MIMA, the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, held one of its February events, and Shareology was there:


Social marketing, cloud computing, geo-location, oh my. It’s a new year. In what new technology should we invest our time and energies to stay innovative and connect with our communities? What worked in 2009 and what flopped? How do you know which technologies are hype, and which could make or break success in 2010? Join experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, the Minneapolis Start-up Community, and the Fortune 500 Community for a rousing discussion on emerging technologies and predictions for the future of start-ups, tech and integrated marketing.  

We’ll review current predictions for 2010 and review past technology predictions in 2009, including social media’s and mobile’s connection to geo-location and real time, cloud computing, Silicon Valley trends, the start-up community’s pulse and the Fortune 500 mix.  


Kim Garretson (Panelist)
Kim is Partner, Ovative Group, “Realizing Innovation” to your network.  Kim leads the Ovative group in partnership with Dale Nitchke, recent President of and Sev Maynard, recent digital media, entertainment and mobile strategy leader for Best Buy.  Ovative/Group hosts a series of senior executive dialogue events that focuses on “operationalizing” trends presented by early-stage company founders.

Alex Hawkinson – Founder and CEO of Mural Ventures (Panelist)
Alex is Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CloudProfile.  In his career, Alex has started and helped build a few companies and has learned a lot of lessons along the way.  What was most significant was the realization that small businesses need help in embracing the web.  He created CloudProfile to address this problem and to help small businesses leverage the web to be found by and engage prospects and customers.  

Robert Stephens, Founder and Chief Inspector for The Geek Squad.  His goal for The Geek Squad is to achieve complete world domination as the technology services brand.  He has been with Best Buy’s Geek Squad for 16 years.

Douglas Pollei – VP, Internet Strategy and Corporate Development, IKANO (moderator)
Doug is Vice President Strategy and Corporate Development, IKANO Communications.  In his role, Doug develops strategic opportunities for growth with selected vendors, venture capital portfolio companies and industry networks.

Below are some of the photographic memories:  



Sini Ross, Sexton Strategic

Ben Wallace, MIMA Board



Panel: Robert, Alex, Kim Moderator: Doug

Graeme Thickins, an iPhone and a rubber band


After the Panel networking: Kim Garretson and Greg Swan

 Shareology does not pretend to understand everything she hears at MIMA; she can say that the last two MIMA events have been superb ways to find out what’s going on now and in the future.   Way to start the year, Tim Brunelle and Board! 

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Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


MIMA and Mobile Marketing January 21, 2010

Shareology traveled to the University of Minnesota Alumni Center Wednesday evening for some new thoughts and networking: 


The practice of mobile marketing is going mainstream. From local and regional retailers to Fortune 100 fast-moving consumer goods providers, brands and charities, marketers are employing mobile marketing practices to engage their audience in mutually beneficial communication, delivery, and exchange of value.   In this event, we’ll address why mobile and why now?  We will review leading market metrics, consumer behaviors, case studies, mobile marketing strategies and tactics and key steps that should be taken to successfully integrate mobile marketing efforts with your existing business practices.  In other words, you’ll learn what it takes to embrace and generate ROI through and with mobile marketing. 

Michael Becker, a leader in the mobile marketing industry, assumes the roles of entrepreneur, volunteer, author and academic. Mr. Becker is VP Mobile Strategies for iLoop Mobile, the industry’s leading mobile marketing solutions provider and winner of the 2007 MMA Innovation of the Year Award. In addition, he is the Global and North American Vice Chairperson for the Mobile Marketing Association and member of the Direct Marketing Association Mobile Advisory Council. Mr. Becker is the founder and co-editor of the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing, contributing and co-author to Mobile Internet for Dummies, Web Marketing All-in One for Dummies and Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing; in addition, he has written over 70 articles and conducted hundreds of seminars on mobile marketing. On the academic front, he is pursuing a doctorate focused on mobile enhanced customer managed interactions and is an adjunct professor of marketing, teaching mobile marketing, at Golden Gate University. Mr. Becker has been recognized for his industry contributions, having received the MMA Individual Achievement Award in 2007 and the Direct Marketing Education Foundation 2009 Rising Stars Award. 

Some  photos from MIMA: 









Mini MIMA board meeting with President Tim Brunelle and Programming Director Greg Swan

Q & A via text

Shareology was very impressed with the complexity of mobile marketing and the possibilities for the near and far future.   MIMA helps keep us aware of how quickly our marketing world is changing and how much fun the future can be.  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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