How I learned to love Social Media!! March 16, 2011

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Three years ago, I had never heard of social media.  I was focused on finishing my MBA at the University of St. Thomas and not flunking my final course in strategic management.  That my final project was on Google was only one of many happinesses. 

Fast forward five months and the Recession-Depression hit.  Suddenly I was part of the 25% of my online retail company that was laid off.  I had a lot of time on my hands to answer the burning question:  what the heck is this social media stuff?


Within 48 hours of being laid-off, not one, not two, but three people told me that my 12 connections and no recommendations on LinkedIn was a suitable beginning that needed to amp up quickly.  I told that advice to heart; today I have some 600 connections and 17 recommendations on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn groups have been one of the strongest sources for traffic to my blog.


Once I began building my LinkedIn presence, I turned to a new thing called Twitter.  At first, as for most folks, I spent a lot of time staring at the screen wondering where the fun kids were hanging out.  By following tips offered in the media, uncapping the magic of hashtags and following smart people, I began to enjoy and rave about twitter.  Meeting people on twitter was actually easier than in person or via LinkedIn.  After making the Twitter connection, the next steps were often meeting in person (IRL, in real life) and then connecting on LinkedIn.


In retrospect, I had accidentally stumbled on a strategic order of social media growth:  first LinkedIn,  then Twitter.   This led me to my blog Shareology.  The super good news was that my LinkedIn and Twitter connections were a strong potential audience for my blog.  

For someone who is extremely right-brained, I actually used a left-brained approach to strategy for the blog.  What was I interested in?  Networking, retail, marketing and social media.  Would an audience read something with so many interests?   Turns out the answer was Yes!  Once I had thought out in my own mind how interconnected the four were, it became obvious how they became the four legs of my Shareology table.

Happy Ending

It turns out that by using WordPress and Twitter, I raised my Google profile.  (Something about magical algorithms……)  So someone with very little SEO experience was able to be #1 in Google searches.  Try searching Kay Roseland or Shareology on Goggle:  it all works together.   1 + 1 +1 does not equal 3; it equals about 10!!

Social Media Learning

So what did I learn?  Two points seem key:

  1. Don’t try to learn everything about social media at the same time; you will drive yourself crazy.   Break it down into manageable chunks and hit it a bit at a time.  (I will spend 15 minutes setting up my twitter profile this morning.)
  2. As new as social media is, it is easy to forget that the first step is sound strategy for you or your organization.  Who are you?  Who are your customers?  Out of this comes marketing tactics, some of which will be in the social media arena.

Most importantly, you’ve just been given a new set of tools to reach out with:  above all, have fun!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


2010 in review January 2, 2011

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

The average container ship can carry about 4,500 containers. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2010. If each view were a shipping container, your blog would have filled about 3 fully loaded ships.

In 2010, there were 112 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 167 posts. There were 774 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 1gb. That’s about 2 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was June 21st with 189 views. The most popular post that day was Microsoft coming to Mall of America!.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for microsoft store mall of america, shareology, shopping center, kay roseland, and apple briefing room.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Microsoft coming to Mall of America! June 2010


About Kay Roseland July 2009


Branding Opportunity or Ugly Concrete Posts? August 2009


Apple brings their Briefing Room to Uptown! July 2010
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Which Twin Cities Shopping Center is this? And this? August 2009


Princess Kay Meets @KayLoire September 3, 2010

Every since Shareology moved to Minnesota, she has been hearing about the annual crowning of a new Princess Kay of the Milky Way at the Minnesota State Fair.  Today it finally happened; yin met yang.  At Social Media Breakfast #29, I give you Princess Kay and @KayLoire:

And yes, we were both wearing our tiaras.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


The Year of Living Socially July 31, 2010

Shareology was one year old last week!!  Anniversaries can be a time of reflection.  A year or so ago, I had 11 LinkedIn contacts, no recommendations, no Twitter, no blog.  My recently completed MBA meant I never, ever had to learn again….right?  right? 

Hmmmm…..what’s this social media stuff out on the horizon?  “Kay, ya gotta get serious about your LinkedIn account!!!”   That particular quote came from three trusted sources within 24 hours.

 So, today:   458 LinkedIn Contacts, 12 recommendations, 1,059 Twitter followers, on 90 Twitter lists and Shareology is one year old.  Plus I’m breaking in a Sony Vaio with Windows 7 and I have a review copy of the Droid X.  Yep, there’ve been some changes made…..

