The Year of Living Socially July 31, 2010

Shareology was one year old last week!!  Anniversaries can be a time of reflection.  A year or so ago, I had 11 LinkedIn contacts, no recommendations, no Twitter, no blog.  My recently completed MBA meant I never, ever had to learn again….right?  right? 

Hmmmm…..what’s this social media stuff out on the horizon?  “Kay, ya gotta get serious about your LinkedIn account!!!”   That particular quote came from three trusted sources within 24 hours.

 So, today:   458 LinkedIn Contacts, 12 recommendations, 1,059 Twitter followers, on 90 Twitter lists and Shareology is one year old.  Plus I’m breaking in a Sony Vaio with Windows 7 and I have a review copy of the Droid X.  Yep, there’ve been some changes made…..

 Funny, the key to the whole thing is still networking.  Ultimately, ya gotta come out from behind the technology and meet IRL.   Although you have to wonder how much more connected Howard Hughes would have been if he had an iPhone.  Those Kleenex boxes would have still been around his feet, but if he didn’t snap and send a twitpic, who woulda known?

 The people I have met in real life have been spectacular:  and you know who you ARE!  The folks who stay after a Social Media Breakfast talking smart phones, the folks who send you a job posting for a social media specialist position at Mall of America, the folks who give you a tip that Microsoft is coming to Mall of America. The day Shareology beat the Strib to publication with the news that Louis Vuitton was coming to Galleria. The general contractor for Louis Vuitton who asks for a copy of a Shareology photo for his blog, offering a photo credit. The day I got a snail mail thank you note from Funding Universe for the post on Shareology about CrowdPitch.

 Yep, it’s been a good year, to say the least.  Shareology is now working on social media strategy for, a new web site that will bring together in one place the events for the Twin Cities marketing, communications and public relations communities, to debut at Alphabet Bash.  

 Yep, it’s been a good year.  Here’s to the next year, the surprises and the new people to meet online and IRL.   And a HUGE Thank You for all those folks who helped Shareology along the way!!!

Photo Credit:   R. Koski

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Small Business Gets Social: SMBMSP #28 July 24, 2010

Deluxe Corporation invited Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul back to their glorious campus: (that’s what a real lawn looks like folks!) for #28:  Small Business Gets Social!  

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging are the foundation for Social Media tactics.  Metro IBA got mentioned at least twice for the superb work they do with small business.  Shareology also loved the “I Hate Coupons!” cry from retailers on the panel.  Newsletter and email blasts used in conjunction with social media worked well.  Some folks love Twitter, some love Facebook — figure out which works best with your customer base and go with it.  Zack Steven got props for his Twitter classes.  And finally, another illustration of show up where your audience is:  Julie Warner mentioned she’s had success with Craig’s List.  Her audience is there looking for appliance deals and Julie reminds them she has appliance deals!   


Our panel moderator BEFORE the competition intensified....


Best Dress AND Social Media Muscle!

Ya suppose Rick and Mykl had to mow this before #28?  


Our panel on Small Business

Dan, Julie, Naomi, Aimee

@PeapodsNatural, @WarnersStellian, @SanctuaryRest, @darnknitanyway


Sarah Pierce: What's a gistr?

The answer to What’s a Gistr?  will be unveiled at Alphabet Bash!  

nothing sadder than leaving a great party...unless...

it’s the knowledge that the next Social Media Breakfast will be September 3 at the State Fair!  

Follow them on twitter at #smbmsp or @smbmsp for details……  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


CrowdPitch: What can YOU say about your business idea in 4 minutes?? July 18, 2010

Love entrepreneurs?  or for that matter, intrapreneurs?  Then come along with  Shareology to relive last week’s CrowdPitch in Minneapolis! Six baby companies presented for 4 minutes each, then answered 3 minutes of questions from the audience.  They covered industries from medical devices for spines or dialysis to websites for personal information security to property rental to combining bids on commercial property.  A panel of 5 gave feedback (Let’s see Paula and Simon critique marketing and financial plans for startups!)  An overview of the contest below:   



Judges Panel:   



The six companies who pitched their ideas in four minutes!   

