Midwest Mountaineering and Metro IBA!! January 6, 2011

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Shareology used to spend a tad more time on the West Bank of Minneapolis than she does now; thus the Metro IBA meeting at Midwest Mountaineering was a great chance to visit this outdoor retailer that won 2010 Retailer of the Year presented by Backpacker Magazine:

check out the tin ceiling!!!

3D Merchandising: using ALL the space, including the ceiling!!

Loooooove these colors!!!

which came 1st? Minnesota explorers or Midwest Mountaineering??

Hard to believe this local retailer in Minneapolis St. Paul has been exploring customer satisfaction  for 40 years!!  Shareology especially loved how easy parking is…

It’s easy — Park in the surface level parking lot (not the ramp) right behind our store!  Our friendly employees will validate your ticket (weekdays before 6pm 2 hours max., weekdays after 6pm and weekends 4 hours max.) — No purchase required! 

Follow them at  and

follow MetroIBA at: @MetroIBA or

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Common Good Books hosts Metro IBA October 6, 2010

Shareology was in St. Paul this week for a Metro IBA meeting hosted by Common Good Books.  Not once, but twice, a fascinating fact emerged:  apparently, Amazon did not hit the friendly neighborhood bookstore.  However, Barnes and Noble and Borders have been badly wounded.  As a result, the neighborhood bookstore is making a rebound!

In St. Paul, is there a finer example of a local bookstore than Common Good Books, about to celebrate its fifth birthday soon.    You may have heard of the proprietor, a Mr. Garrison Keillor.  Shareology has been hearing the phrase “multiple income streams” lately, a phrase Mr. Keillor practically invented.  Let’s take a tour of this local bookstore, tucked away in the basement of 165 Western Avenue at Selby in St. Paul:

One entrance to the store is through Nina's ....

Nina’s Coffee Cafe is located just above the bookstore at 165 Western Avenue.

Pretty sure who owns the store....

A younger demographic is engrossed.....

The Metro IBA Business meeting starts …

and on the way out….

above:  as you exit       Live Local,  Read Large

For more on living and buying local,  go to or follow them on twitter at @MetroIBA.

For more on Common Good Books go to   or follow them on twitter at @CommonGoodBooks

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Steven Be hosts Metro IBA: who knew Chicago Avenue is so cool!!! September 9, 2010

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Metro IBA was recently at 3448 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis for an event at Steven Be’s….Shareology was amazed at what creativity can do to a former fire station on Chicago Avenue.  A division of the Yarn Garage, Steven Be’s sells every kind of yarn in every color you can possibly imagine, plus a few Shareology certainly never has imagined!!  Fiber, yarns, tools and notions abound!  Let’s take a peek: 

The entrance is in the back to the building.....

Just head west on 35th Street from Chicago for 1/4 block and the relaxing patio will greet you!!  

Even the sign-in pen tells you this is no ordinary store.....

now THIS is a chandelier.....

 If you have a former fire station, you have ceilings high enough to support a spectacular chandelier!!  (Be sure and ask the providence of this particular chandelier….it explains a lot about a certain former high flyer in the Twin Cities!) 

Every home and store needs a mirror.....

Yes, there really is a Steven Be.....

 That’s him with his head framed by the mirror in the background…. 

 This store is marvelously merchandised: 






Shareology hasn’t ever picked up a pair of knitting needles — but her heart sang as she went from one part of Steven Be’s to another:  truly a treat for the eyes. For more information, go to  or or follow them on twitter:  @YarnGarage 

  Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


MetroIBA heads NorthEast to Create Catering February 6, 2010

Shareology headed to NE Minneapolis to Create Catering for the February 2   MetroIBA Networking Event. 

Members of the Metro Independent Business Alliance brought their small business problems, small business solutions, and small business questions; members found out who they had something in common with or who they might do business with.  

Create Catering offered a yummy and warm alternative to yet another snowy Minnesota morning; photos are below: 













Now this is a good looking exit!

Create Catering is on the web at   More information on MetroIBA can be found at  or follow them on Twitter at   @MetroIBA 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


James J. Hill Library Hosts Metro IBA September 1, 2009

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Metro IBA was invited to James J. Hill Library in St. Paul Tuesday morning for a tour of this excellent business resource.   Before we get to the pictures of the library, let’s take a moment to learn about Metro IBA:

MetroIBA is a non-profit organization working to support and preserve locally owned, independent businesses in the Twin Cities region.  MetroIBA’s mission is to help the Twin Cities maintain its unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build economic strength, and create an environment where  locally owned, independent businesses grow and flourish.   (More at .) 

OK, let’s start our tour:  (Shareology so appreciates not only the best metro business library, but the architectural jewel it’s housed in.)







Many thanks to Jim Poole of the James J. Hill Library for a superb tour of the best business library in the Twin Cities.  For more information, check out:

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Metro IBA scores again! August 4, 2009

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Metro IBA:    Promoting locally owned, independent businesses in the Twin Cities

This morning’s gathering of Metro IBA at Warners’ Stellian on Nicollet in South Minneapolis brought together a great group, and Shareology was there! She was particularly impressed with the store setup; centrally located are 8 work stations. Store staffers are smack in the middle of product and customers:  how cool and smart is that? More from our networking morning:

Lee Petersen, Store Manager

Lee Petersen, Store Manager

Shareology loves Logos!

Shareology loves Logos!

Our host, Jeff Warner

Our host, Jeff Warner

Everyone's favorite banker, Kirk Gryder networks for Metro IBA

Everyone's favorite banker, Kirk Gryder networks for Metro IBA

Staffing workspace in the midst of heavy networking

Staffing workspace in the midst of heavy networking

Networking in Appliance Nirvana

Networking in Appliance Nirvana

Well that’s it folks…Want  to know more about Metro IBA and small business strength? Check out the group Metro IBA on LinkedIn, @MetroIBA on Twitter or at their website:       Shareology says “Thanks for a great morning”, and see you next month!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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