MIMA: Ethics around Social Media March 28, 2010

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Shareology loves the way MIMA makes her think!     

From the latest MIMA preso:  


In this brave new world of social and interactive marketing, the line between whats legal and whats ethical is a bold new shade of gray.  

… this interactive presentation from a social marketer and a digital-savvy lawyer on the philosophy and application of the current state of social media ethics.  

From the latest FTC blogola regulations to corporate tweet attribution, ghostwriting CEO blog posts to employer restrictions on social media activity, the changing nature of social media presents a wealth of legal and ethical questions.  

Some of them are just digital analogues to the same old dilemmas marketers have faced for decades, but many are unique to the online world. This discussion will help you sort out what’s a best practice, what could damage your reputation and what could send you to prison.  

Mike Keliher: Mike is a client relationship manager at Fast Horse, a consumer marketing firm in Minneapolis. He has worked with clients ranging from business consultants and authors, to board game creators and politicians, to hotel chains and Fortune 500 multinationals. He has developed and executed strategies that combine media relations, online outreach, branded content creation and search optimization to help clients effectively communicate with and engage their audiences. Mike’s current clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Marvin Windows and Doors, and AmericInn.  

Michael F. Fleming: Michael is a shareholder in the Intellectual Property, Technology and Internet Department at Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd. He concentrates his practice on: commercial and technology transactions, regulatory analysis and compliance, intellectual property and electronic commerce. Mr. Fleming has extensive experience across multiple industries, including: retail, distribution, healthcare, financial services, information technology, publishing, media and marketing and music.  

Scenes Shareology snapped at the event March 24:  


The Mississippi River makes itself heard!


Benjamin Kjos, celebrating his $6K scholarship to MCAD!







Q & A

MIMA will be posting the slides for the presentation on:  

Given the complexity and importance of the subject matter, Shareology urges you to check that out!  Another resource would be the twitter stream of the event at #mima  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Executive Marketing Guild at Summit Brewing

From the Executive Marketing Guild: 

What a fun, festive way to start the Spring Season! Summit Brewery was kind enough to host our March event complete with complimentary beer tasting. If the beer doesn’t grab your attention…our fantastic presenter will: 

Roshini Rajkumar shared her tips on fine tuning your first impressions with customers, future employers and executives at the “C” level. When you excite them about you and what you have to offer…sales and opportunities will follow. 

You only get one shot: to make an impression, to persuade, to close the deal. Are you ready? 

TV and radio personality Roshini Rajkumar is the driving force behind Roshini Multi Media, a professional development and media consulting firm specializing in helping clients present their best. Because it really doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t know how to present it. 

Whether you want media attention, a more convincing public message, or the skills to make every presentation moment a WOW, media insider Roshini Rajkumar can help you learn how to use the media to gain positive exposure, to be prepared when the media contact you, or to become a powerful public speaker and communicator. 

As a Bonus, be the first to check out Roshini’s first book, Communicate That! Roshini didn’t read any books about presentation. She learned by doing—on TV, the radio, as a commercial actor, and at the podium. Now, she shares her trademarked presentation formula with readers—full of insider tips for communicating powerfully. Communicate That! is scheduled for release in March. 





Roshini Rajkumar


For more information, go to: 

Roshini can be found at:    or follow her on twitter at:   @RoshiniR 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Louis Vuitton Opening in Galleria May 4 at 10 am!!

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Galleria welcomes Louis Vuitton –  …   Watch Galleria’s Facebook page for the opening date!   (Galleria Edina)

UPDATE APRIL 19,:  Want to work at Louis Vuitton??



Visit for information and job applications.

UPDATE MARCH 31:    via @GalleriaEdina

BREAKING NEWS! Louis Vuitton will open at Galleria on Tuesday, May 4!

Shareology found more proof this week that Louis Vuitton is inching closer to that May, 2010 opening at Galleria in Edina, Minnesota.  Those chocolate walls now have added images of doves, bags, and more bags…..

Anybody out there heard of a date more precise than May, 2010?

