Ya gotta know where ya came from to see where you’re going…. December 28, 2011

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The Holidays have put Shareology in a nostalgic mood…..remembering…

Images of a little girl walking up a snow bank to the top of the chicken coop…  Airplanes dropping groceries to a snowbound farm….Daddy bring in a set of toys he “found in a haystack…”

Recently a trip a few miles east of the farm revealed that The Old Place had a tough winter last year and the little house that sheltered a homesteader, his wife and an eventual 12 children had collapsed further into the earth.  This house was built after a soddy and before the house on main street that still stands.

Gabe and Lizzy — Bill, Nora and then Lena — Bud and Ida — Bruce and Barb

All lived on the land and now the land is reclaiming The Old Place…

And yet the future beckons — we wondered how to keep in touch with the nephew in Afghanistan…he figured it out on his own…his weapon of choice?  Facebook.

So on Christmas Eve, to share our celebration with him, I emailed and Facebooked photos to Afghanistan to keep the family together.  You see, the earrings and necklace below were a gift from the soldier nephew…

So Shareology was able to use Facebook to keep the 5th generation in our holiday celebration.

From Kay Roseland, Shareology and @KayLoire:

Happy New Year!!!


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