Educate a Woman and you Educate a Family June 23, 2011

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My mom had seven years of grade school; being a smart cookie, she was skipped ahead a grade.  However, in the 30’s in South Dakota, girls did not necessarily go to high school.  It’s said that if you educate a woman, you educate a family.  In my mom’s case, the lack of education only made it that much more important that her children receive an education.  So today, a year after she left us, I want to celebrate the achievements educate a family produced:

  • Kay Roseland                     Master of Business Administration
  • Bruce Roseland                 Master of Sociology
  • Jane Roseland                   Master of Chemistry
  • Aaron Roseland                Attorney at Law, Crane & Roseland
  • Adam Roseland                Student, Soldier, flying to Afghanistan July 3
  • Blake Campbell                 Medical Student, flying to Peru July 5

So a rousing standing ovation for Ida Lemler Roseland – educate a woman and you educate a family.  Thank you, mummy.

For more about my mom in World War II in San Diego, go to

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


FourSquare and your Home: Security ‘R Us???? June 16, 2011

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Shareology has been playing around with foursquare lately.  One of the big surprises has been the amount of residential addresses listed in the Minneapolis area.  At first Shareology was amazed to see a listing for other than a business or a restaurant or a retailer.   Next, her security and privacy concerns kicked in waving red flags.

Last night’s MIMA gathering offered a solution.  Speaker  @AsifRKhan on Location-Based Marketing talked about the home as a location for LBM in a larger context, plus offered a solution to my foursquare concerns.   He suggested that rather than set up a place for a home address, it would be safer to check into one’s neighborhood.  Ah, Neighborhood!!!

So there you have it parents.  Once you were off the hook if you put the computer in the living room and looked over your kids shoulders.  Now you better be sure your basement isn’t a foursquare location.  Informed sources tell me that foursquare will be deleting places like this from the site.  Wonder how many party houses Shareology can check into before that happens?

To follow the conversation from MIMA’s event on location-based marketing follow @mimatweet or @AsifRKhan

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


In Search of Minne June 7, 2011

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Shareology has fallen in love with Minne, the Lake Creature.  It began last summer with rumors of an addition to Lake of the Isles.  Shareology spotted Minne in real life later in the fall at Lake Nokomis.  What really drew Shareology to Minne was that Minne tweeted as @LakeCreature.  Further, Minne has a sweet, helpful online presence.  Thus when spring came and thoughts of Minnesotans moved to summer, Shareology had @KayLoire on the alert for signs of @LakeCreature.  As clues to Minne’s 2011 location began to appear, it struck Shareology that she knew exactly where Minne was.  (Okay, with a tad of assist from google maps…)

Yesterday, photographic evidence was found of Minne, tucked away on the western edge of Brownie Lake.  Photographic evidence was immediately sent via droid to twitter.  Below enjoy more shots of Minne in her return to Minneapolis this summer.  Ya know, the park folks coulda just started content zipping into the twitterverse:  “Come to the Parks!”  Boooooorrrrring!!!  Instead, with the creation of Minne, a legend is born!!!  Below is offered evidence of Minne in her June, 2011 home:

first 2011 sight of Minne, far off in the distance....

picture perfect on Brownie Lake

welcome back, Minne!!

Perhaps you’ll fall in love with Minne too….follow her on twitter at @LakeCreature or at
Kay Roseland  @KayLoire 

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