Happy 3rd Birthday, Shareology!!! July 24, 2012

Shareology began on July 26, 2009:  Happy Birthday!!!

What I am most proud of is the sheer diversity of subject matter. Ok, Shareology has tipped heavily towards retail brands. However, you will find posts on social media, marketing and networking sprinkled throughout Shareology. This works out pretty great, in that I hesitated to start a blog when my interests are so very diverse. One of the surprises has been that posts I have considered to be sort of simplistic have resonated with readers. Luckily they can see the wisdom buried in the shallowness that is Shareology. (Hmm…..that might be a new post: Embrace your Shallowness….not in the Kim K shallowness but in the KLR shallowness…like I’ve never met a British mystery I didn’t love….or mysteries about Venice or Paris….or south Florida….)

So: three things I’m proud of:

Readers come back; posts draw new readers, sort of like an annuity. When I am feeling guilty that I have not continued posting twice a week, and can barely manage once a month, I marvel at the continued attraction of years old posts. The St. Paul picture of Peppermint Patty in Rice Park kicking a football remains popular; who knew I’d be walking through that park every morning on the way to work?

I had a few retail scoops in my time…. I beat the Strib by a day announcing the arrival of Louis Vuitton in Galleria. (They were waiting for a quote from the NY office; not Shareology. I saw the signs in Galleria in the midst of a horrific downturn in retail and knew this was huge news.) Thanks to some superb sources, I scooped everyone by months in announcing Microsoft was opening a store in Mall of America, across from Apple.

My photography is a surprise…. One of the bases for Shareology was the thought that a boatload of words tossed on a blog is innately pretty boring. Thus my point-and-shoot Canon became a fixture of Shareology. A definite highlight was when I was contacted by the general contractor of the Louis Vuitton store, asking if he could use a Shareology photo on his website, to advertise his firm’s abilities. He offered a photo credit. I am still glowing from that.

So, where will Shareology go? Beats me. I’ve been converted to a content calendar at work; it’s necessary to manage the posts of 20 some writers. But Shareology? Shareology will continue to report the world as she sees it and experiences it. But not before stopping to thank all those readers who came to read, to laugh, to argue, to comment, and to return. Without you…..Shareology would be a big old room full of echoes.

One final point:  Shareology recently went and clicked on those very first seven posts (right hand column, waaaaay at the bottom.) Talk about an out-of-body experience.  It really does feel like they were written by someone else.  While Shareology tries to come back together as one, click on July, 2009:  that Target branding post still holds up, as does the one on Bachmans’ marketing.  Enjoy!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Which Twin Cities shopping center is This? Part Deux… April 3, 2011

One of the things that kept Shareology alive during the Winter of Discontent was the strolling between windows of one of the best merchandised shopping centers in the Twin Cities.   Rhoda Morgenstern would have died to have created these beautiful windows:

blue and white sky: 6 inch wide division


blue and white sky: 6 feet wide division


sweet dreams are made of this window....


oooopppps, I'm dripping pure gold......

OK, so which Twin Cities shopping center is this????

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


The Year of Living Socially July 31, 2010

Shareology was one year old last week!!  Anniversaries can be a time of reflection.  A year or so ago, I had 11 LinkedIn contacts, no recommendations, no Twitter, no blog.  My recently completed MBA meant I never, ever had to learn again….right?  right? 

Hmmmm…..what’s this social media stuff out on the horizon?  “Kay, ya gotta get serious about your LinkedIn account!!!”   That particular quote came from three trusted sources within 24 hours.

 So, today:   458 LinkedIn Contacts, 12 recommendations, 1,059 Twitter followers, on 90 Twitter lists and Shareology is one year old.  Plus I’m breaking in a Sony Vaio with Windows 7 and I have a review copy of the Droid X.  Yep, there’ve been some changes made…..

 Funny, the key to the whole thing is still networking.  Ultimately, ya gotta come out from behind the technology and meet IRL.   Although you have to wonder how much more connected Howard Hughes would have been if he had an iPhone.  Those Kleenex boxes would have still been around his feet, but if he didn’t snap and send a twitpic, who woulda known?

 The people I have met in real life have been spectacular:  and you know who you ARE!  The folks who stay after a Social Media Breakfast talking smart phones, the folks who send you a job posting for a social media specialist position at Mall of America, the folks who give you a tip that Microsoft is coming to Mall of America. The day Shareology beat the Strib to publication with the news that Louis Vuitton was coming to Galleria. The general contractor for Louis Vuitton who asks for a copy of a Shareology photo for his blog, offering a photo credit. The day I got a snail mail thank you note from Funding Universe for the post on Shareology about CrowdPitch.

 Yep, it’s been a good year, to say the least.  Shareology is now working on social media strategy for, a new web site that will bring together in one place the events for the Twin Cities marketing, communications and public relations communities, to debut at Alphabet Bash.  

 Yep, it’s been a good year.  Here’s to the next year, the surprises and the new people to meet online and IRL.   And a HUGE Thank You for all those folks who helped Shareology along the way!!!

