A Tractor in a Grocery Store?? Really???? August 31, 2010

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Shareology had a bit of a shock last week when she walked into a grocery store and found……… a tractor.  Shareology’s father would have …. well, it’s kind of hard to imagine what his response would have been.  Dad had an H… or an IH  or a Farmall….. so this is one brand that is very familiar to me.  But Dad NEVER parked his H in a grocery store.  Shareology has loved point-of-purchase since her POPAI days — and yet she has never seen a tractor used inside a grocery store. 

After the initial shock, she kinda liked it.  Yep, we get it.  Farm Fresh. wow.

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


S’More P.O.P. Please! May 31, 2010

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Shareology was taken with point-of-purchase for S’more ingredients she noticed this Memorial Weekend.

Let’s take a peek at how Cub merchandises this campfire classic:


Note the tent above, the cooler, the campfire…

Let’s head across town and see what Walmart does with the same products:

So who do you think won the S’Mores battle?  Walmart or Cub?

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Curiously Strong Point-of-Purchase December 15, 2009

Shareology was leaving a Mexican restaurant recently with another retail guru; as we swept out the door, we saw something we’d never seen before:

Photos by F. Delaney

Altoids has done such a good job of brand recognition that the sight of a POP in the entrance to the restaurant stopped Shareology in her tracks.  Have you heard of their brand extension into chewing gum?   Shareology’s friend remarked that the positioning in the lobby of a Mexican restaurant was perfect!  Shareology’s only regret was that in the shock, stop, shoot photo — she forgot to stick a quarter in to find out what that product is like…  we’re guessing curiously strong!!!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Target, Apple, Macy’s…and the winner is: Apple!! November 29, 2009

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Shareology stepped out on the Saturday after Black Friday to observe a few eclectic trends this holiday season.   She was struck  by merchandising at three retailers; a few select holiday shopping photos and the conversations they started follow:

What better place to start Holidays 2009 than the seasonal decorations department of Target?   Shareology normally doesn’t discuss missed photo opportunities, but………   just a few moments before, three guys in a row were poised in serious contemplation of the wall of lights.   Apparently there are homes out there in need of even more twinkle opportunities!

Is Shareology the only one who thinks it’s a giggle that come Black Friday, the red and green storage bins come out at Target?  I mean, Shareology is one of the most organized people on earth:  but do your holiday decorations have to be in a red bin?   Granted, it makes spotting them in the attic a snap…..but still.    Even if this is not for Shareology, she does enjoy standing in this aisle each year and shaking her head.

Okay, there are two retail windows Shareology can stare at for moments on end.   One is Tiffany.  (Deep sigh, consider heading to Galleria.)  Two is Apple.   This year there seems even more to the Apple presentation at the front of the store.  First, instead of that white, minimalist look, we have a tree and……..wait for it ………mulch.   Actual mulch below the tree.  But let’s get closer:

Yep, definitely real mulch under the tree.  Informed sources tell Shareology:  “The tree in the Apple store IS REAL.  They get two of them delivered to the store.  One for the first half of the season and another one is coming later.  They have to water it several times a day to keep it from drying up.”   Wow.   Shareology is blown away:  an actual tree.   Apple and the bleeding edge are so far in the future, they have circled back to the past and the use of a real tree.  Wow.

But check out the top of the tree:

Now there is a succinct sales message:   “Give Mac.”   Gotta love it!

Shareology eventually moved to the right side of the Apple store front.   At first she thought the tree stand was filled with mouse pads — how last century!  Turns out they are…..   apps!   As one watches the video (in the shape of an iPhone, naturally), a graphic shows up that matches one of the mouse pads on the tree, and a description tells what each holiday themed app does.   For Shareology, it became less about the app, and more about matching the graphic on the video to one of the mouse pads on the tree.   Kinda like a graphic video game.

So let’s move from a superb example  of holiday merchandising to one at the other end of the spectrum:

In an upscale environment, Shareology stumbled across a cardboard display of pet beds.  Even if one could tolerate the cardboard, the product is practically hidden away.  Can you guess what retail store offered this display?   Sorry,  Macy’s, this one’s yours.  Is it any wonder that Shareology declared Apple  the winner of this merchandising tour?

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Galleria: Retail that Works! July 26, 2009

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In an environment where retail has been challenged, one continuing bright spot is the Galleria in Edina. Where to begin? Perhaps with the strollers at each of the many entrances. Galleria knows the customers it serves and the Edina mom. If she decides to make a quick trip inside, she will find a stroller waiting at the doorway to help her manage her child and her shopping.

I also like the way the Galleria deals with that horror of horrors today: empty retail store fronts. The Galleria uses architectural elements of empty storefronts to showcase current retailers and their offerings. You might be excused from enjoying the display and not noticing an empty shop behind. In a rare misstep, one well done display window is located next to waaaay too much empty white space where previously lurked a store front that no longer leads into an open shop. Most often Galleria paints these empty storefronts in an appealing color that works so much better than expanses of white.  

A few stores closed?  No problem:  Fill them with displays of existing stores offerings!

A few stores closed? No problem: Fill them with displays of existing stores offerings!

Great Bay Window Display:  if only the wall wasn't white

Great Bay Window Display: if only the wall wasn't white

Finally, a salute to the most consistently beautiful windows of Tiffany. Simply breathtaking.

A eco statement  that delights the eye

A eco statement that delights the eye

A mere photo cannot do justice to those two display windows on the side of the Tiffany store.  Next time you’re walking by, take a look. Even in a challenging economy, walking through the Galleria just makes you smile. One suspects that happy customers are more likely to indulge their shopping instincts in this kind of beautiful environment.

Galleria thrives because of a sophisticated mix of unique local retailers and well chosen national brands.   The addition of the Westin Hotel to a thriving restaurant mix, combined with outstanding merchandising makes Galleria stand out in today’s marketplace.

Kay Roseland



High tech? Low tech? Digital out-of-home? Or … July 23, 2009

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New technology? Or old customer service?

So many things are right at Bachman’s, the dominant retail garden center in the Twin Cities market. Glorious gifts section. Your pick of outdoor statuary or koi. Patrick’s Cafe. What’s not to like? On a recent trip three point of purchase approaches stuck out from the crowd. On the decidedly low tech and high impact end of the game were mailboxes scattered around the outdoor plants, each offering one page takeones of plant information. Got a question on how to put together a container garden? Grab a handout from the mailbox and you’re ready to start a new project. Yep, low tech but effective. I started to keep an eye out for the mailboxes and what subject I might learn about next.




Want a more high tech approach to your shopping questions? Digital Out-of- Home has arrived at Bachman’s. Some units repeat TV commercials; some highlight this week’s specials. Others, like the one below, call your attention to product on the screen — and the product?   That’s very handy very nearby. Didn’t know you needed a garden hose today, did you? 




Rather than get involved in the new technology versus handy, dandy mailbox debate, let me point out the various rain gardens, watergardens and my personal favorite, the green roof. Bachman’s is great at showing you exactly how to use their products and how they can look in your landscape. The green roof  isn’t gigantic, but it is just high enough for me to stretch up to touch the green roof plants…..not your average iris or rose, but tiny plants capable of insulating your roof and saving money on your energy bill. After you’ve reached out and touched a roof garden, you are just that much closer to a green roof of your own. 




Just when you think you know Bachman’s, a trip to Lyndale Avenue introduces you to digital out-of home, informative mailboxes and real life examples of a green roof. Now that you’re totally relaxed, it’s time to pick up those geraniums with the great price and head on home……but maybe just a quick stop at Patrick’s for one of those divine fruit tarts!

Kay Roseland / Twitter: @KayLoire


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