Career Connection Rocks!! July 2, 2011

Shareology started July off with a bang — so to speak — by doing the coffee and laptop thing with the Editor of Career Connection, Mr. Paul Sears.  Twin Cities folks may recognize Career Connection as the 12 page or so newsletter published every two months by the WorkForce Centers focusing on job search and career change.  Often spotted at churches, schools, libraries and other fine establishments, this paper newsletter has recently gone electronic with its own web section of the State of Minnesota’s web page.  I had asked how viewership was going a few weeks back, and Mr. Sears allowed how it was okay…but could be better.  Shareology grinned and suggested she could help him out.  Having worked with Shareology and gistr recently and a devotee of google analytics and yes, wordpress analytics, she had learned a thing or two in this department.

The irony is that on the first day of the Minnesota shutdown, Shareology was helping drive traffic to a State of Minnesota web site:  you’re welcome.  Much to Shareology’s delight she received the following from Mr. Sears:

Thank you for fantastic online marketing support for the Minnesota WorkForce Center’s Career Connection newsmagazine.  You provided practical, low-cost, low maintenance techniques to increase our readership substantially. Not only that, you gave technical instruction that was clear, understandable and adapted to learner needs and level of expertise.

Thanks for showing me what’s possible with the Web!


Paul Sears
Editor, Career Connection
Minnesota WorkForce Center
State of Minnesota

Okay, that was the business-like testimonial.
Now, in plain language: KAY, YOU ROCK ! ! ! !

As do you, Mr. Sears, as do you. 

So….want to read the super fine Career Connection?  Go to:

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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