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Are you a networking fanatic?  Love to meet people and learn more?  Check out for marketing, sales, public relations and social media events in the Twin Cities!!

Great Networkers ensure that they are using their time effectively; gistr helps you plan your networking week and month.  You can also follow them on Twitter at @GistrMN

Let the networking begin!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


The Week of Living Legally with Social Media March 24, 2011

Wow:  what a week!  Last Friday Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul sponsored an event on Social Media and the Law held at Thomson-Reuters in Eagan, Minnesota.  Today a grand followup on Twitter with a tweet stream following #smlawchat.  Here are some visual memories of last Friday in Eagan:

thank you to the sponsors!

streaming live at

ah, tradition!

Albert Maruggi, Moderator


Albert Maruggi
Albert Maruggi is a recognized thought leader in strategic business communications. You can always expect insightful questions that uncover new information, a different perspective or a good laugh from Maruggi. He advises clients and conducts company innovation “group thinks” that inspire ideas from within. This methodology allows for greater acceptance and ownership of projects and change initiatives. He is the host of the long running Marketing Edge podcast now in it’s sixth year of production. On Twitter @albertmaruggi and his blog.


Anna Berend
Anna Berend is an attorney and professional writer. Berend authors the blog, Motherly Law, where she discusses laws and legal issues that affect families and offers tips and resources pertaining to these issues. She is active on a number of social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Berend has spent her legal career researching and writing for several state courts and a legal publishing company. She currently works from home as an independent contractor for a legal publishing company when she’s not writing a post for her blog, tweeting (@MotherlyLaw) or wrangling her two spirited boys.

Teresa M. Thompson
Teresa is an Employment Litigator/Advisor and Human Resources Social Media Advisor at Fredrikson & Byron. When litigation ensues, Teresa aggressively defends employers in state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies and private arbitrations. She has significant experience defending retaliation and reprisal claims brought under the Minnesota Whistleblower’s Act, the workers’ compensation statute, the Minnesota Human Rights Act, and other state and federal civil rights laws. Teresa trains, writes and lectures extensively on the use of technology in the workplace (including, e-mail, internet, blogs, social networking sites, PDAs, cell phone use and text messaging) focusing on increasing the benefits of technology while decreasing the risks associated with employee use and abuse.

James P Quinn
An attorney at Larkin Hoffman, Jim is skilled in trademark law, copyrights, trade secrets, software and technology development and distribution, e-commerce and all transactions involving intellectual property. He has negotiated and prepared licenses and other agreements dealing with a wide variety of goods and services. As counsel for both system providers and purchasers of hardware and software, Jim is experienced in the drafting of agreements for the creation, distribution and use of technology.

Jon M. Garon
Jon is a professor at St Paul’s Hamline University School of Law. He joined Hamline in 2003, serving as the law school’s ninth dean from 2003-2008. In addition, he was appointed Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Management for 2005-06. He is a nationally recognized authority on intellectual property, particularly copyright law, entertainment practice, cyberspace, and entrepreneurship in the creative industries. His counsel practice includes copyright, trademark, privacy, licensing, film production, theatre, publishing, music licensing, and music management.

Anna and James

Jon and Anna

Two of the panelists were on Twitter today from 1 to 2pm, CDT, taking questions; you can follow at #smlawchat.

Teresa Thompson

Jon Garon

More on Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul at or @SMBMSP

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #33: Publishing! January 30, 2011


It’s something we all do today, but we tend to think of publishing in the traditional sense of newspapers and books.  So with that in mind, lets explore the world of online/offline publishing from the social perspective we’re engaging in today.

Date & Time: January 28th, 2011

Location: Sheraton Bloomington


Pamela MuldoonPamela Muldoon
Business & Marketing Coach, Next Stage Business
Pamela Muldoon is a Business & Marketing Coach with Next Stage Business, a training & consulting firm that specializes in helping Independent Professionals, Salespeople, & Small Business Owners develop marketing plans that work! She brings a 3-Step process to building a marketing plan that is “simple, but not always easy”. Pamela also launched Next Stage Business Radio in 2010, an online business radio station offering various programs for the small business community.


