A New Shopping Center in 2010?? Update 2!! August 1, 2010

Shareology has been getting a lot of interest in her posts on A New  Shopping Center 2009 and 2010, a.k.a.  West End,  located just West  of Minneapolis.  Why the original post and now not 1, but 2 updates?  This shopping center has  been slowly opening shops and restaurants; every time Shareology shows up, there is something new to look at:

The key focus of this success story seems to be dinner and a movie; here’s a look at your dining choices:

Toby Keith’s is getting several crowd’s:  lunch, dinner, music….you can find gobs of free parking and all these choices of where to party……

Cooper has been a hit from the get-go…..

Crave #3 is up and running!!

Ringo is the new kid  on the block:

Sauce is adding to the parade of outdoor eating:

And our final restaurant was in a hiring mode when Shareology went by:

After “dinner and a movie”….West End offers some fun stuff for the mama crowd:

Hot Mama and Uber Baby, in addition to Creative Kid Stuff, make this a fun afternoon out for moms.

Plus West End is just plain relaxing, with its ease of parking and streetscape:

Finally, Shareology just looooooooves the following window:

This ain’t the megamall; you aren’t going to find every retailer in town here.  But for a relaxing movie, a bite to eat before you go, ease of parking — it’s hard to beat the West End!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


A new shopping center opening? 2010 Update! March 20, 2010


One of the most popular posts Shareology did last year was on a brand new shopping center opening in St. Louis Park called West End, near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Given the interest in this retail opening, Shareology went back last week to check it out.   

Some of the first to open and most popular have been restaurants Crave and Cooper.  This is the third Crave, after the successful Galleria and Mall of America locations.   Last week Shareology found Crave patrons enjoying the spring sunshine:   

Craving the Sunshine

Cooper (named in honor of the long gone Cooper Theatre showing movies just a stone’s throw away) has also been drawing crowds.   The interior has that genuine Irish pub feeling, from those folks who just moved into Block E.   





What other retailers have opened at West End since Shareology last visited?   

Steak to Go

Creative Kidstuff: Toys and More

Republic of Couture: clothing for men, women and children

Love Culture: clothing

Not all stores are open yet — a view of coming attractions:   

Toby Keith's I Love this Bar & Grill

Hot Mama

Uber Baby: Opening April 9 !!

Sauce: think Italian!

Rojo Mexican Grill

Whew:   Shareology did not go by every single merchant  —  let’s look at a partial list:   


West End is a natural with the dinner and a movie crowd, and with the young mom demographic.  Heck, even Shareology loves the place!   For more information, go to:   

To read the original 2009 post on West End: 

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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