Legoland continues to dazzle at Mall of America (and Shareology)! March 2, 2011

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 Sometimes Shareology’s readers surprise her; the number of viewers of the post on the Legoland reopening at Mall of America in December of 2010 has consistently pushed this post to the top of the Shareology pile.  Giving my readers more of what they want, I went back for another look.  At one point I went up to a guy who couldn’t seem to put his camera down while circling Legoland.  A retail espionage agent?  Nope, a guy from Georgia taking photos for a kid he knew who is crazy for Legos.  Ah, memories…..Shareology has a nephew who went through a Duplo and Lego phase…..worked pretty well, too:  he’s now in medical school!  



Finally, the front of the dragon!



the look of love


 Grandpa, Grandma and Granddaughter amazed by the Dragon!

Check out the Tiger and a portion of the Dragon!

Play Area:

It took me until the 2nd trip to realize the play area is actually in the shape of a giant lego!:

The play tables are giant lego connectors!

Who's having more fun? Dad or Daughter??

The scissors from the Grand Opening!


Well that’s it folks; the staff is waiting for you!

For more, put LegoLand in the search box to the right hand side of Shareology:

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Legoland reopens at Mall of America! December 15, 2010

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One of the last surprises to debut on Mall of America South is Legoland!  A rework of the Lego store, the black clothes of mystery are no more; Shareology really wishes she had some more 6-year-old boys in her family!

What particularly amazes Shareology about this redo is the continued use of the entire space, which in this case is 3 stories high!  Where else, but perhaps in Times Square, can a retailer use this much space on the outside of the store to tell their story?  3D Merchandising indeed!

this knight and his horse are magical!

this big blue dude dominates!!

There’s also a helicopter that looks incredibly real…..all just in time for holiday shopping!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Mall of America: Microsoft and More! Fall, 2010 September 14, 2010

Shareology took an educational detour past one of the mobile phone stores this lovely September day at Mall of America.  Turns out there is much more than mobile phones going on at MOA, including the white elephant turning logoland next to Legoland:  

Yep, they must be serious: logos have emerged!!


The Microsoft build space on 1st floor South went from the past bright acres of white to the logoland you see above.  More views of the vast retail space about to open this fall (dare we guess October?). 

view of Microsoft build towards Nickelodeon Universe




Speaking of Legoland, Microsoft’s neighbor looks like it too is under construction.  In fact, if my premed nephew was still into his lego collection, he could build the entire new store out of legos!! 

now that's one empty LegoLand!!


So what else is new and coming at Mall of America??? 

LuLuLemon is building!!


A brand new concept, The Art of Shaving, is newly open in that round glassy space in the middle of 1st floor West:  (yep, Andy of Mayberry would feel right at home…) 

The Art of Shaving





Only 2 more items  but they are hot, hot, hot!!   

1.  Hugo Boss is open!! 

even Shareology wants to shop at Hugo Boss!!




For this final item, alas Shareology was at MOA about seven hours too early…..but for the rest of you:   at 7 pm on Tuesday, September 14 was:  (alas, Shareology couldn’t make it work!!!) 


That’s all Folks!!  Happy fall from Shareology!! 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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