It dawned on Shareology that these women were still in existence, out in the world they have now made such an impact.   How to reach these alumni?   One answer sprang to mind immediately.   A LinkedIn group!   It started a couple of months ago with a mere two members.   We’ve located more alumni and they join us on LinkedIn under the group:   Honeywell Women’s Council Alumni.    If you know anyone who was at Honeywell and on the Council, direct them to LinkedIn….. they will get a joyous welcome! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Sales & Shoes & Spring….. January 2, 2010

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Such a series of holidays to recover from!    Shareology starts off the New Year with an update from the Apple tree.   Yep, Tree Two is still up and glowing:  Here’s to Apple for being green enough to feature a real live (real dead?) tree in their store windows this holiday season:

If it’s January, it must be white sales,  right?  


Then, what exactly is being sold to the right?   Kinda missing the product in the window,  aren’t we?

Okay, now that we’ve gotten January Sales out of our system, let’s look towards Spring, 2010!!

Shareology couldn’t help but notice trailers for Sex and the City 2 are already running in movie theatres…….if Carrie is returning soon, can Shoes and Spring be far behind? 

Before you toss Shareology aside as being waaaaay too positive, or unable  to  focus on present reality, remember that Shareology lives in Minnesota, and that minus six (minus twenty-two windchill) does not a perky, positive temperature make.  If  pairs of colorful shoes help her focus on the warmer future, cut her some slack! And pass that comforter while you’re on the way to turn up the heat.

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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