Thanks to Agency Babylon for the update above:  It’s May 4 folks!!!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


A new shopping center opening? 2010 Update! March 20, 2010


One of the most popular posts Shareology did last year was on a brand new shopping center opening in St. Louis Park called West End, near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Given the interest in this retail opening, Shareology went back last week to check it out.   

Some of the first to open and most popular have been restaurants Crave and Cooper.  This is the third Crave, after the successful Galleria and Mall of America locations.   Last week Shareology found Crave patrons enjoying the spring sunshine:   

Craving the Sunshine

Cooper (named in honor of the long gone Cooper Theatre showing movies just a stone’s throw away) has also been drawing crowds.   The interior has that genuine Irish pub feeling, from those folks who just moved into Block E.   





What other retailers have opened at West End since Shareology last visited?   

Steak to Go

Creative Kidstuff: Toys and More

Republic of Couture: clothing for men, women and children

Love Culture: clothing

Not all stores are open yet — a view of coming attractions:   

Toby Keith's I Love this Bar & Grill

Hot Mama

Uber Baby: Opening April 9 !!

Sauce: think Italian!

Rojo Mexican Grill

Whew:   Shareology did not go by every single merchant  —  let’s look at a partial list:   


West End is a natural with the dinner and a movie crowd, and with the young mom demographic.  Heck, even Shareology loves the place!   For more information, go to:   

To read the original 2009 post on West End: 

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


What’s a Huddle?

Shareology participated in her first Huddle Friday morning.  Let’s ask Neal  Kielar of Agency Babylon to explain the concept: 

“For me Huddle is an extension of the hyper-networking that social media has made possible. Because I’m more present on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as through my blog <>, it is easier for like-minded people to discover me.” 

“The upside of that is getting to meet so many smart people and be exposed to so many interesting ideas and ways of doing things. The downside is that you can only have so many coffee meetings in week or month or year.” 

“Beyond that, when I do meet with someone new to network I invariably refer them to many other people. That’s where the idea for Huddle emerged. What if I could not only streamline my penchant for networking but also rapidly network other people together, people who I think this new person should meet.” 

“That’s what Huddle does. It allows me to indulge in my desire to network while also honoring the time and needs of those who wish to network with me.” 

“So Huddle meets once a month. It is by invitation only. And it’s usually triggered by someone reaching out to me to get together – although it might be because i want to meet someone. Once the initial guest is selected, I also invite folks that person might find interesting and useful to know. Some of these added guests are people I know well or would like to know better.” 

“I’m hoping to do this on a designated day each month. Same time, same place. And I expect to get every bit as much out of this as I’m hoping to give others.” 

Let’s see a few visuals: 

Neal Kielar and Jools Brandt


Jools Brandt, Joel E. Carlson and Paul Godfried


Kim Opitz and Neal Kielar


Afterwards, Shareology asked Neal Kielar for his take on this new networking experience: 

“I might not be bringing “sexy” back to anything, but the first Huddle shows that we can bring “social” back to social media-based networking.” 

For Agency Babylon’s own take on Huddle, go to: 

For a superb 1.5 minute video, check  out this Kim Opitz offering: 

Shareology was reminded after watching the above video, that the relationships that have sprung out of Twitter have become all the more richer when meetings follow up IRL or …. in a Huddle!! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2010

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Shareology is not writing midweek this week because of event timing.  However, in the works for next week are an update on West End shopping center, and the definitive definition on What’s a Huddle

See you soon!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Finding the Hidden Job Market — An Adventure in Layoff Land March 14, 2010

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Shareology ventures north on Monday, March 15 to St. Odilia Parish in Shoreview, Minnesota to give a presentation at 7 pm on Finding the Hidden Job Market — An Adventure in Layoff Land.   St. Odilia Parish is located at 3495 Victoria Street North in Shoreview; the group is called Soar4Jobs.  Feel free to join Shareology as she talks about that subject that keeps on giving:  networking! 

One additional thought to start off this week:  it’s Spring!!   If 63 degrees above zero isn’t enough to convince you, below are some signs of spring in Minneapolis: 

Sap's Up!

Can maple syrup be far behind?

Happy Spring! 

                      Kay Roseland     @KayLoire


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