SMBMSP56!!! Radio and Social Media! June 7, 2013

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul hit #56 at Clear Channel!

Moderator:  @PrincessSushi
Chris Hawkey (@Chawk1003) Producer: The Power Trip Morning Show, Host: FAN Motorsports, KFAN FM 100.3
Dave Ryan (@daveryankdwb) Host: The Dave Ryan Show, KDWB FM 101.3
Falen Bonsett (@falenkdwb) Co-host: The Dave Ryan Show, KDWB FM 101.3
Dave Schrader, aka Darkness Dave (@DarknessRadio) Host: Darkness Radio, News Talk AM 1130
Let’s take a peek …  (Hey, we’re talking radio here!  Not usually a visual event!)
Chris Hawkey, Darkness Dave:
Falen,  Dave Ryan:
Misc. Wall Hanging:
and………. we’re out!
Kay Roseland @KayLoire
aka @DarknessKay

Social Media Breakfast MSP #38 Nonprofits plus WWII airplanes!! July 29, 2011

Not only was SMBMSP 38 a fountain of info on nonprofits and social media, it took place at Fleming Field at South St. Paul  near a hanger full of WWII planes!!!!

Some sights to behold:

Planes hangin' from the ceiling!!


Commemorative Air Force – Minnesota Wing

@stremcha @lindsi @Vruno


@SocialNicole keeps us on track!!

@Vruno @jjmillard
 And now for the hangar full of WWII planes and exhibits!
 More on the panelists and Social Media Breakfast MSP at
or follow #smbmsp on twitter for the tweet stream.
Kay Roseland  @KayLoire

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #33: Publishing! January 30, 2011


It’s something we all do today, but we tend to think of publishing in the traditional sense of newspapers and books.  So with that in mind, lets explore the world of online/offline publishing from the social perspective we’re engaging in today.

Date & Time: January 28th, 2011

Location: Sheraton Bloomington


Pamela MuldoonPamela Muldoon
Business & Marketing Coach, Next Stage Business
Pamela Muldoon is a Business & Marketing Coach with Next Stage Business, a training & consulting firm that specializes in helping Independent Professionals, Salespeople, & Small Business Owners develop marketing plans that work! She brings a 3-Step process to building a marketing plan that is “simple, but not always easy”. Pamela also launched Next Stage Business Radio in 2010, an online business radio station offering various programs for the small business community.


Cy CordsCy Cords
Webmaster, Times Media/St. Cloud Times
Always pushing the technological envelope, Cy has spent the last 6 years in the newspaper industry at Times Media focusing on online content, advertising, mobile and social media initiatives. Responsible for developing and executing integrated brand communication strategies, Cy successfully keeps a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing online media world.

Dan LindDan Lind
Managing Director, Minnesota Newspaper Association
A self-professed advertising geek, Dan has successfully implemented innovative marketing strategies in the newspaper, magazine, digital out-of-home and action-sports industries over the past 15 years. Regardless of the medium, Dan’s approach always remains consistent: effectively delivering relevant content and brand messaging to an increasingly mobile audience that will ultimately lead to consumer engagement and sustainable results.

Kevin D. HendricksKevin D. Hendricks
Freelance writer, blogger, editor & author, Monkey Outta Nowhere
Kevin is a freelance writer and editor for sites including Church Marketing Sucks and HalogenTV. In 2010 he published two books that support causes: Addition by Adoption, which has raised $5,000 for clean water in Ethiopia, and Open Our Eyes, featuring a foreword by Chris Brogan. Kevin is a work-at-home dad, juggling diapers, toys and Twitter.

Well, at you can see from the above, Shareology was at the latest Social Media Breakfast in Bloomington, Minnesota; let’s take a look at the visual record:


Dan, Cy, Kevin

Shareology's fav photog

To get the gist of the conversation go to #smbmsp on Twitter, follow @SMBMSP, or go to for future events or to sign up for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.Paul.

Next month’s SMB gathering is February 25 at 8 am and the topic is a February Favorite: 

SMB My Valentine!  Talking about relationships and how people find each other using social media (and more)!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


the allure of bacon filled the ballroom!


Social Media Breakfast goes Mobile at Best Buy HQ! November 21, 2010

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul gathered Friday, November 19 at Best Buy Headquarters to get the latest gist on Mobile!  

Now THIS is a panel!!

Now THIS is a Panel!! #SMBMSP 31-Mobile & More:  w/@albertmaruggi @ojezap @footenotes @breon & @mrchristopherl !



