Why Shareology? August 30, 2009

When I began Shareology a month ago (Happy Birthday, Shareology!)  I struggled with the diversity of subject matter I wanted to cover.   I’m interested in a LOT of stuff.   The four years Shareology spent at a career counselor resulted in a number of topics of interest in today’s economy.   How to reconcile that with marketing and retail point-of-purchase and shopper marketing and social media?  I can’t possibly do a  blog:   folks like a tad of focus as they click.  What to do?

Finally it dawned on me:   career exploration boils down to networking:  networking is now centered on social media:  and social media is a set of tools for today’s marketing.    Whadaya know?   It does all connect!  Shareology has a focus!  

And the actual word Shareology?  A gracious gift from Agency Babylon, (@AgencyBabylon,  ), leftover from a branding session this summer.  The client went with another name for his digital out-of-home network, and Shareology was thus available for use. 

Thanks to those readers who made Shareology’s first month so much fun; a special thank you to the tweeple who posted comments.  It’s been a delight to read the intelligent, funny and thoroughly engaging words in your comments.  Shareology readers Rock!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Social Media On a Stick! More pics from SMBMSP #18 August 28, 2009

500 people were forecast — but a sudden downpour and traffic tie-ups put a dent in that — the tweeple who did make it to the Minnesota State Fair for SMBMSP #18 — or Social Media On a Stick!   were treated to not one, but two covered tents, bacon (but of course), haiku winners, music, contests and a twerrific good time!   A few highlights:




follow your hashtags.....

follow your hashtags.....

SMBMSP#1  AND #18 attendee!!!

SMBMSP#1 AND #18 attendee!!!






Whatdaya mean, the winner has to text the entire wikipedia entry????

Whatdaya mean, the winner has to text the entire wikipedia entry????



Well that’s it folks:  social media on a stick!    Many thanks to all the sponsors and the geeks, guys and gals who work so hard to make this so much fun and so full of learning and networking.  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Shareology Salutes Dominick Dunne August 27, 2009

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I met Mr. Dunne at a book signing in Minneapolis, just before he went to California to cover the trial of the Menendez brothers. At the time, his fame was yet to come; he sat alone at a table with perhaps one or two people in the store, buying his books and having them autographed. He seemed a little shy, alone, but so elegant and so willing to talk and answer questions. After the Simpson trial, it is hard to ever imagine Mr. Dunne alone again. I’ve followed his articles in Vanity Fair, and read all his books. Will we ever see his last novel, the update to People Like Us? He will be so very missed.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


And the Winner is…………..!!!!!!! August 25, 2009

Flora Delaney wins the Which Shopping Center is this?  contest for her brilliant, insightful commentary and suggestions for the future of………Southdale!    Shareology is very impressed with the caliber of submissions to the recent shopping  mall identification contest.  A special student category award presented to Diane Kulseth for the first submission of the contest, and for correctly identifying both Southdale and the Mall of America.   

Minneapolis-St. Paul has a special place in shopping center history with the first covered shopping mall ever, Southdale, and with the biggest, bestest, most PR driven, fly ’em in from all over the world shopping mall, shyly named Mall of America.

Shareology salutes all the entrants for their intelligent comments on shopping centers, Southdale in particular  — and a special hint to Simon Property Group to read Flora Delaney’s comments and seek her out to engage her wisdom.

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Sharing Awards News August 20, 2009

Shareology isn’t the only writer in the family; there are three actually.  The published poet has just received the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Outstanding Poetry Book for A Prairie Prayer,  published in 2008. 

2009 Will Rogers Medallion Award Winners

The Will Rogers Medallion Award Committee ( is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Will Rogers Medallion Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Publishing of Western Literature.  The books, film, authors and publishers to be honored this year are: 

 A Prairie Prayer
Publisher- North Dakota Institute For Regional Studies,Fargo, ND The poet can be followed on Twitter @LastBuffalo or on Facebook at Bruce Roseland.

The stories are real…Anyone with a farming or ranching background can relate to them…”

Author –
Bruce Roseland,  Seneca, SD


Want more information?  Google the author listed above:  he’s got more google links than the prairie has gophers….

Kay Roseland @KayLoire



Back to School at Mall of America August 18, 2009

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Shareology wasn’t always fond of Mall of America…(who wants to go shopping in something THAT big?).   She turned the corner when life presented an opportunity, as part of her MBA, to take Retail Management — and the classroom location?  Mall of America.   Well, after Shareology got over the shock, she could not imagine a more perfect place for a Retail Management classroom.  For those curious amongst you, the classroom was tucked away down a hallway, across from Rainforest Cafe,  just outside Bloomies.  

In the quest of yet  more retailing dreams turned into reality, Shareology took herself off Tuesday afternoon to Mall of America, known hereafter as MOA.   Shareology may have finished that MBA, but other students are soon to bid August goodbye and head back to their own classrooms.   What did Shareology find?   Conservative colors, denim and yet more denim.  Oh, for this R word to end, so that the rainbow of colors that we all deserve can be back in stores;  right now, not so much.




