Executive Marketing Guild at Summit Brewing March 28, 2010

From the Executive Marketing Guild: 

What a fun, festive way to start the Spring Season! Summit Brewery was kind enough to host our March event complete with complimentary beer tasting. If the beer doesn’t grab your attention…our fantastic presenter will: 

Roshini Rajkumar shared her tips on fine tuning your first impressions with customers, future employers and executives at the “C” level. When you excite them about you and what you have to offer…sales and opportunities will follow. 

You only get one shot: to make an impression, to persuade, to close the deal. Are you ready? 

TV and radio personality Roshini Rajkumar is the driving force behind Roshini Multi Media, a professional development and media consulting firm specializing in helping clients present their best. Because it really doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t know how to present it. 

Whether you want media attention, a more convincing public message, or the skills to make every presentation moment a WOW, media insider Roshini Rajkumar can help you learn how to use the media to gain positive exposure, to be prepared when the media contact you, or to become a powerful public speaker and communicator. 

As a Bonus, be the first to check out Roshini’s first book, Communicate That! Roshini didn’t read any books about presentation. She learned by doing—on TV, the radio, as a commercial actor, and at the podium. Now, she shares her trademarked presentation formula with readers—full of insider tips for communicating powerfully. Communicate That! is scheduled for release in March. 





Roshini Rajkumar


For more information, go to: 

Roshini can be found at:    or follow her on twitter at:   @RoshiniR 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


MIMA and Mobile Marketing January 21, 2010

Shareology traveled to the University of Minnesota Alumni Center Wednesday evening for some new thoughts and networking: 


The practice of mobile marketing is going mainstream. From local and regional retailers to Fortune 100 fast-moving consumer goods providers, brands and charities, marketers are employing mobile marketing practices to engage their audience in mutually beneficial communication, delivery, and exchange of value.   In this event, we’ll address why mobile and why now?  We will review leading market metrics, consumer behaviors, case studies, mobile marketing strategies and tactics and key steps that should be taken to successfully integrate mobile marketing efforts with your existing business practices.  In other words, you’ll learn what it takes to embrace and generate ROI through and with mobile marketing. 

Michael Becker, a leader in the mobile marketing industry, assumes the roles of entrepreneur, volunteer, author and academic. Mr. Becker is VP Mobile Strategies for iLoop Mobile, the industry’s leading mobile marketing solutions provider and winner of the 2007 MMA Innovation of the Year Award. In addition, he is the Global and North American Vice Chairperson for the Mobile Marketing Association and member of the Direct Marketing Association Mobile Advisory Council. Mr. Becker is the founder and co-editor of the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing, contributing and co-author to Mobile Internet for Dummies, Web Marketing All-in One for Dummies and Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing; in addition, he has written over 70 articles and conducted hundreds of seminars on mobile marketing. On the academic front, he is pursuing a doctorate focused on mobile enhanced customer managed interactions and is an adjunct professor of marketing, teaching mobile marketing, at Golden Gate University. Mr. Becker has been recognized for his industry contributions, having received the MMA Individual Achievement Award in 2007 and the Direct Marketing Education Foundation 2009 Rising Stars Award. 

Some  photos from MIMA: 









Mini MIMA board meeting with President Tim Brunelle and Programming Director Greg Swan

Q & A via text

Shareology was very impressed with the complexity of mobile marketing and the possibilities for the near and far future.   MIMA helps keep us aware of how quickly our marketing world is changing and how much fun the future can be.  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


What 3 words describe what you do? September 12, 2009

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One of the networking groups Shareology frequents went through an intriguing exercise recently.  On our LinkedIn group, we responded to the question “What three words describe what you do?”  Networkers took up the challenge and soon there were 24 responses.   Later when the group met, we went around the room with the same exercise.  The room was soon alive with creativity as people helped others with strengthening their three words.  It was intoxicating to watch people focus, not on themselves, but on helping others find the three words and craft them to the strongest possible result. 

Shareology would like to share a few that were posted on LinkedIn, just to give you a flavor of what can happen when you describe yourself and what you do in some of the briefest language possible:

Tim Hennum        Anticipate Customer Trends

Garry Spurlock     Drive Sales Profitably

Mike Subialka      Wow’em With Words


So….what 3 words describe what you do?


Kay Roseland     @KayLoire


Why Shareology? August 30, 2009

When I began Shareology a month ago (Happy Birthday, Shareology!)  I struggled with the diversity of subject matter I wanted to cover.   I’m interested in a LOT of stuff.   The four years Shareology spent at a career counselor resulted in a number of topics of interest in today’s economy.   How to reconcile that with marketing and retail point-of-purchase and shopper marketing and social media?  I can’t possibly do a  blog:   folks like a tad of focus as they click.  What to do?

Finally it dawned on me:   career exploration boils down to networking:  networking is now centered on social media:  and social media is a set of tools for today’s marketing.    Whadaya know?   It does all connect!  Shareology has a focus!  

And the actual word Shareology?  A gracious gift from Agency Babylon, (@AgencyBabylon,  ), leftover from a branding session this summer.  The client went with another name for his digital out-of-home network, and Shareology was thus available for use. 

Thanks to those readers who made Shareology’s first month so much fun; a special thank you to the tweeple who posted comments.  It’s been a delight to read the intelligent, funny and thoroughly engaging words in your comments.  Shareology readers Rock!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Networking groups for Sales and Marketing July 26, 2009

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When I found myself “in transition” for the fourth time in my marketing career, I wanted a networking group that maximized my potential for my next job.

Haven’t we all been a part of groups that spent the largest percentage of time commiserating in gory depth about the details of the layoff that brought them to this group? Been there, done that…

This time I wanted networking groups that would up my game. Groups savvy about ways that I could approach my job search. Groups that would edit my approach, support and surround me with smart people, and offer me ideas for my next steps.

I’ve found the following groups to be useful:

American Marketing Association-Minnesota Chapter

  • Minnesota chapter
  • Multiple monthly meetings
  • Plus, great free webinars

Smiling and Dialing

Sales and Marketing Professionals [SMPnet]

  • Meets every second Saturday of the month
  • MARCOMM sub-group meets monthly and features superb speakers
  • B2B sub-group meets monthly

Sales and Marketing Specialists Network [SAMs net]

  • For information e-mail
  • Private, invitation-only group
  • Meets weekly

There are certainly more resources out there, in person and online. Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments section.

Kay Roseland



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