Rribbitz Rrocks!!! April 4, 2010

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Shareology recently visited Rribbitz Creative Communications Headquarters:

Shareology was there to meet with Rrribbitz CEO, Kim Opitz:

Shareology loooooves her Canon — but recently (since meeting said CEO above) has been amazed at what a tiny little (green, naturally:  It’s Rribbitz!!!) iPod can capture in terms of video:

Remember when guys used to carry camcorders on their shoulders?  Hey, it wasn’t that long ago…..

Now, the above tiny item, about the size of a business card, can create video.   Truly amazing when you think about it.  

Kim has created a couple of videos that include Shareology:

The second video is of the very first Huddle created by Agency Babylon:

The two videos above can also be found on YouTube by searching for Kay Roseland.  Kim’s editing abilities make these short videos really pop!  Forget about the kindness of strangers:  Shareology appreciates a great editor!!    More can be found on Kim at:


Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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