Inquiring Minds want to Know! January 28, 2010

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Shareology is going to throw her first hissy fit.  (Fair warning:  She does NOT approve of hissy fits.) 
For the 4 millionth time, she has heard someone introduce themselves as a marketing professional.  Having a very literal frame of mind on occasion, Shareology always asks herself:   Where are the marketing amateurs?   If one must be labeled a marketing professional, surely there are marketing amateurs one is asking to be differentiated from?   No?   Eliminate the marketing professional words from your vocabulary!  It makes marketing people sound like they can’t deal with the fact that doctors and lawyers get to be professionals without having to label themselves.  

Okay.  That ends the first and last hissy fit Shareology will ever throw.   See you at the tweetup in St. Paul tonight!  Hmm….. maybe #SMBMSP will be loaded with marketing amateurs, laced amongst the geeks…..

Please, Please, Please if you ever meet one of these marketing amateurs, do send them Shareology’s way!!

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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