The Power of the #Hashtag July 5, 2013

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Today we’ve got a wonderful guest blogger, @SocialNicole, writing on one of my favorite topics!

They’ve been popping up for quite some time – on Twitter, Instagram, and have now recently joined Facebook. The beloved hashtag. But this symbol isn’t just a typo slapped onto the beginning of a word or phrase – it’s powerful, even more powerful than you might think.


The hashtag or “#” is a common tool used to organize topics and discussions. Social media such as Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram all use hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to organize topics or posts. Think of a hashtag as a cyber file folder to store all common posts. Hashtags categorize topics and discussions so users can quickly and easily connect with a group with a common interest.

Hashtags can connect businesses and individuals within an industry, so making careful and intentional choices about which hashtags to use and how to use them is crucial. On some social media sites, users can choose to subscribe to certain hashtags and receive posts with that particular hashtag. This means that hashtag use can potentially allow you to gain followers – but you can also lose connections by using hashtags incorrectly. Read on to master proper use of hashtags and learn to avoid the missteps of improper use.

Proper Hashtag Use

1. Relevancy

As fun as it is to come up with your own unique hashtags, remember that over hashtagging can become annoying to readers and distract from your intended message. Only hashtag tags that are directly relevant to your post or your industry. As a general rule, use a maximum of four hashtags per post.

2. Length

Make sure your hashtag isn’t too long. If it is, chances are the hashtag is not a popular one, meaning you run the risk of no one seeing that post unless they’re already one of your followers. Hashtags should be general, in common terms, and relatively short while still being relevant to your post.

Improper Hashtag Use

1. Do not write sentences using hashtags.

Avoid writing an entire sentence using a hashtag. This makes it difficult to read and your post will have a difficult time falling into a category or topic for discussion.

Bad example: Avoid #writinganentiresentencelikethisoneusinghashtag!

2. Do not use irrelevant hashtags.

Though it may be tempting to use a hashtag simply because it’s popular, don’t force the connection. Never add a popular tag that doesn’t support or describe your post. Using trending hashtags just to get followers can confuse users and distract them from the true focus of your post.

3. Do not get hashtag-happy.

Hashtags are really fun, but avoid over hashtagging your post. Remember the rule of four – don’t go beyond four hashtags per post.

Bad example: Today is the last day of the semester. I can’t wait for summer to begin! #summer #friends #semester #college #hangout #roadtrip #summerplans

Not only do hashtags organize the millions of posts per day happening all around the world, but they also connect us to each other. Hashtags are a powerful tool when used properly. They create networks, initiate conversation and allow you to connect to others with similar interest. If used correctly, hashtags can help your online community soar to new heights.

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Start your New Year right with Gistr: Your Twin Cities Communication Events Center! January 15, 2013

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Are you a networking fanatic?  Love to meet people and learn more?  Check out for marketing, sales, public relations and social media events in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area!


Great Networkers ensure that they are using their time effectively; gistr helps you plan your networking week and month.  You can also follow them at @GistrMN

Let the networking begin!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Return to BHP – and Tatanka! November 25, 2012

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Returning to a place you enjoyed 40 some years ago can be a little….joyous.   Shareology recently returned to Paha Sapa, Black Hills Playhouse and…tatanka!!! Special thanks to JR and BD for making this possible…

whatdya mean it’s the off-season???

Best eight graduate credits EVER!!!

The theatre is still there, the snack shop is still there, the dining room is still there…and the creek still runs through it.  At least three from my season hit Broadway and one ex-BHPer still memorizes vast amounts of dialogue for audiences in New Hampshire; lucky NH!!!

Another day found Shareology wishing for views of vast herds of tatanka….and she found them:

ever been to Faulk County???

There was also deer, wild turkeys, and a big horned sheep named Curley…..

Paha Sapa lives….

  • Pahá Sápa in Lakota is The Black Hills
  • Tatanka is a Lakota word that literally means “bull buffalo”

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Teal is the New Black!!! October 14, 2012

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Shareology made an easy trip to University and Raymond for the opening of a glorious new store:

The store features a marvelous selection of 50’s and 60’s decor; Shareology’s eye was drawn to the wonders of teal:

Can’t find the teal in the above?  Well, there are other looks:

Couldn’t resist one last Teal Triumph!

Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter at @MidModMen.

2401 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55114-1507
– From I-94 take the Hwy. 280 exit North
– Quick exit at University Avenue heading East
– Store is on North side of street
– 1/2 block West of Raymond Avenue
– Street parking on Raymond Avenue

Every Saturday | 11 AM – 5 PM beginning October 20
Plus, special 3-day sales in November and December

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Happy 3rd Birthday, Shareology!!! July 24, 2012

Shareology began on July 26, 2009:  Happy Birthday!!!

