Minnesota Blogger Conference: 140 bloggers and one dejected Gopher fan September 12, 2010

Shareology was thrilled to be at the very first Minnesota Blogger Conference held September 11, 2010 at CoCo St. Paul.  Great info, great speakers, great networking. 

A few glimpses:  (group photo below courtesy @MarketingMamaMN   aka  Missy !) 

No, it's not a war zone: It's 4th Street.....



Can you spot Shareology above?   Here’s a hint — she’s drawn to the color orange lately. 


James Lileks kickstarts the opening panel


writers deep in thought during Kate Hopper's session

can you name this iPad winning blogger?

Patrick, Julio and Leo Laporte

Shareology gets asked a lot what to use for a beginning blogger.  Given the learning curve on wordpress, I’ve been known to suggest blogger or blogspot.  After sitting in on Julio Ojeda-Zapata’s session, I now know that Posterous, Tumblr and SquareSpace are key platforms. 

Can bloggers and PR people co-exist?

Shareology's very favorite presenters...

Greg Swan and Tony Saucier add a certain j’ne sais quoi as only they can do….. 

Finally, towards the final presentation, a sad, dejected figure appeared at the back of the room.  It appears the Gophers had the audacity to not win to a team from (horror upon horrors!) South Dakota..let’s all be extra kind to @MNHeadhunter in the next few days…. 

did I mention Shareology is from....South Dakota?

For details on the entire day’s events: 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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