Cy CordsCy Cords
Webmaster, Times Media/St. Cloud Times
Always pushing the technological envelope, Cy has spent the last 6 years in the newspaper industry at Times Media focusing on online content, advertising, mobile and social media initiatives. Responsible for developing and executing integrated brand communication strategies, Cy successfully keeps a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing online media world.

Dan LindDan Lind
Managing Director, Minnesota Newspaper Association
A self-professed advertising geek, Dan has successfully implemented innovative marketing strategies in the newspaper, magazine, digital out-of-home and action-sports industries over the past 15 years. Regardless of the medium, Dan’s approach always remains consistent: effectively delivering relevant content and brand messaging to an increasingly mobile audience that will ultimately lead to consumer engagement and sustainable results.

Kevin D. HendricksKevin D. Hendricks
Freelance writer, blogger, editor & author, Monkey Outta Nowhere
Kevin is a freelance writer and editor for sites including Church Marketing Sucks and HalogenTV. In 2010 he published two books that support causes: Addition by Adoption, which has raised $5,000 for clean water in Ethiopia, and Open Our Eyes, featuring a foreword by Chris Brogan. Kevin is a work-at-home dad, juggling diapers, toys and Twitter.

Well, at you can see from the above, Shareology was at the latest Social Media Breakfast in Bloomington, Minnesota; let’s take a look at the visual record:


Dan, Cy, Kevin

Shareology's fav photog

To get the gist of the conversation go to #smbmsp on Twitter, follow @SMBMSP, or go to for future events or to sign up for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.Paul.

Next month’s SMB gathering is February 25 at 8 am and the topic is a February Favorite: 

SMB My Valentine!  Talking about relationships and how people find each other using social media (and more)!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


the allure of bacon filled the ballroom!


Social Media Breakfast #25: Real Estate April 25, 2010

Shareology was in St. Paul Friday for Social  Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #25 at Concordia University’s Buetow Music Center for a panel on Real Estate and Social Media.    

Moderator: Lisa Grimm (@lulugrimm), Action Selling

Jeff O’Brien (@jeffobrien), Mansfield Tanick & Cohen
Greg Sax (@gsax), 10K Research & Marketing
Teresa Boardman (@TBoard), Saint Paul Home Realty
Jason Sandquist (@JasonSandquist), Living Twin Cities
Alex Stenback (@Alex_Stenback), Residential Mortgage Group
Steve Ladin (@LadinVentures), Ladin Ventures


Now this is what Spring should look like! Well done, Rick!

Always try to sit next to a guy with an iPad:    

Can't argue with the sharpness of this display....

Watching the livecast, and waving like heck from the front row....

Erica Mayer raised $5K for her charity, and 3 guys showed up to turn cartwheels in celebration.   Unlike South Dakota rodeos, there were no ambulances standing by:    





ummm, this would be Keith flyin'

Ms. Erica Mayer says "Thank you!" to all!

 The panel begins; order from left to right is:       Jeff, Greg, Alex, Teresa, Steve, Jason:    

Jeff, Greg, Alex, Teresa, Steve, Jason

Jeff, Greg, Alex

Teresa, Steve

Steve, Jason

Lisa Grimm, our moderator!

Now for the all important networking part of the morning!!

@Dave1Meyer and @RonMcCoyMedia

Not bad for two people who cartwheeled through the morning!

One more handshake before we leave!


Among the channels used for real estate and social media are Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, and YouTube.  Most had used blogs to build trust and relationships, and recommended beginning by listening, for at least a month, before jumping in The River of Social Media. (A tip of the hat to Jen Kane for the use of the phrase The River.)   Teresa does give a nod to tradition with a virtual bus bench.   And somewhere in the morning the phrase “It’s not rocket surgery” went sailing by.  Thanks to all for another great Social Media Breakfast!    

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire 


Retail, Social Media Breakfast and Mall of America: Woot! March 4, 2010

Shareology skipped over to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy at the Mall of America for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis – St. Paul  #24 for a panel of retail business people who are using or exploring the use of social media.  

