Happy New Year: Retail Style! December 27, 2009

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Shareology previously reported that Louis Vuitton will be opening a store at Galleria in Edina, MN during Spring, 2010.   She now gladly reports that the month of that opening has been narrowed down:  

May, 2010 !!


 Gonna be a Happy New Year in one portion of the retail universe!    

Happy 2010 from Shareology!  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Happy Holidays! December 23, 2009

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Social Media Breakfast #smbmsp #22: Health Care and Petey P. Cup… December 17, 2009

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul met on December 18, 2009 at Open Book on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis.  (More below photos…)  

Panel: Health Care and Social Media
An in-depth discussion exploring ways health care institutions are using social media, how the concept of transparency is impacting the  profession, and more.   

Facilitated by Albert Maruggi (Provident Partners) & Arik Hanson (ACH Communications)  

Panel Members:  

  • Kent Bottles (ICSI)
  • Larissa Rodriquez (HealthPartners and Regions Hospital)
  • Cindy Fruitrail (Fairview)
  • Jesse Stremcha (Children’s Hospitals)











And the Winners Are......!!!






after smbmsp networking: priceless!!



Petey P. Cup was the highlight of smbmsp #22 on health care; he tweets at Petey_P_Cup  and has a LinkedIn profile at:  

Petey has a co-mascot at HealthPartners, Pokey Syringe, Official Spokesneedle:  



For more information on Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul,  go to:           or follow them on twitter at @SMBMSP  or #smbmsp  

Kay Roseland     @KayLoire  


Curiously Strong Point-of-Purchase December 15, 2009

Shareology was leaving a Mexican restaurant recently with another retail guru; as we swept out the door, we saw something we’d never seen before:

Photos by F. Delaney

Altoids has done such a good job of brand recognition that the sight of a POP in the entrance to the restaurant stopped Shareology in her tracks.  Have you heard of their brand extension into chewing gum?   Shareology’s friend remarked that the positioning in the lobby of a Mexican restaurant was perfect!  Shareology’s only regret was that in the shock, stop, shoot photo — she forgot to stick a quarter in to find out what that product is like…  we’re guessing curiously strong!!!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Galleria Roundabout Update December 14, 2009

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Since Shareology loooooves the Galleria, and since Minneapolis-St. Paul has semi embraced roundabouts in our roadways, the following from the StarTribune this morning, had Shareology LOL:

More circular thoughts

My colleagues are starting to call me “Roundaboutguy” because of all the questions on this topic, but today I’ll just share a little something from alert reader Max, who was using one of the roundabouts just south of Southdale in Edina, and:

My wife had a fit that I was in that left lane … that raised section.

Memo to Max: Those are single-lane roundabouts, and you weren’t in the left lane because there isn’t one. That’s the truck apron, which helps fire rigs and other large vehicles navigate the roundabout. So unless you were driving a semi to the Galleria, your wife had the right idea.

Jim Foti can be reached at 612-673-4491 or

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Want quality twitter followers? Use your lists!! December 9, 2009

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Want more twitter followers, but want quality followers?   Use the lists as resources!!

Shareology must confess she was not crazy about lists when they first appeared on Twitter.  As she got added to more and more lists, her ego took over…. particularly as others added her to lists with names like smgenius.   Really?  Social Media Genius?   Moi??  (Shareology has always had a lot in common with Miss Piggy….)

Shareology had stalled out with followers.   As usual, she was setting goals:  I’m tired of having 469 followers!  Get to 500 already!!!!

Slowly it dawned on her; she could use the lists others had added her to; before you know it, she was at 500 followers, and they were twitheads who others had added to lists for marketing and social media.   Here’s how to do it:

First, you do not have to create any lists; however, you do need to be on lists that others have created.  (Oops, Shareology goofed:  if you are not on any lists, you can just use a list from somebody else, as long as it looks like a quality list from your area of interest.) 

  • From home, click on your lists. (upper right hand corner under Listed)
  • Click on a list with a name you like (one that targets people you want for followers) — let’s click on that smgenius list as an example
  • You will now see recent tweets from the folks in this list.   In the upper right hand corner, click on Following
  • Your screen now has the folks on this particular list — in the middle of each person’s info, the three action icons are what you are looking for.   Pick the one with the person outline –should be the icon on the left  — the words Follow KayLoire (or whomever) should appear — Click!
  • Proceed down the list, hovering over the follow icon, and clicking… are gonna get a rhythm and this is gonna go very fast!!!  In order not to get overwhelmed with twitter emails in your email box, work with one list at a time.   I also chose to work lists that had maybe 50 or less people  on them.   Seemed less overwhelming to me.  

