Minne Shines in Isles!! September 30, 2011

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After her turn at the spa, @LakeCreature moved to Lake of the Isles….and it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place to end her summer visit to Minneapolis.   Water lilies, purple and yellow flowers, and a bench to sit and chat with Minne in the sunshine!!  Be sure to take a trip to Isles to see Minne before she heads south for the winter; in the meantime, here is Minne in her beautiful setting:

I think the one with the water lilies is my favorite.  Minne is a verrrrrry savvy social media creature; she’s on Twitter at @LakeCreature, on Facebook and even has her own website at

So, it’s a beautiful sunny day — need an excuse to visit Lake of the Isles?  Go visit Minne; last I saw her she was in the SouthWest corner of Isles.  But I heard it rumored she is enjoying the lake so much she just might be taking a swim around to check out more sections of Isles!!  That is, if she’s not flirting with @RoyTheJackalope!! 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Lake Creature thrives in Northern Climes September 7, 2011

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You know, the Minneapolis Parks Foundation could have just started a Visit a Lake campaign.  But no, they invented Lake Creature, thus delighting all ages with mystery and adventure.  This summer @LakeCreature started out in Brownie Lake and then moved to Hiawatha.  Today Minne is moving … and will appear in a new location on September 14.  (BREAKING NEWS:  Minne will be somewhere in Lake of the Isles on September 14!!!)  Shareology looooooves Lake Creature in person and on Twitter.  But she especially loves that marketing outside the box can be effective and fun, fun, fun!!

A few shots of Shareology’s visit to @LakeCreature in Hiawatha:


To learn more about Minne, visit:   or follow her on twitter at @LakeCreature

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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