OK, enough with the boring denim already!  Doesn’t anyone do denim with dash?


Say what you will about The Gap, this window blows straight through boring into brilliant…..but all this monochromatic color has got Shareology wanting some color back in her life.   And she found it, although she is gonna have to adopt a niece to justify a purchase at the Disney store; anybody have a niece you can lend me?  (Three nephews make Shareology particularly susceptible to the lures of Disney.)




The detail on these dresses is just amazing — the headdress has a veil attached to the crown that looks positively like what Eleanor of Aquitaine must have looked like as a tween.  Okay, time to head for something a tad more sophisticated:




Makes you want to read more and find out the history of this relatively new brand…..  Speaking of new, Shareoloy noticed one very clever way to maximize sales:


Some  consumers shop instore; some consumers shop online. Some do research online, and buy instore.  Some research instore and buy online.  Bricks or clicks, Fossil is going to ensure it gets its share of all shoppers. 

Why would anybody want to buy an $1,100 coat in this economy?   When Burberry provides alterations to  fit this coat specifically to you:  that’s when.   What garment cries out for a perfect fit more than a trench coat?  Who knew Burberry offered tailoring?  Shareology came darn close to selling that $1,100 coat Tuesday afternoon.  If you want this coat, ask for Mark; he’s great.


Getting tired?  Time to pop up to 3rd floor for the pause that refreshes, and lets you spend 5 cents on your favorite tune at Johnny Rockets:


Ooooohhh, that malt was amazing!   All geared up now for the last 4 stops on our MOA tour:    first up, the eagerly awaiting opening of:


Going to wait around for the opening?  How ever to kill time?   Yep, it’s a lot like Vegas here at MOA:  you can get married while you wait:


And finally, the shot below is NOT of the Apple store at MOA; Shareology lives in fear  of having to be bailed out from taking an inappropriate photo in an inappropriate venue.  (Although the lady in the Gucci department at Nordstrom gets raves from Shareology for extremely politely saying “No photos, please.”)  Apparently Apple also likes to  guard its retailing mojo.   Suffice it to say, the MOA  Apple store was packed with consumers learning, tapping and consuming.  Many, Many consumers.   Well, that much success is a tad boring.  Guess what retailer had not so much audience in its Apple department? 


Let Shareology emphasize that this is not the Apple Store; it is another retailer.   Same products:  no audience….but that’s another post from Shareology.  

For more about Back to School trends, check out   Lots of fun stuff from 520 MOA stores, plus the rescue of two fashion victims, Nate and Hannah.

Shareology bids you adieu with one final bit of history.   Buried on a side street in the former Camp Snoopy, now Nickelodeon Universe, is the following plaque.  To think the ball park that replaced Met Stadium is about to be replaced itself…..



Which Twin Cities Shopping Center is this? And this? August 17, 2009

Shareology is taken with the ups and downs of life and the ups and downs of shopping centers.  Take the photo below for example.  Shareology once worked for five years for the company that created, owned and managed the shopping center below.  At the time it was a stimulating beginning exposure to a retailing innovator.  Now, below, owned by others, managed by others, not so much.  And sadly, this entity was on top of the mountain when it began a whole new category of shopping with its debut. 

Shopping Center One:


In contrast, the picture of a shopping center below.   Shareology spent at least two semesters attending classes in this mall; the strongest experience was Retailing Management, in the midst of a shopping center that attracts global attention, and one in which foot traffic never ceases to amaze.  

Shopping Center Two:


So Shareology readers, how’s your shopping center IQ?   Can you tell me which two shopping centers are pictured?  Click Leave a Reply and leave your answers below…..I’ll publish the winners in a week…..

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Shareology shares Gardening Glory August 14, 2009

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Shareology loves gardens:  gardens inside, gardens outside, gardens on the 11th floor.  Here’s a peek at some of the glories Shareology planted on the 11th floor balcony and in City Bella park:



And outside at City Bella, the following are enjoying September:



Observe the bee above — head first into morning glory bliss…



Morning glories last until the last killing frost, so enjoy them as September blooms….

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


What person or book has most influenced you? August 13, 2009

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Or  in another, more current take, what person or book has most impacted your thinking on social media?   Shareology needs to back away from the computer (No!!  not while #blogwell  is streaming on Twitter!!) and restock the learning bank at either the library or the bookstore.  So, what do YOU think?   Who have you learned from?  Inquiring minds at Shareology and @KayLoire want to know.


Mad Men? Mad Women? Maddening Ads… August 10, 2009

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Shareology was chatting with Agency Babylon about his Mad Men marathon this weekend — watching past episodes to prepare for Season 3. AB feels the objectification of women in the ’60’s is a tad overdone…….enough already.

Shareology paused, and quietly said  “Are you aware that the Strib’s predecessors were still posting separate  Helped Wanted Men and Help Wanted Women ads in 1971?”   

Kay Roseland   @kayloire


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