What I am most proud of is the sheer diversity of subject matter. Ok, Shareology has tipped heavily towards retail brands. However, you will find posts on social media, marketing and networking sprinkled throughout Shareology. This works out pretty great, in that I hesitated to start a blog when my interests are so very diverse. One of the surprises has been that posts I have considered to be sort of simplistic have resonated with readers. Luckily they can see the wisdom buried in the shallowness that is Shareology. (Hmm…..that might be a new post: Embrace your Shallowness….not in the Kim K shallowness but in the KLR shallowness…like I’ve never met a British mystery I didn’t love….or mysteries about Venice or Paris….or south Florida….)

So: three things I’m proud of:

Readers come back; posts draw new readers, sort of like an annuity. When I am feeling guilty that I have not continued posting twice a week, and can barely manage once a month, I marvel at the continued attraction of years old posts. The St. Paul picture of Peppermint Patty in Rice Park kicking a football remains popular; who knew I’d be walking through that park every morning on the way to work?

I had a few retail scoops in my time…. I beat the Strib by a day announcing the arrival of Louis Vuitton in Galleria. (They were waiting for a quote from the NY office; not Shareology. I saw the signs in Galleria in the midst of a horrific downturn in retail and knew this was huge news.) Thanks to some superb sources, I scooped everyone by months in announcing Microsoft was opening a store in Mall of America, across from Apple.

My photography is a surprise…. One of the bases for Shareology was the thought that a boatload of words tossed on a blog is innately pretty boring. Thus my point-and-shoot Canon became a fixture of Shareology. A definite highlight was when I was contacted by the general contractor of the Louis Vuitton store, asking if he could use a Shareology photo on his website, to advertise his firm’s abilities. He offered a photo credit. I am still glowing from that.

So, where will Shareology go? Beats me. I’ve been converted to a content calendar at work; it’s necessary to manage the posts of 20 some writers. But Shareology? Shareology will continue to report the world as she sees it and experiences it. But not before stopping to thank all those readers who came to read, to laugh, to argue, to comment, and to return. Without you…..Shareology would be a big old room full of echoes.

One final point:  Shareology recently went and clicked on those very first seven posts (right hand column, waaaaay at the bottom.) Talk about an out-of-body experience.  It really does feel like they were written by someone else.  While Shareology tries to come back together as one, click on July, 2009:  that Target branding post still holds up, as does the one on Bachmans’ marketing.  Enjoy!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Fabuliss Rocks! July 4, 2012

As I drove home one Friday, pondering my 4 hour appointment the next Monday with a photographer from Chicago for Businessweek, I panicked!  How to know what to wear?  I went from one option to another, totally confusing myself. Finally, it dawned on me:  Call Fabuliss!!! I desperately needed feedback and I trust Sasha Westin. Sasha worked me into her calendar on Saturday, and we reviewed the possible options in my closet.  As you can see from the pictures below which ran in the June 4, 2012 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek and on their online site, Sasha was on the mark!

The photo above was taken at the Science Museum of Minnesota and superimposed by a photo of my cube at Infor.

Taken in a quiet corner of Rice Park

Three photos above by Josh Poehlein

After the rush of getting the outfit right for Businessweek, it occurred to me that it was more than time to update my wardrobe; Sasha and I scheduled a Saturday shopping session and hit three stores in two hours.  Having her pull the outfits in advance made the shopping experience which I usually hate, almost pleasurable! Her time management skills made the most of our two hours.

Let’s see some shots of Fabuliss taken after our successful shopping session!

For more information about Fabuliss and her services, go to: , follow her on Twitter at:  @Fabuliss or email her at

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


It’s Your Brand!! Don’t put it in the hands of a Brand Buster!!!! April 28, 2012

Shareology has seen too many examples lately of companies hiring unprepared college graduates and putting them in charge of social media.  Ya gotta learn somewhere, right?  They can post Facebook entries, right? They’re born with a cell phone in their hands, right?  They should be great at social media, right?

Wrong!   Assuming that someone whose recent social media activity includes uploading their latest kegger photos can be left in charge of your brand… oh, so dangerous.

The steps to fix this little train wreck?  Oh, so simple.

  •  Do a Google search on the person.

Your new hire can lock down Facebook, stash all their kegger photos there, and not get in the way of being an effective brand evangelist for you.

  •  Check their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  Double check their Twitter stream.

Can they spell?  Can they construct a sentence?  Does the twitter stream consist of nothing but reality TV references?  Danger, Will Robinson!!

  • Share Strategy and Tactics!

Explain to them what your brand stands for and what your strategy is for your company, your marketing, your social media. Explain how you expect them to contribute to those strategies with specific tactics.

Three oh so simple steps.  This would stop oh so horrible brand massacres. Oh, and after you hire them, read what they are saying about your company.  It’s your brand.  Protect it.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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