Presentation: Hans Eisenbeis, Iconoculture  

Panel: Social Media & Retail  

Moderator: Lisa Grimm, Action Selling  

David Erickson, Tunheim Partners
Bridget Jewell, Mall of America
Jennifer Rock, Best Buy
Jeff Sommers, Izzy’s Ice Cream  

Shareology found the most refreshing portion of the morning was that the panel’s willingness to admit their social media errors and share their learning.  In a perfect world, well-reasoned strategy would be the foundation of each social media plan; in the real world, fear of action tends to stop most companies from even beginning.   The value of experimentation was strongly stressed. 

A few panel highlights: 

David Erickson, Tunheim Partners, brought up the Wait Concept.  David talked about the value of waiting – of not replying instantly to a post or a tweet.  He and others on the panel emphasized letting others in the conversation bring balance; every tweet doesn’t have to be answered by you alone.  This may have been the most valuable concept of the morning.  He also talked about having not necessarily the most followers, but the right followers.   

Bridget Jewell, Mall of America, gave a great practical example of the Twitter parking alerts used during holiday season.  Guests were given real time updates of where parking was available at MOA.  The MOA parking staffer providing information was so supportive of the program he took to calling Bridget’s staff his “Parking Tweethearts!”  A key point from Bridget was that social media is superb for taking those You-Think-You-Knows about your business and finding out if your customers actually agree or actually act that way.  During Q & A the panel was asked if they monitor other sites, if they learn from other social media users.  The resounding answer from Bridget was “all…the..time!”   

Jennifer Rock, Best Buy, is responsible for internal communication and finds social media invaluable for managing communications in both directions for thousands of employees.  Challenges have included concerns of HR, legal and executives. One creative answer was a spreadsheet anticipating all possible *&!@ kinds of words and developing alternative phrases to capture the meaning without the actual  *&!@.  She emphasized that she might have gone through a more strategic approach given what she has learned now, but that there is a great deal to be said to have learned by doing. 

Jeff Sommers, Izzy’s Ice Cream, , has got to be very conscious of time spent on social media as a very small business owner.  In-store time with real customers takes priority as he begins to enlarge his social media footprint.  Look for a BIG announcement from Izzy’s soon!  Don’t know if it was harder for him not to share or for us not to know NOW! 

Let’s take a look at the morning:  


Mykl and Rick, our fearless leaders

To all the sponsors: Thank You!!!

tweet feast during at #smbmsp

ummm ... it's that bacon-flavored ice cream mentioned above...


moderator, @LuLuGrimm


Panel: David, Bridget, Jennifer, Jeff

David Erickson, post-panel

Jennifer Rock and more on Best Buy

Bridget Jewell of Mall of America

The Argyle Friday contingent

Shareology wants to thank Mykl and Rick for another superb panel, Lisa Grimm for keeping the panel on target and for great questions, and a  special thanks (It is Oscar weekend!) goes out to all those sponsors who make social media learning and networking possible.

More on Social Media Breakfast at  or follow on Twitter at #smbmsp  

Kay Roseland @KayLoire  


Politics and Social Media at #SMBMSP #23 February 13, 2010

Shareology traveled to St. Paul on February 12 for a discussion of social media and politics at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.  Paul  #23: 

Panel: Politics and Social Media 

Facilitated by: Blois R. Olson (Tunheim Partners) 

Panel Members:  

  • Michael Brodkorb (Deputy Chair GOP/Comm. Director Senate GOP caucus)
  • Denise Cardinal (Executive Dir. / Alliance for a Better Minnesota)
  • Tom Scheck (MPR)
  • Rachel Stassen-Berger (StarTribune)

 Computers, smart phones, the internet have all changed segments of the world in the last few years; print media and journalism have been and continue to be highly impacted.  Starting from “What’s the internet?” to “It just hit Drudge” to “It’s all over YouTube!”  how does journalism and politics function in a world that still requires sources to verify truth and where suddenly everyone is a journalist? 

Images from St. Paul, a few steps from the Capitol: 



@ColleenMick signs 'em in!

Ummmm... tradition!



can you spot our very own above? @dianekulseth   @BG3dPPC  & @jeffsauer

Laptop coming through!!

our fearless leaders


Blois Olson






the all important post-panel networking begins

one more conversation before hitting the parking lot.....