Christine Horton of Corespine Technologies kicks off!

Lukas Dickie of Gimigo

Jon Coudron of Minute Bids

MobileOn Services

Michael Kallok of Phraxis


And the winner is???   Minute Bids! (follow at @joncoudron )   

Minute Bids takes the Day!

 Shareology was amused by MobileOn Services, an App Building Factory, for their first customer range from “congressmen to book clubs to Italian communists….”  Now that’s a customer range!  

Crowd Pitch will be in Minneapolis again on November 11, 2010!  Follow them on Twitter at #crowdpitch or @FundingUniverse plus more info at   

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Which was the first store to sell Apple products in Uptown? July 7, 2010

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No, not the shiny new Apple store next to the Suburban Theater in Minneapolis– it’s FirstTech at 2640 Hennepin!  

Shareology had a great comment left on her Uptown Apple story last week by Harvey Zuckman of FirstTech.   Since she was guaranteed photos within FirstTech’s store, she marched off to another Apple store in Uptown, this one with a boatload of history.  

Per Harvey :  “FirstTech offers so much more to support the Apple computer products we sell. We have a greater selection of peripheral products and we are there to help customers when they need to upgrade their existing equipment, whether they need a larger hard drive or more memory.  

In addition, FirstTech has an extensive offering of hands-on training classes in a comfortable, intimate training room – including Adobe applications, Apple certification and FileMaker.  

FirstTech’s services don’t stop at carry-in hardware repair.  Whether you have new or old equipment or need an on-site call, FirstTech can help.  

As the longest-serving Apple dealer anywhere, FirstTech has nearly 33 years of experience, but has kept up with technology.  Our locally-owned, independent business has built our reputation on providing knowledgeable and attentive customer service, We care about our community and our clients and we think it shows.”  

Now let’s take a peek at those photos Shareology got inside this Apple dealer!  

FirstTECH, located at 2640 Hennepin Avenue

If you need to, you can....Epson and Xerox sold here....

Shareology has cover envy.....

Choices, Choices, Choices

Remember these?

Shareology is drawn to bright, shiny objects.....

whiteboard capability for schools: who knew?

one of the training rooms.......

our host, Harvey Zuckman

No appointment needed! Macs Fixed Fast!

 So there you have it, folks.   Uptown Minneapolis is now served by two spectacular Apple stores.   Enjoy! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Microsoft and Mall of America Summer Update July 6, 2010

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The Fourth is over:  what to look forward to?  Ah, yes, the luxurification of Mall of America.  Shareology popped in the morning of the 6th, and found that changes on the South Side are proceeding at a fast pace. Microsoft update at end of this post; let’s start with bright shiny objects:  those crystal chandeliers are much more dangley and beautiful than Shareology anticipated!  The marble floors ain’t bad either!   

the one by Bloomies......


the one by Victoria's.....


the one Shareology shot straight up....


Yep, Shareology does love her some bright, shiny objects….. Hugo Boss is not open quite yet, but they are hiring:  (gotta love the door panel switch!)   


If you didn't get hired at Louis Vuitton, here's your next chance....


 For those who want an update on when Microsoft arrives at MOA, a clue is When Baby Gap is vacating for its new space?  That’s July 15 — we’re only one build away after that….. Since both Baby Gap and Gap Kids are heading down the hall to join their Gap relatives, that Microsoft store is looking fairly large in terms of square footage.   

New space down the South hall for all the Gap Brands.....


 So that sets the stage for the duel to come at MOA between Apple and Microsoft:   

Let the games begin!


Gap Kids gives Microsoft a great corner location!


So:  the luxurification of South Side at MOA is happening a lot faster than Shareology anticipated.  You can already walk on marble and have crystals shining in your eyes….and soon, very soon, Microsoft across the hall from Apple!  Now there’s a holiday!   

 Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Uptown Restaurants: Sidewalks and Rooftops Rock! July 5, 2010

For the third in Shareology’s trilogy tour of Uptown Minneapolis, it’s time for restaurants: some making creative new use of sidewalks, and some dueling rooftops: 

Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group


Really.  That’s the name of the restaurant.  Check out the sidewalk table twist: 

Reality Restaurant or Human Zoo?