Albert MaruggiAlbert Maruggi

Albert Maruggi is a recognized thought leader in strategic business communications. You can always expect insightful questions that uncover new information, a different perspective or a good laugh from Maruggi. He advises clients and conducts company innovation “group thinks” that inspire ideas from within. This methodology allows for greater acceptance and ownership of projects and change initiatives. He is the host of the long running Marketing Edge podcast now in it’s sixth year of production. On Twitter @albertmaruggi and his blog

Panel Info

Lisa FooteLisa Foote

Lisa Foote is Co-Founder of MixMobi, a mobile content creation and measurement Software as a Service. Lisa is a frequently speaker and consultant on mobile marketing, with particular expertise in US and global mobile device ownership and behavior. She has spoken at Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, and at the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto. You can find Lisa on Twitter at @footenotes.

Christopher LowerChristopher Lower

Christopher Lower has over 17 years of experience in marketing, sales and PR, with a decade of focus on emerging social media and web technologies and their use in marketing. Chris leverages social media to enable clients to increase their overall reach exponentially in standard marketing channels as well as lesser-known, hard-to-target market segments. Chris’ expertise lies in providing fully-integrated media services that take your traditional story and tell it with today’s technology, so that you can reach your intended audience on their preferred media format.

Julio Ojeda-ZapataJulio Ojeda-Zapata

Julio Ojeda-Zapata is a longtime technology journalist at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, where he writes a Tech Test Drive column and maintains his Your Tech Weblog. He is the author of “Twitter Means Business,” a social-media primer for companies, and the upcoming “iPad Means Business,” which explores the Apple tablet’s business potential. He considers himself equal parts Puerto Rican and Minnesotan, having spent about half of his life in each place. He lives in St. Paul with his wife, and son.

Breon NagyBreon Nagy

Breon Nagy is the Account Manager for Recursive Awesome, a mobile and web development company. On the third Tuesday of the month, you can find him at Mobile Twin Cities, either presenting or participating in the discussion. Breon presented “Beyond the Code” at the first Mobile March Twin Cities, which focused on user experience, testing and support. In his spare time, he is a freelance writer for, focusing on device reviews.

For more marketing events in the Twin Cities, go to!

Follow the twitter stream for highlights of the mobile presentation at #smbmsp or go to

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SMBMSP at Carlson Center: Tourism and Travel! November 1, 2010

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul convened for a pre-Halloween event on Travel and Tourism in Carlson World Headquarters!

This event was held on October 29………………

Panelists included:

  • Lisa Grimm                    @MallofAmerica
  • Adam Johnson              @SaintPaul
  • Stephanie Lee                @Travel_Quest
  • Beth Blair                        @BethBlair
  • Jessica Seaberg              @CountryInns

Let’s hear it for Country Inns for one of the better breakfasts in SMBMSP history!!

Steve + Ron = networking R us!

But of course, Shareology saved the best for last:

For marketing, communications and public relation events in the Twin Cities, check out or follow at @GistrMN.

For more on social media breakfast, check out or @SMBMSP or #smbmsp

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair: Saw You There!! September 5, 2010

Shareology packed her tiara and headed for Falcon Heights last Friday.  She probably should packed a parka and Uggs, but Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #29 was held inside a tent and that helped a great deal.   


Food is a key (the key?) offering at the Fair; Social Media Breakfast #29 set a new standard with food from French Meadow Bakery.  Scrambled eggs and bacon sandwiches and morning desert!   Strawberries and cream were involved!  

Ron McCoy hits the French Meadow jackpot!


Bacon AND Strawberries: who knew??


Shareology just got this same brand laptop!!



ooooooh, look what the winners get:  chocolate covered bacon!!  


It was so cold that..........@Quick13 had to tweet with one glove on.....



The United Way Winner is........Just Judy Judy Judy!!!


and that Jason guy on Channel 9 probably had something to do with it!! 

@JustJudyBlog won an iPad for all that United Way tweeting!!




Princess Kay meets...........Princess Kay!


Shareology had waited her whole life for the above photo opp; Princess Kay was a delight and appeared not to be permanently scared by the photo request.   Shareology was on her very best behavior!! 

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Jeff Pulver at Mall of America for #140conf Roadtrip August 29, 2010

Rich Mahn of SMBMSP welcomes Jeff Pulver to the Twin Cities!

