Shareology does The (Minnesota State) Fair September 6, 2010

Shareology hasn’t been to the Minnesota State Fair in years:  many, many years.  At some point riding various choices on the Midway, until one debarks and deplanes in a less than perfect state, just loses its appeal.  However, once every twenty years or so an opportunity presents itself and it is time to take another look.   Oh, yeah, crowds.  Shareology hates crowds.  The thing about the Fair is by the time you are tired and want to go home, you are acres away from your vehicle and hours away from escape.  Oh, yeah, now I remember why I don’t go to the Fair.  

That being said, Shareology did manage the horse and cattle barns, a free malt, the butter carving station, the new baby animal barn, and a few animals that didn’t live on the farm she grew up on.  Alpacas or llamas?   You be the judge.  

We start out in the house barn....

the original ponytail....

A free malt: Thank You, Princess Kay!!!

Although the only thing better than a free malt might be a raspberry sundae……those lines really move!  It’s a miracle I ever left the Dairy Building.  Ya got do something while working on that free malt; turns out that puts you 3 feet from the best known exhibit at the Fair:   Butter Sculpture!!  




Time to head to the cattle barns, where the contrasts are kinda interesting.  (Shareology still knows the difference between a Hereford and an Angus, and what a raised tail on a cow means.  The two things it could mean.) 

Flowers, luggage and.................

....the reason you're there in the first place....

Definitely time to head for the Giraffe Parking Lot……ooooohhhh, look it’s llama judging!!! 






That black llama rocks!!!  OKay, time for one last foot long and this time Shareology is really leaving……..See Ya There!! 

In say another twenty years…… 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair: Saw You There!! September 5, 2010

Shareology packed her tiara and headed for Falcon Heights last Friday.  She probably should packed a parka and Uggs, but Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #29 was held inside a tent and that helped a great deal.   


Food is a key (the key?) offering at the Fair; Social Media Breakfast #29 set a new standard with food from French Meadow Bakery.  Scrambled eggs and bacon sandwiches and morning desert!   Strawberries and cream were involved!  

Ron McCoy hits the French Meadow jackpot!


Bacon AND Strawberries: who knew??


Shareology just got this same brand laptop!!



ooooooh, look what the winners get:  chocolate covered bacon!!  


It was so cold that..........@Quick13 had to tweet with one glove on.....



The United Way Winner is........Just Judy Judy Judy!!!


and that Jason guy on Channel 9 probably had something to do with it!! 

@JustJudyBlog won an iPad for all that United Way tweeting!!




Princess Kay meets...........Princess Kay!


Shareology had waited her whole life for the above photo opp; Princess Kay was a delight and appeared not to be permanently scared by the photo request.   Shareology was on her very best behavior!! 

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Princess Kay Meets @KayLoire September 3, 2010

Every since Shareology moved to Minnesota, she has been hearing about the annual crowning of a new Princess Kay of the Milky Way at the Minnesota State Fair.  Today it finally happened; yin met yang.  At Social Media Breakfast #29, I give you Princess Kay and @KayLoire:

And yes, we were both wearing our tiaras.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast #26: Gardening at the State Fair (bacon included!) May 26, 2010

 Shareology attended her 12th Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul event, and her second at the State Fair grounds.  (Hint:  parking is impossibly lovely in non-August time periods!)   This month’s topic was all things garden related…  

SMBMSP 26 – Urban & Organic Gardening 

Social Media Breakfast met May 21 at the beautiful Progress Center building on the historic Minnesota State Fairgrounds, where the topic was how organic gardeners and farmers use Social Media to promote their goods and grow their businesses. Included were a mini Farmer’s Market and displays from vendors, as well as a knowledgeable panel of professional growers and gardeners. 


Images of the morning: 

Social Media Breakfast returns to the State Fair!


One of two oldest buildings on State Fair grounds, this is a biiiiig building....

@AmyMahn and @GraemeThickins get techy with it...

Shareology finally meets current graduate and @FutureAdExec!

and a huge Thank You to our sponsors!

Bacon themed gear? Really?


Barbara, Susan, Kirsten, Debbie, Lee

Barbara, Susan

Kirsten, Debbie, Lee

Shareology's favorite photog

@Quick13 talks with the media after moderating her panel

The #SMBMSP panel discussion from  Organic/Urban Farming & Gardening is available for replay at  

For further information go to:   or  on twitter at #smbmsp or @smbmsp

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Social Media On a Stick! More pics from SMBMSP #18 August 28, 2009

500 people were forecast — but a sudden downpour and traffic tie-ups put a dent in that — the tweeple who did make it to the Minnesota State Fair for SMBMSP #18 — or Social Media On a Stick!   were treated to not one, but two covered tents, bacon (but of course), haiku winners, music, contests and a twerrific good time!   A few highlights:




follow your hashtags.....

follow your hashtags.....

SMBMSP#1  AND #18 attendee!!!

SMBMSP#1 AND #18 attendee!!!






Whatdaya mean, the winner has to text the entire wikipedia entry????

Whatdaya mean, the winner has to text the entire wikipedia entry????



Well that’s it folks:  social media on a stick!    Many thanks to all the sponsors and the geeks, guys and gals who work so hard to make this so much fun and so full of learning and networking.  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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