 Funny, the key to the whole thing is still networking.  Ultimately, ya gotta come out from behind the technology and meet IRL.   Although you have to wonder how much more connected Howard Hughes would have been if he had an iPhone.  Those Kleenex boxes would have still been around his feet, but if he didn’t snap and send a twitpic, who woulda known?

 The people I have met in real life have been spectacular:  and you know who you ARE!  The folks who stay after a Social Media Breakfast talking smart phones, the folks who send you a job posting for a social media specialist position at Mall of America, the folks who give you a tip that Microsoft is coming to Mall of America. The day Shareology beat the Strib to publication with the news that Louis Vuitton was coming to Galleria. The general contractor for Louis Vuitton who asks for a copy of a Shareology photo for his blog, offering a photo credit. The day I got a snail mail thank you note from Funding Universe for the post on Shareology about CrowdPitch.

 Yep, it’s been a good year, to say the least.  Shareology is now working on social media strategy for, a new web site that will bring together in one place the events for the Twin Cities marketing, communications and public relations communities, to debut at Alphabet Bash.  

 Yep, it’s been a good year.  Here’s to the next year, the surprises and the new people to meet online and IRL.   And a HUGE Thank You for all those folks who helped Shareology along the way!!!

Photo Credit:   R. Koski

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Best of Summer: Snoopy and St. Paul and Shareology June 15, 2010

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best of summer:

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


I’ve been Twitterviewed! May 12, 2010

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Shareology is grateful to Joel E. Carlson ( @JoelECarlson ) for his recent Twitterview of her.  His Twitterview concept is innovative, using Twitter to dig deeper into various Tweeple.

Below is said Twitterview:

NOTES of Twitterview #44 – With Kay Loire Roseland (@KayLoire)

@KayLoire – Good morning! How ya doing?

Q – #1   I’m doing great! Now @KayLoire, how did you end up in MN – born, moved or started college here?

A:   moved here after college, both and raised in South Dakota, born at Holy Infant Hospital in Hoven, SD

Q – #2   So what courses did you take in college, and what did you do after you graduated?

A:   started as math major, then English, finally theatre, graduated in speech and spent the summer after at Black Hills Playhouse in Custer SD

Q – #3   Interesting. So what kinds of things did you do at the Black Hills Playhouse?

A:   LOL: after proving that I cannot sing nor dance, reverted to my true love, lighting and ran the follow spot for Fiddler on the Roof.

Q – #4   So lets fast-forward to now. What is it that you do now, and what has your Social Media experience been like?

A:   After all that liberal arts, I finished my MBA in marketing in 2008, and noticed that marketing has new tools called social media

I began exploring social media, first with LinkedIn, about a year ago with Twitter, then last July I launched Shareology

After discovering #smbmsp and #MIMA, I found I live in one of the most intriguing social media cities around!

Q – #5   I’ve followed you on @KayLoire and Shareology. What would you say is the theme of your blog?

A:   That was the initial challenge: I focus on social media, marketing, retail and networking: whew!

Q – #6   A broad spectrum of flavors on your blog. 🙂 So @KayLoire, you mentioned #smbmsp & #mima. How many events/groups do you support?
A:   #smbmsp (yay!) and #mima, I attend #minnebar and I am guaranteed a guest spot at #unsummit (ask @myklroventine)
also Smiling and Dialing, SAMSnet, Executive Marketing Guild: networking is key to growth and learning @

Q – #7   I’ve also seen you at the “Huddle”, (@AgencyBabylon) & #jmu612. Networking is important. Who are some new ppl to you?
A:   Some folks I’ve met thru SM include @emilyjmc @ColleenMick @GirlMeetsGeek and @Rribbitz – stars all!!!
I would be very remiss if I didn’t mention my sm mentor/partner @AgencyBabylon – w/o whom Shareology would not exist

Q – #8   Great! So now more about you: Favorite restaurant, store, blog & event?

A:   Favorites: Cafe Maude, Nancy Nelson’s Our Little Secret, @AgencyBabylon Alphabet Bash

oh and one favorite place: Vernal Falls in Yosemite — great climb — and the magnitude of the falls is enormous

Q – #9   Okay. So to end today’s Twitterview – What final thought or mantra would you like to share with

A:   explore, innovate, learn!                 and always keep a vice in reserve.

Joel, here’s a huge salute to YOUR innovation! Best wishes always @KayLoire aka Shareology

@JoelECarlson – Thank you so much for your kind praise! I appreciate your time and your comments today. Have a great weekend @KayLoire!