Photo Credit:   R. Koski

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Louis Vuitton opened May 4 in Galleria! May 4, 2010

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Louis Vuitton’s long-awaited store opened May 4 at 3625 Galleria in Edina, Minnesota.  The store is modern yet with warm accents of handmade rugs and lots of light wood.  Among the offerings:

  • belts
  • bags
  • sunglasses
  • scarves
  • jewelry
  • men’s ties
  • wallets
  • carry-ons

About the only thing missing would be a LV frock selection; for those you will need to go elsewhere. 

Don’t miss the 1870 Louis Vuitton trunk near the door; this is a company with history. 

Shareology caught one of the windows "Before".......

and.... "After"

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Luxury Buyers… Going to Mall of America or Galleria? April 30, 2010

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Last Sunday, April 25, Jackie Crosby had an article in the Strib that really got Shareology thinking.   With the opening of Louis Vuitton in Galleria looming and the redo on Mall of America’s South Side in progress, does Minneapolis St. Paul have enough luxury buyers to support all the luxury retailing opportunities about to be available? 

Let’s take a peek at the possibilities:

The above new plans, found posted in the South Side of MOA, include Italian porcelain tile, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and marble trimmings.  A wall mural reveals current and future MOA offerings (Hugo Boss to open in August):

Turning the South Side of MOA into Luxury Buyers Nirvana is one way to update MOA, unfortunately  as this work is ongoing for the next few months, the current look is more like:

Meanwhile, over at Galleria, retail nirvana includes BCBGMaxAzria and Coach:

Over on the western end of Galleria, Tiffany eagerly awaits the early May opening of its neighbor, Louis Vuitton:

Well, what do YOU think,  dear Shareology reader?  Does the Twin Cities have enough luxury seekers to support both these well-known malls?  Shareology wants to know!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Louis Vuitton Opening in Galleria May 4 at 10 am!! March 28, 2010

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Galleria welcomes Louis Vuitton –  …   Watch Galleria’s Facebook page for the opening date!   (Galleria Edina)

UPDATE APRIL 19,:  Want to work at Louis Vuitton??



Visit for information and job applications.

UPDATE MARCH 31:    via @GalleriaEdina

BREAKING NEWS! Louis Vuitton will open at Galleria on Tuesday, May 4!

Shareology found more proof this week that Louis Vuitton is inching closer to that May, 2010 opening at Galleria in Edina, Minnesota.  Those chocolate walls now have added images of doves, bags, and more bags…..

Anybody out there heard of a date more precise than May, 2010?

Thanks to Agency Babylon for the update above:  It’s May 4 folks!!!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Happy New Year: Retail Style! December 27, 2009

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Shareology previously reported that Louis Vuitton will be opening a store at Galleria in Edina, MN during Spring, 2010.   She now gladly reports that the month of that opening has been narrowed down:  

May, 2010 !!


 Gonna be a Happy New Year in one portion of the retail universe!    

Happy 2010 from Shareology!  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Imagine the smile on Shareology’s face…. November 10, 2009

UPDATE May, 2010:

  • Opening Day of Louis Vuitton, Galleria:   May 4, 2010
  • Date of Shareology Post re Opening:          May 4, 2010
  • Date of Strib’s article on Opening:                May 6, 2010
  • Shareology:                                                            Still Smiling

Original  Post from November 10:

…when she retrieved her Star Tribune this morning to find “Vuitton to defy economy and unpack at Galleria” on the front page, main story in business section.   But then, dear Shareology reader, you knew that 24 hours earlier:  proceed to the post below “A Retail Surprise at Galleria!”


A Retail Surprise at Galleria! November 9, 2009

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Shareology has been following changes at Galleria in Edina,  MN for the past year.  This shopping center is one of the few remaining vital during one of retail’s most challenging times.  One strategy has been to move tenants in small spaces into larger spaces.  Shareology was a tad concerned that, based on her prior experience in percentage rent  at Dayton Hudson Properties, successful small tenants may be hard pressed to keep up with additional rents that come with additional square footage.  Thus a great tenant in a small space risks failure when moved to a larger space.   A source confirmed to Shareology a few weeks ago that Galleria is extremely careful with its tenants, and moves those who can grow and be successful into larger spaces.   The same source indicated that as one of the few privately owned shopping centers, the Galleria has more freedom to make decisions, and carefully nurtures its tenants and their growth.  

Moving those tenants to larger spaces leaves those smaller spaces empty behind.  Galleria has been averaging about six open store fronts in the past year.   A trip to Edina this weekend confirmed that the movement of tenants into larger spaces continues.  Styled Life does indeed look styling in its new space.  Last week, Fifth Avenue Optical moved into new space, and stopped Shareology in her tracks with its new, attractive store.

Down the hall, Shareology came to a jaw dropping stop.  In the spot vacated by Fifth Avenue Optical and Styled Life was indeed another boarded up space, this one painted chocolate.   The jaw dropping was caused by the sign in front of the empty space:  

“Coming Spring 2010:   Louis Vuitton”    Wow.  Double Wow.   Great fit with their existing tenant Coach.  (And Louis Vuitton’s nearest neighbor?  Tiffany.   Nice Neighborhood.)  

Can retail recovery not be truly underway if Louis Vuitton is moving into Edina?  Shareology left with a skipping step and a smile in her heart!





Shareology was admiring the white and crystal holiday decor at Galleria, when she realized Spring for the opening of Louis Vuitton in Galleria has gotten much more specific:  LV will be here in May!


Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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