You’re done!!   In the next couple  of days, some of these folks will follow you back.   The bottom line?   Other twitheads have put thought into naming these lists and into who they put on them.   You can then use the lists to find quality followers in your area of interest.   Click your fingers off!   If somebody later proves to be a too frequent tweeter or someone you just do not want to have clogging up your tweet feed, simply unfollow them.  

Okay,  I finally have a way to use lists.   I suspect others are using lists to ape TweetDeck and filter out folks they really don’t care that much about (and conversely, filter in those twitheads they really do want to read………..).    What are YOU using lists for?

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Befores and Afters December 3, 2009

You know how you’re reading some biography (or, OK, an article in People) and someone says “You can do anything you put your mind to” or some variation on that statement?  Well, Shareology is a tad dubious.   I don’t think I can perform brain surgery.   I don’t think I could be President of the United States.  Heck, I don’t even think I could be Secretary of State.

However.   I do have a couple of examples of how changing your (my!) attitude can make all the difference.  Let’s start with the MBA example.

Shareology raced through the first 75% of her MBA.  (Do you think the fact that Honeywell was paying for it helped in any way?  Thank you, Honeywell!!)   Then came the eight year recess.  Five courses remained.  Shareology had taken every marketing course possible.   So what was left?  Well, besides a couple of great courses (Organizational Development, Strategic Management) there remained The Three Icks:   Managerial Accounting, Econ, Finance.  

At various times in her MBA career, she had dropped managerial accounting, not once, not twice but three times!!  (In the first chapter of the $100 plus accounting textbook, was a homework problem that seemed so detailed that Shareology could not imagine ever completing it.)  On the third drop, Shareology finally did something smart.  She emailed the  professor.   The professor, who happened to be head of the accounting department, said “I’m sorry to hear that.   I would have loved to have helped you.  Perhaps you could attend the second class.”  (Shareology had become an expert in knowing you could attend two classes  before dropping without a penalty.)  In the email to the professor, Shareology had explained how she had built up this fear of The Three Icks.  But she committed one thing to the professor.  No matter how scary, this time she would attend all fourteen class sessions, and try, to the best of her ability, to succeed, or at least complete.   It had finally dawned on Shareology that, if she wanted to complete the course, she was going to have to show up for all fourteen sessions.

The professor and Shareology brainstormed:   tutors?  help from the professor?  extra resources?   Just the fact that the professor  would  know that this would be a struggle and that it wasn’t going to be pretty…  (Perfectionism will stop us from going forth and doing anything…we might produce a result that might be less than……. perfect.)

Shareology found a study buddy in the class to work through homework and she began to read the $100+ textbook.  (Actually she had two versions of the text:  she had been at this so long, the text was republished with another edition.  Swell, TWO $100+ textbooks.)  The deep irony is she was reading an accounting textbook word for word, when time constraints and group projects meant she didn’t read the marketing textbooks earlier in her MBA studying.  She also assigned very specific time slots each week towards studying.  Yep, studying.  The result?  Shareology got a B in managerial accounting, a B+ in econ, and an (OMG!!) A- in finance.  And yes, she told the econ and finance professors that this was going to be a challenge, she was scared, it wasn’t going to be pretty, and she needed help.

The second example?   Shareology was a support system as Agency Babylon launched his blog earlier this year.  She heard all the challenges, and the new areas of learning.  WordPress?  What’s that?   But she listened to Agency Babylon and learned.  She listened to speakers at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.  Paul mentioning that WordPress was a great tool,  feeds directly into LinkedIn, and was poised to offer features far into the future for bloggers.  

But what would Shareology write about?  And how could she sustain interest?   How could she integrate her various interests in marketing, social media and networking?  Would readers accept that she might write about any of these subjects on any given day?  Shareology once again could not imagine how she would do all this…… 

And yet, four months later, she HAS done it.  The Before?  scared silly.  The After?  happy writer.   (And a HUGE thank you to Shareology readers for making this possible.)

So what have I learned?   You can do MUCH more than you ever imagined.   Even conquer The Three Icks.  The sweetest moment was when Shareology stepped onto the University of St. Thomas stage to receive her masters hood.  The professor to place the hood over Shareology’s beaming face?   Dr. Jane Saly, her professor of managerial accounting.  Priceless.

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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