 Joel and more of his Twitterviews can be found at:

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Confessions of a Low-Tech Social Media Geek May 10, 2010

I have spent the last year learning about social media, and crafting a personal brand that is reflected on LinkedIn, Twitter and Shareology.  (My Facebook presence is primarily to keep track of my three nephews, other relatives, and to shoo folks back to my profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.)  My interactions, particularly those on Twitter and Shareology have given me much joy.  I hope that they have enlightened, amused and entertained those who encounter me there.  

 Shareology often giggles as she sees that some might even consider her a geek.  (Hey, if you’re gonna hang out at MinneBar, these rumors will start.)   Yeah, I probably understand technology a tad more than the general population.  But the time has come to ‘fess up.  

 Shareology has a rule:  just as much technology as I actually really need….Ok, being Shareology the rule is Make Mucho of Little……

 Here are the 3 big confessions.

  • At home, I’m still using AOL Download   (It’s costing me $11.99 a month, which I find very attractive……)
  • I am one of the 66% of cell phone users who do not have a smart phone.   (Although being on the go and not having instant access to email is starting to really bug me…)
  • Oh, yeah, and I access twitter through on my laptop.  (I even have TweetDeck on my laptop, but I just don’t like it or use it….)

 One of the reasons I can get away with such a stunning lack of technology is my wireless laptop.   If I choose to lug the 17 inch laptop from Caribou to Urban Bean to Aloft to Southdale Library, I can plug and play, so to speak.   If I come down from the 11th floor to my condo community room, I can tap into wireless while watching the green lawns outside.  

 My point?  And I do have one….is that social media does not necessarily require the latest from Apple to make you a functional social media communicator.  Although I have had my fingers on at least 3 iPads, and the touch is oh, so lovely…..I am not tempted to buy one.  I am toying with a smart phone in the future…. BlackBerry?  Droid?   And don’t get me started on how cute and portable those net books are.   Are you listening 17 inch monitor?

 Social media is not an exclusive club, neither from a technology standpoint, nor from a human one.  Come on in, join The Social Media River!   (And a tip of the hat to Jen Kane for the use of the phrase, The River!) 

 Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Rribbitz Rrocks!!! April 4, 2010

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Shareology recently visited Rribbitz Creative Communications Headquarters:

Shareology was there to meet with Rrribbitz CEO, Kim Opitz:

Shareology loooooves her Canon — but recently (since meeting said CEO above) has been amazed at what a tiny little (green, naturally:  It’s Rribbitz!!!) iPod can capture in terms of video:

Remember when guys used to carry camcorders on their shoulders?  Hey, it wasn’t that long ago…..

Now, the above tiny item, about the size of a business card, can create video.   Truly amazing when you think about it.  

Kim has created a couple of videos that include Shareology:

The second video is of the very first Huddle created by Agency Babylon:

The two videos above can also be found on YouTube by searching for Kay Roseland.  Kim’s editing abilities make these short videos really pop!  Forget about the kindness of strangers:  Shareology appreciates a great editor!!    More can be found on Kim at:


Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Finding the Hidden Job Market — An Adventure in Layoff Land March 14, 2010

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Shareology ventures north on Monday, March 15 to St. Odilia Parish in Shoreview, Minnesota to give a presentation at 7 pm on Finding the Hidden Job Market — An Adventure in Layoff Land.   St. Odilia Parish is located at 3495 Victoria Street North in Shoreview; the group is called Soar4Jobs.  Feel free to join Shareology as she talks about that subject that keeps on giving:  networking! 

One additional thought to start off this week:  it’s Spring!!   If 63 degrees above zero isn’t enough to convince you, below are some signs of spring in Minneapolis: 

Sap's Up!

Can maple syrup be far behind?

Happy Spring! 

                      Kay Roseland     @KayLoire


Shareology suggests you check out Social Media Journal January 22, 2010

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@ColleenMick is a clear, strong writer on social media issues; @KayLoire was searching for someone who would help her understand a complex subject.   What Shareology loves about @ColleenMick is that she writes about social media in a way that is oh so easy to understand — yet in a way that is oh so smart!  Over coffee (Okay, yogurt with raspberries and kiwis) we hatched a plan; today Shareology is guest blogging on Social Media Journal.   So get thee to @ColleenMick, get another taste of Shareology, and salute the smart blog, Social Media Journal:

 Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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