Dayton’s–No, I mean Marshall Field’s–No, I mean Macy’s–Yes, I mean Spring!! March 28, 2011

Amongst those Minneapolis residents of more than a few nanoseconds breathes a sadness while missing Dayton’s.  After all, Mary Tyler Moore did not throw her tam in the air next to Macy’s.

But as winter damaged Minnesotan’s totter towards Spring, let us be very happy one thing has not changed:  The Flower Show!  Hang on Minnesota, we are almost there!

Take a bit of Spring away with you; these can be purchased in the gift shop!

Breathe deeply folks:   ahhhhhh…..  As an after thought, Shareology notes that the designer is still Jack Barkla.  Stored away in her collection, Shareology treasures posters that were painted by Mr. Barkla for the Cricket Theater’s set of Collette:  sublime!!

The Macy’s Flower Show runs at 777 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, until April 10; for more information check out

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The Week of Living Legally with Social Media March 24, 2011

Wow:  what a week!  Last Friday Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul sponsored an event on Social Media and the Law held at Thomson-Reuters in Eagan, Minnesota.  Today a grand followup on Twitter with a tweet stream following #smlawchat.  Here are some visual memories of last Friday in Eagan:

thank you to the sponsors!

streaming live at

ah, tradition!

Albert Maruggi, Moderator


Albert Maruggi
Albert Maruggi is a recognized thought leader in strategic business communications. You can always expect insightful questions that uncover new information, a different perspective or a good laugh from Maruggi. He advises clients and conducts company innovation “group thinks” that inspire ideas from within. This methodology allows for greater acceptance and ownership of projects and change initiatives. He is the host of the long running Marketing Edge podcast now in it’s sixth year of production. On Twitter @albertmaruggi and his blog.


Anna Berend
Anna Berend is an attorney and professional writer. Berend authors the blog, Motherly Law, where she discusses laws and legal issues that affect families and offers tips and resources pertaining to these issues. She is active on a number of social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Berend has spent her legal career researching and writing for several state courts and a legal publishing company. She currently works from home as an independent contractor for a legal publishing company when she’s not writing a post for her blog, tweeting (@MotherlyLaw) or wrangling her two spirited boys.

Teresa M. Thompson
Teresa is an Employment Litigator/Advisor and Human Resources Social Media Advisor at Fredrikson & Byron. When litigation ensues, Teresa aggressively defends employers in state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies and private arbitrations. She has significant experience defending retaliation and reprisal claims brought under the Minnesota Whistleblower’s Act, the workers’ compensation statute, the Minnesota Human Rights Act, and other state and federal civil rights laws. Teresa trains, writes and lectures extensively on the use of technology in the workplace (including, e-mail, internet, blogs, social networking sites, PDAs, cell phone use and text messaging) focusing on increasing the benefits of technology while decreasing the risks associated with employee use and abuse.

James P Quinn
An attorney at Larkin Hoffman, Jim is skilled in trademark law, copyrights, trade secrets, software and technology development and distribution, e-commerce and all transactions involving intellectual property. He has negotiated and prepared licenses and other agreements dealing with a wide variety of goods and services. As counsel for both system providers and purchasers of hardware and software, Jim is experienced in the drafting of agreements for the creation, distribution and use of technology.

Jon M. Garon
Jon is a professor at St Paul’s Hamline University School of Law. He joined Hamline in 2003, serving as the law school’s ninth dean from 2003-2008. In addition, he was appointed Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Management for 2005-06. He is a nationally recognized authority on intellectual property, particularly copyright law, entertainment practice, cyberspace, and entrepreneurship in the creative industries. His counsel practice includes copyright, trademark, privacy, licensing, film production, theatre, publishing, music licensing, and music management.

Anna and James

Jon and Anna

Two of the panelists were on Twitter today from 1 to 2pm, CDT, taking questions; you can follow at #smlawchat.

Teresa Thompson

Jon Garon

More on Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul at or @SMBMSP

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


How I learned to love Social Media!! March 16, 2011

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Three years ago, I had never heard of social media.  I was focused on finishing my MBA at the University of St. Thomas and not flunking my final course in strategic management.  That my final project was on Google was only one of many happinesses. 

Fast forward five months and the Recession-Depression hit.  Suddenly I was part of the 25% of my online retail company that was laid off.  I had a lot of time on my hands to answer the burning question:  what the heck is this social media stuff?


