Luxury Buyers… Going to Mall of America or Galleria? April 30, 2010

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Last Sunday, April 25, Jackie Crosby had an article in the Strib that really got Shareology thinking.   With the opening of Louis Vuitton in Galleria looming and the redo on Mall of America’s South Side in progress, does Minneapolis St. Paul have enough luxury buyers to support all the luxury retailing opportunities about to be available? 

Let’s take a peek at the possibilities:

The above new plans, found posted in the South Side of MOA, include Italian porcelain tile, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and marble trimmings.  A wall mural reveals current and future MOA offerings (Hugo Boss to open in August):

Turning the South Side of MOA into Luxury Buyers Nirvana is one way to update MOA, unfortunately  as this work is ongoing for the next few months, the current look is more like:

Meanwhile, over at Galleria, retail nirvana includes BCBGMaxAzria and Coach:

Over on the western end of Galleria, Tiffany eagerly awaits the early May opening of its neighbor, Louis Vuitton:

Well, what do YOU think,  dear Shareology reader?  Does the Twin Cities have enough luxury seekers to support both these well-known malls?  Shareology wants to know!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Shareology Salutes Girl Meets Geek!!

It’s Friday — and  I have two photos to share before the weekend and the latest  thunderstorms roll in….

Girl Meets Geek or aka Kate-Madonna Hindes is one swell, smart social media maven…

but look at what that maven has on her desktop:

All together now:   Click our red heels:   Happy Weekend!!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Happy Birthday to my Mom! April 26, 2010

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Today Ida Roseland has a very special birthday —  Happy Birthday, Ma!

In some ways, my mom really was Rosie the Riveter in World War II; her story has been captured at:

So Happy Birthday, Ida Roseland, and thanks so much for being my mother!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast #25: Real Estate April 25, 2010

Shareology was in St. Paul Friday for Social  Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #25 at Concordia University’s Buetow Music Center for a panel on Real Estate and Social Media.    

Moderator: Lisa Grimm (@lulugrimm), Action Selling

Jeff O’Brien (@jeffobrien), Mansfield Tanick & Cohen
Greg Sax (@gsax), 10K Research & Marketing
Teresa Boardman (@TBoard), Saint Paul Home Realty
Jason Sandquist (@JasonSandquist), Living Twin Cities
Alex Stenback (@Alex_Stenback), Residential Mortgage Group
Steve Ladin (@LadinVentures), Ladin Ventures


Now this is what Spring should look like! Well done, Rick!

Always try to sit next to a guy with an iPad:    

Can't argue with the sharpness of this display....

Watching the livecast, and waving like heck from the front row....

Erica Mayer raised $5K for her charity, and 3 guys showed up to turn cartwheels in celebration.   Unlike South Dakota rodeos, there were no ambulances standing by:    





ummm, this would be Keith flyin'

Ms. Erica Mayer says "Thank you!" to all!

 The panel begins; order from left to right is:       Jeff, Greg, Alex, Teresa, Steve, Jason:    

Jeff, Greg, Alex, Teresa, Steve, Jason

Jeff, Greg, Alex

Teresa, Steve

Steve, Jason

Lisa Grimm, our moderator!

Now for the all important networking part of the morning!!

@Dave1Meyer and @RonMcCoyMedia

Not bad for two people who cartwheeled through the morning!

One more handshake before we leave!


Among the channels used for real estate and social media are Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, and YouTube.  Most had used blogs to build trust and relationships, and recommended beginning by listening, for at least a month, before jumping in The River of Social Media. (A tip of the hat to Jen Kane for the use of the phrase The River.)   Teresa does give a nod to tradition with a virtual bus bench.   And somewhere in the morning the phrase “It’s not rocket surgery” went sailing by.  Thanks to all for another great Social Media Breakfast!    

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire 


A Jewel of a Park: Gold Metal and the Guthrie April 17, 2010

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How simple can a park be?   Shareology found out recently in a visit to Gold Metal Park, next to the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.   She actually started to make a list of the elements, as the park seemed the utmost in simplicity.  Surprisingly, she counted five:     

  1. a hill
  2. grass
  3. trees
  4. paths
  5. benches

With only these 5 elements, let’s see what simplicity looks like:     




On the very tip top of the hill.....


more hilltop views: the Mississippi River, the new 35W bridge


The Guthrie Theater, from Gold Metal Park


Are all parks this functional and thoughtful? for your doggie....