Either way, it looks waaaay more comfortable than the average sidewalk restaurant…. 

OK now for dueling rooftops: 

Uptown Cafeteria





And finally, just so you don’t miss the object of all this rooftop madness: 



Uptown:  ya gotta love it!  And Shareology did, for seventeen years! 

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Uptown Update

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Shareology took a holiday stroll around Uptown Minneapolis in early July, 2010; Calhoun Square may not be complete but it sure shows signs of growth and revitalization: 


Missing Figlio?   Il Gatto is open for biz! 

Upstairs, Downstairs


Sox Appeal, new carpet and comfy furniture....


Let there be light!


The best feature of the updated Calhoun Square?  Check out the light flooding into the west end of the mall! 

Tenants Current and Future


Maps to current and future tenants




Calhoun Square may not be done quite yet, but it is sure looking sharper than it has in many a moon. 

Next, Shareology stumbled across Restaurants and Rooftops:  but that’s for a later post! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Apple brings their Briefing Room to Uptown! July 4, 2010

Shareology was in a nostalgic mood this holiday weekend; she journeyed to Uptown Minneapolis, where she had lived for 17 years across from the Uptown Theater.   My, oh, my: the changes!  Of course, she remembered MAC, but now Victoria’s Secret and NorthFace add retail zing to Hennepin Avenue.  But the biggest retail zing on Hennepin is definitely the new Apple store. 

Shareology admired the outside and then ventured inside:

Shareology understands that Apple strongly prefers she not take photos inside the Apple stores….still…..can’t hurt to ask politely one more time.   Well, dear Shareology readers, she didn’t get photo permission, but she did get a tour of the first-ever-in-the-world Apple Briefing Room!   It’s tucked away on an upper floor in the new Apple location in Uptown.   Basically,  it’s an executive conference room loaded with Apple gear.  Fronting Hennepin Avenue, off the Briefing Room are two patios, with table and chairs for 4, plus a grass area.  (Hmm, real grass?  Forever grass?  Shareology didn’t ask…)  These patios surround a skylight that floods the main sales area below with light.

The Briefing Room includes a conference table seating 16, and every Apple product imaginable:  iPhones, iPads, big screen….. So:  got a business problem you want to solve?  Come in to the Apple folks, bring your staff, and have Apple help you and your business.   For information call the Uptown Apple store at (952) 229-1463, or email them at

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Social Media Day in Uptown Minneapolis July 1, 2010

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Wednesday, June 30 was Social Media Day (thanks to those folks at mashable and the ability of tweeple to organize tweet-ups  — well, pretty darn quickly).  Shareology was alerted to this momentous occasion by Agency Babylon.  Fresh from the Dakota prairie, she found herself deep in her former stomping grounds of Uptown.  

First, the pre-party at Frank, a firm combining social media, organizational development and branding:  

Social Media Day: Started by those fun folks at mashable....

watching the tweet stream....

?'s for the tweet stream: check out #4!!

TweetDeck live at frank!

Shareology's favorite: taking pictures of people taking pictures!

To find about more about frank, so to:  

Now properly prepared, Shareology headed into deepest, darkest Uptown, only a block from where she lived for 17 years, to Chino Latino.  Who would be surprised to find the first person she saw was @MyklRoventine?  Lots of familiar celebrants:  

food appears and the celebrants head for the patio...okay, Hennepin Avenue...

@Philson takes a pic of @MyklRoventine while @DotMeg "helps"....

Ivan and Keith get deep into future retail pricing apps....

The perfect martini.....

Shareology exited Uptown (she had an early morning planned at jmu612 at Urban Bean…) when a sign at Drink caught her eye advertising apps….(what, a restaurant/bar downloads applications???)  noooooo. it’s appetizers!   Shareology might be a tad too deep into social media….. Trying to take a pic for the blog, she found out her lens had a strange error message.  Turns out Shareology’s lens went kaput.  Which explains why there are no pictures of a great jmu612 on games.  In case you wonder what went down, check out #jmu612 on twitter. 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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