Within 48 hours of being laid-off, not one, not two, but three people told me that my 12 connections and no recommendations on LinkedIn was a suitable beginning that needed to amp up quickly.  I told that advice to heart; today I have some 600 connections and 17 recommendations on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn groups have been one of the strongest sources for traffic to my blog.


Once I began building my LinkedIn presence, I turned to a new thing called Twitter.  At first, as for most folks, I spent a lot of time staring at the screen wondering where the fun kids were hanging out.  By following tips offered in the media, uncapping the magic of hashtags and following smart people, I began to enjoy and rave about twitter.  Meeting people on twitter was actually easier than in person or via LinkedIn.  After making the Twitter connection, the next steps were often meeting in person (IRL, in real life) and then connecting on LinkedIn.


In retrospect, I had accidentally stumbled on a strategic order of social media growth:  first LinkedIn,  then Twitter.   This led me to my blog Shareology.  The super good news was that my LinkedIn and Twitter connections were a strong potential audience for my blog.  

For someone who is extremely right-brained, I actually used a left-brained approach to strategy for the blog.  What was I interested in?  Networking, retail, marketing and social media.  Would an audience read something with so many interests?   Turns out the answer was Yes!  Once I had thought out in my own mind how interconnected the four were, it became obvious how they became the four legs of my Shareology table.

Happy Ending

It turns out that by using WordPress and Twitter, I raised my Google profile.  (Something about magical algorithms……)  So someone with very little SEO experience was able to be #1 in Google searches.  Try searching Kay Roseland or Shareology on Goggle:  it all works together.   1 + 1 +1 does not equal 3; it equals about 10!!

Social Media Learning

So what did I learn?  Two points seem key:

  1. Don’t try to learn everything about social media at the same time; you will drive yourself crazy.   Break it down into manageable chunks and hit it a bit at a time.  (I will spend 15 minutes setting up my twitter profile this morning.)
  2. As new as social media is, it is easy to forget that the first step is sound strategy for you or your organization.  Who are you?  Who are your customers?  Out of this comes marketing tactics, some of which will be in the social media arena.

Most importantly, you’ve just been given a new set of tools to reach out with:  above all, have fun!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Co-Working in Minneapolis! March 7, 2011

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Shareology has spent a fair amount of time at CoCo, St. Paul’s Coworking site; today she’d like to share with you a new Minneapolis co-working location she recently explored. Coworking is for those folks who want to go beyond working in coffee shops or at home.  Below are shots of the comfy, yet business-like surroundings at Joule.  Want to bike to work?  There is even a shower room for the transition to work.  Rent by the hour, day or month:

Across the hall is a conference/training room:

Entrance is right off 35W onto Washington Avenue, with parking in front of the building. For more information, call Jackie Menne at 651-492-8761, or email

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Opening Soon!!! Look who’s coming to Galleria!

Think of the perfect demographic mix of high-end retail and high-end real estate:  yep, Sotheby’s is coming to Galleria in Edina, MN!!  A tenant matched to perfection and perfect for highlighting that underground corridor to the Westin Hotel.  Not quite open yet, but soon, Spring, soon!

For those who miss the large pictorial real estate ads in Architectural Digest, looks like the wall of glory at Sotheby’s will make up for it!! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Legoland continues to dazzle at Mall of America (and Shareology)! March 2, 2011

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 Sometimes Shareology’s readers surprise her; the number of viewers of the post on the Legoland reopening at Mall of America in December of 2010 has consistently pushed this post to the top of the Shareology pile.  Giving my readers more of what they want, I went back for another look.  At one point I went up to a guy who couldn’t seem to put his camera down while circling Legoland.  A retail espionage agent?  Nope, a guy from Georgia taking photos for a kid he knew who is crazy for Legos.  Ah, memories…..Shareology has a nephew who went through a Duplo and Lego phase…..worked pretty well, too:  he’s now in medical school!  



Finally, the front of the dragon!



the look of love


 Grandpa, Grandma and Granddaughter amazed by the Dragon!

Check out the Tiger and a portion of the Dragon!

Play Area:

It took me until the 2nd trip to realize the play area is actually in the shape of a giant lego!:

The play tables are giant lego connectors!

Who's having more fun? Dad or Daughter??

The scissors from the Grand Opening!


Well that’s it folks; the staff is waiting for you!

For more, put LegoLand in the search box to the right hand side of Shareology:

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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