About Kay Roseland July 6, 2009

AgencyBabylon described Kay Roseland thusly:   a networker and marketer of extraordinary determination, creativity and optimism.

You can find more about her at or follow her on Twitter at @KayLoire.  

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More from AgencyBabylon:

Maybe it was the heady rush of being an Agency Babylon guest blogger, with heavy and sustained traffic to the post. Or was it a longing to be out from under AB’s thumb? Whatever the motivation, @KayLoire has launched her own blog called Shareology.

And what an apt name Shareology is (self-puffery for AB’s role in that name aside). It so completely captures the spirit and style of Shareology’s progenitor, it’s as though the word was coined for her and her alone (she also had a hand in that name to be fair about it).

The blog is a labor of love from a marketing professional with deep expertise in shopper marketing who also happens to be one of the savviest and most resourceful job networkers AB has ever met.

The blog starts out big, with insights about the use of both simple and tech-driven communications in Bachman’s main garden center (fliers vs. digital signage), a look at how Target immerses its store exteriors in brand appeal, and several posts about job search resources.



7 Responses to “About Kay Roseland”

  1. The Target photos were terrific. If only America’s big-box retailers would be as concerned with the outside of their stores, US retail would be a lot more interesting, to say nothing of welcoming…

  2. I love the concept of Shareology, your energy, and your suggestions…and you are so very on target about the value of networking as a gift that each person gives to the other.

  3. Puru Gupta Says:

    Hi Kay,
    The blog really reflects the passion you have for shopper marketing – its rare that a note sparks a thought in you directing it progressively. Most of your entries do!

    Will look forward to reading more from you


  4. Lorri Kaas Says:


    How do I contact you about a speaking engagement?

  5. Mary Brandenburg Says:

    Kay, thank you for laying out the good reasons for blogging at the IMS session earlier this month. You make it look fun and not too difficult.

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