A View from UNDER a Bridge.....


Shareology revisited last week and is amazed what a quick and powerful walk it is to the top of the Hill.  Get lost around the Guthrie, take the Stone Arch Bridge across the Mississippi or go in the door of Mill City Museum, and enter the Ruined Courtyard.   Sublime.   

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Update on Branding Opportunities: Aloft

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Perhaps you remember a post Shareology did on Target and those round, red concrete balls?  Recently, Shareology was exiting Aloft in downtown Minneapolis after Kane Camp: Developing Content for Social Media.   She looked back over her shoulder and realized that Aloft had yet another version of branding opportunity:

Okay, granted they are grey and not red.   Granted the size varies, whereas Target’s seem to all be about 3 feet in diameter.   And yet:  another branding opportunity!!!

You can find that original post at:

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Zydeco Design April 11, 2010

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Shareology visited Zydeco Design last Friday.  President Nathalie Wilson, explained the origin of the new firm:  

“Zydeco music is a Louisiana blend of cajun, blues, waltz, played with wonderful instruments like accordion and washboard. It is a party music that brings people together. Zydeco captures the nimble, harmonious, animated spirit of our work. Clients value the esprit we bring to their marketing challenges, creating exceptional branded experiences that balance strategy, relationship and design.”  

Nathalie Wilson, President, brand strategy

Rosemary Ugboajah, VP client relations

Alan Tse, VP, creative services

Zydeco Design

 In some of Shareology’s favorite words:   Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Zydeco Design is off to a roaring start in 2010 — as exciting as the music from which the firm’s name springs!  Follow them on twitter at:   @ZydecoDesign or at: 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Spring Break at Mall of America: iPads, butterflies and roller coasters!

Shareology dropped in for a coffee meeting at Mall of America last week, and found herself in the midst of Spring Break celebrations!  Turns out there were news in the Apple Store (iPads!) in Nickelodeon Universe (Butterfly Bay!  Roller Coasters!) plus another tidbit or two….. 

Let’s go exploring –we’re headed towards the Apple store first–     

Oops, first, did I mention Bon Jovi was in town?






Next , we’re off to Nickelodeon Universe!     






Whew:   Shareology needs to catch her breath after all that excitement!   What’s this?  Something New!  Butterfly Bay!   Let’s go inside:     




Before you leave Butterfly Bay, make sure you don’t have any hitchhikers on you…these butterflies don’t mind hitching a ride!     One more stop before we leave:    

Nothing like having Sir Paul's daughter design an outfit for your kids!

Spring Break may be over but the iPads, the butterflies and the roller coasters  are waiting for you at Mall of America.  We bid adieu for now, but we’ll be back!    

Follow them on Twitter at @MallofAmerica    or at


Kay Roseland     @KayLoire


Finding the Pony in New Orleans Schools April 7, 2010

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A southern breeze just blew Shareology’s way in the form of a new post from Poet Luckerate, a.k.a. Chaotic Zen, A’ la Carte.   One of Shareology’s Blogs Worth Following, today’s post from the South turns out to be one that Shareology got off to the races.    (That is Shareology’s involved way of saying she is quoted at the beginning of the post.)  Well worth reading on the challenges in New Orleans Schools for those who believe in positive change amidst pony leftovers.  

Mark Lucker

Please go to:

You can also find Poet Luckerate at LinkedIn as Mark Lucker:

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Rribbitz Rrocks!!! April 4, 2010

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Shareology recently visited Rribbitz Creative Communications Headquarters:

Shareology was there to meet with Rrribbitz CEO, Kim Opitz:

Shareology loooooves her Canon — but recently (since meeting said CEO above) has been amazed at what a tiny little (green, naturally:  It’s Rribbitz!!!) iPod can capture in terms of video:

Remember when guys used to carry camcorders on their shoulders?  Hey, it wasn’t that long ago…..

Now, the above tiny item, about the size of a business card, can create video.   Truly amazing when you think about it.  

Kim has created a couple of videos that include Shareology:

The second video is of the very first Huddle created by Agency Babylon:

The two videos above can also be found on YouTube by searching for Kay Roseland.  Kim’s editing abilities make these short videos really pop!  Forget about the kindness of strangers:  Shareology appreciates a great editor!!    More can be found on Kim at:


Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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