Shareology hit the Mall of America August 26 for a tweetup for the #140Conf.  More below:  

Steven Ladin tweeted up an audience!

Steven Ladin IRL!

Graeme Thickins and Jeff Pulver

Follow on Twitter at #140conf  or @JeffPulver or  

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Small Business Gets Social: SMBMSP #28 July 24, 2010

Deluxe Corporation invited Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul back to their glorious campus: (that’s what a real lawn looks like folks!) for #28:  Small Business Gets Social!  

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging are the foundation for Social Media tactics.  Metro IBA got mentioned at least twice for the superb work they do with small business.  Shareology also loved the “I Hate Coupons!” cry from retailers on the panel.  Newsletter and email blasts used in conjunction with social media worked well.  Some folks love Twitter, some love Facebook — figure out which works best with your customer base and go with it.  Zack Steven got props for his Twitter classes.  And finally, another illustration of show up where your audience is:  Julie Warner mentioned she’s had success with Craig’s List.  Her audience is there looking for appliance deals and Julie reminds them she has appliance deals!   


Our panel moderator BEFORE the competition intensified....


Best Dress AND Social Media Muscle!

Ya suppose Rick and Mykl had to mow this before #28?  


Our panel on Small Business

Dan, Julie, Naomi, Aimee

@PeapodsNatural, @WarnersStellian, @SanctuaryRest, @darnknitanyway


Sarah Pierce: What's a gistr?

The answer to What’s a Gistr?  will be unveiled at Alphabet Bash!  

nothing sadder than leaving a great party...unless...

it’s the knowledge that the next Social Media Breakfast will be September 3 at the State Fair!  

Follow them on twitter at #smbmsp or @smbmsp for details……  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


SMBMSP #27: Sports, Social Media and Shareology! June 19, 2010

In the interest of full disclosure:  Shareology’s idea of a sport is the Triple Crown.  Given that, it was way past time to learn more about sports and social media.  Off Shareology went to Target Center in downtown Minneapolis for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #27.   

SMBMSP 27:  a great sports panel on how they use social media for their organizations, teams, fans, and more. Here’s the lineup:   

  • Candice Wiggins of the Minnesota Lynx (@CandiceWiggins)
  • Gregg Litman from WCCO (@GRLitman)
  • Matt Teske from the St. Paul Saints (@StPaulSaints)
  • Scott Spiridigliozzi from the Minnesota Timberwolves (@Liozzi)
  • Austin Stair Calhoun from the UM Tucker Center (@austinstair)

Gregg Litman shared this bit of wisdom (that so many politicians have not learned) “Treat all mikes like they’re open…”   

Actually, to pull this wisdom into social media:  Treat all social  media (twitter, blogs, google, everything…) like it is live…….and forever!   




Sarah Smiles!


Candice, Scott, Gregg


Gregg, Austin, Matt



Sini Ross delivering the signed Lynx ball to Gabriel Skelly!


Social Media DJ's


Joel's Fan Club!! Twitterview Forever!!


Candice got rave reviews: on and off court!!


Post Panel Networking


To find out more, go to Twitter:   @smbmsp   #smbmsp   and  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast #26: Gardening at the State Fair (bacon included!) May 26, 2010

 Shareology attended her 12th Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul event, and her second at the State Fair grounds.  (Hint:  parking is impossibly lovely in non-August time periods!)   This month’s topic was all things garden related…  

SMBMSP 26 – Urban & Organic Gardening 

Social Media Breakfast met May 21 at the beautiful Progress Center building on the historic Minnesota State Fairgrounds, where the topic was how organic gardeners and farmers use Social Media to promote their goods and grow their businesses. Included were a mini Farmer’s Market and displays from vendors, as well as a knowledgeable panel of professional growers and gardeners. 


Images of the morning: 

Social Media Breakfast returns to the State Fair!


One of two oldest buildings on State Fair grounds, this is a biiiiig building....

@AmyMahn and @GraemeThickins get techy with it...

Shareology finally meets current graduate and @FutureAdExec!

and a huge Thank You to our sponsors!

Bacon themed gear? Really?


Barbara, Susan, Kirsten, Debbie, Lee

Barbara, Susan

Kirsten, Debbie, Lee

Shareology's favorite photog

@Quick13 talks with the media after moderating her panel

The #SMBMSP panel discussion from  Organic/Urban Farming & Gardening is available for replay at  

For further information go to:   or  on twitter at #smbmsp or @smbmsp

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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