CoCo for SMBMSP tweetup! January 30, 2010

Per Urban Dictionary:             Tweetup:   A gathering of nerds attempting social contact…. Usually disintegrates into everyone running to the nearest computer to type to one another

Hmmm….not a half bad definition.    As a change of pace, SMBMSP (Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul) did not meet on Friday from 8 – 10 am, but rather Thursday, January 28, from 6 – 9 pm at CoCo (coworking & collaborative space)  in St. Paul.   This change of format turned the entire event into one big networking nirvana; photographic proof is offered below:  



early crowd

later crowd


Amy and her DIY bangs!

Patrick Rhone -- your mac not well? contact @PatrickRhone

Kyle Coolbroth, coco founder

Tom Dunn and Todd Tweedy, multi-tasking

Rachele Victoria Cermak exchanges cards with Kay Loire

Aimee Cheek brightens up the St. Paul winter

PJBFCP aka Pete Barry

Shareology has saved the very best for last:   

Meg Canada and The Ring!!!

 Now that’s a smile to light up the St. Paul skyline!   

 A good time was had by all!   Mykl and Rick are getting a ton of requests to do this again — Gasp:   Social Media Breakfast in the evening — what a concept! 

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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