For more information, follow the discussion on Twitter at #smbmsp or go to 

How excited do you think Shareology is to hear the next Social Media Breakfast will be held at Mall of America on March 5?  Can you guess the topic?   See you there!! 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast #smbmsp #22: Health Care and Petey P. Cup… December 17, 2009

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul met on December 18, 2009 at Open Book on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis.  (More below photos…)  

Panel: Health Care and Social Media
An in-depth discussion exploring ways health care institutions are using social media, how the concept of transparency is impacting the  profession, and more.   

Facilitated by Albert Maruggi (Provident Partners) & Arik Hanson (ACH Communications)  

Panel Members:  

  • Kent Bottles (ICSI)
  • Larissa Rodriquez (HealthPartners and Regions Hospital)
  • Cindy Fruitrail (Fairview)
  • Jesse Stremcha (Children’s Hospitals)











And the Winners Are......!!!






after smbmsp networking: priceless!!



Petey P. Cup was the highlight of smbmsp #22 on health care; he tweets at Petey_P_Cup  and has a LinkedIn profile at:  

Petey has a co-mascot at HealthPartners, Pokey Syringe, Official Spokesneedle:  



For more information on Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul,  go to:           or follow them on twitter at @SMBMSP  or #smbmsp  

Kay Roseland     @KayLoire  


SMBMSP #21: more pics and less bacon November 20, 2009

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul ( #SMBMSP ) met at Imation Headquarters in Oakdale, MN on November 20th for another round of networking and learning.  


  • Putting the passion back into your jobsearch
    by Kate-Madonna Hindes

    Showcasing your value as a jobseeker using social media and while networking. Creative and easy ways to remember your ‘accomplishment statement,’ how to use social media to find a job and touching base on advanced ways to use linkedin, twitter, and more.

    Kate-Madonna Hindes works for the State of Minnesota Workforce Center System. She facilitates on Social Media and Creative Job Search strategy. She also facilitates around the nation for the NCCC, through her blog, GirlMeetsGeek.

  • GoGirl Case Study: How Conversations Built GoGirl
    by Holly Matson and Cydney WuerffelA case study of a local Minnesota start-up that shows how social media knowledge was put to work to launch and build a brand. We’ll discuss the importance of integration and strategy and why social media can’t work without it.Holly Matson is an Online Marketing Manager at Risdall Online Marketing Group. Cydney Wuerffel, also at Risdall Online Marketing Group, is an Online Visibility Specalist.
  • Imation Gets Social
    by Jeffrey MeredithLearn about some recent social media efforts by the world’s leading provider of removable data storage products.

    Jeffrey Meredith
    is Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Management for Imation.

GoGirl, a new product line, utilizes social media and the occasional MINI Cooper to market a unique feminine product.   Shareology was impressed with the strong branding,  including the product name GoGirl.  About half way through the presentation, it dawned on Shareology that this is not the first time she has run across this product.  Given the events of October  10, Shareology has been doing a LOT of reading; I’ve already plowed through all seven Harry Potters:  again.  Currently I’m rereading Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin, which includes a “female funnel” received by one of the main characters, Mary Ann Singleton, as a component of her job at a San Francisco TV station during the 70’s.  Maupin has written a fascinating seven books about this time period; what he did not do was brand his novelistic female funnel as GoGirl!

Here’s a few selections from Social  Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.Paul #21:

Kristi Kottschade and Lenore Hoolihan at Imation Headquarters for SMBMSP #21

Kate-Madonna Hindes or @GirlMeetsGeek meets her audience

GoGirl, a unique new product introduction, via social media

Risdall Online Marketing Group's Holly Matson and Cydney Wuerffel greet their audience

Shareology guesses this may be the most unusual product @MyklRoventine has ever given away...

What better way to end SMBMSP #21 than with a smiling Amy Bryant?

Next time (December 18 at Open Book) remind Shareology to get a seat by the projected Twitter stream:  so cool!  

A tip of the social media hat to Rick Mahn and Mykl Roventine for another high quality event!  

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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