Alphabet Bash 2013: The Last?????? August 23, 2013

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Marketing Marvels from across the Twin Cities moved to Aria Thursday night for Alphabet Bash!  Biggest News?  This was the LAST Bash!!!  or not…. Bash is being redesigned:  Bigger?  Smaller?  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s look at what makes Bash so great!


Shareology caught Kate-Madonna Hindes on Networking:


Who can talk about Bash without mentioning food, especially deserts!



Properly fueled, the crowd partied and networked on!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Some folks just can’t wait for the Tommie picture!!!


Above photo by Ron McCoy Media; all others by Kay Roseland.

Follow @AlphabetBash on Twitter to discover if this is the Last Bash… or not.

For the latest in Bash’s new life, click here:   More Fun Facts

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


1,000 geeks + Learning + Shareology = Minnebar! May 26, 2010

Minnebar rocks!   One fun Saturday at Best Buy Headquarters:   

Minnebar  =  Minnesota + Tech + Design + Drinks   

What is MinneBar?   

MinneBar is an (un)conference aimed at getting those in Minnesota’s tech and design communities together to discuss topics that interest them. This spring’s event was held Saturday the 22nd of May at the Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, MN. Registration from 7:30 to 9am and sessions from 9-5:30. Light Breakfast and lunch provided. After party of complimentary snacks and beverages (Beer & Wine).   

This is Minnesota’s barcamp – an (un)conference where you are the leaders of the discussions and sessions. If you are interested in a topic just sign up to lead a discussion and like-minded folks will seek you out.   

Here’s a bit of the day:   

Morning check-in at #minnebar



Networking these days? It's all about checking out the iPads!


Ivan preps for the day!

Patrick Rhone spends a couple of buck for his iPad holders!

A $3 business card holder props his iPad up!

#Minnebar leaders kick off the day!

Your community catalysts    Ben Edwards and Luke Francl  

@GirlMeetsGeek gets ready to lead her panel on Non-Profits and Social Media

What @MyklRoventine does during his day job!


Standing room only at Curt Prins preso

Pizza Lunch for 600!

JJ Parker develops Passion for Products!



For a building full of development geeks, at least a couple of marketing gurus slipped in!  I’m talking about you, Curt Prins and you, JJ Parker!!  Also, that pizza lunch actually was for 1,000 geeks, up from last fall’s 600 attendees.  

5:45 pm: Happy Hour at Last!


Best giggle of the morning?  The bathroom line was NOT at the Women’s Room door:  it was at the Men’s!!  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Shareology Salutes Girl Meets Geek!! April 30, 2010

It’s Friday — and  I have two photos to share before the weekend and the latest  thunderstorms roll in….

Girl Meets Geek or aka Kate-Madonna Hindes is one swell, smart social media maven…

but look at what that maven has on her desktop:

All together now:   Click our red heels:   Happy Weekend!!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


SMBMSP #21: more pics and less bacon November 20, 2009

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul ( #SMBMSP ) met at Imation Headquarters in Oakdale, MN on November 20th for another round of networking and learning.  


  • Putting the passion back into your jobsearch
    by Kate-Madonna Hindes

    Showcasing your value as a jobseeker using social media and while networking. Creative and easy ways to remember your ‘accomplishment statement,’ how to use social media to find a job and touching base on advanced ways to use linkedin, twitter, and more.

    Kate-Madonna Hindes works for the State of Minnesota Workforce Center System. She facilitates on Social Media and Creative Job Search strategy. She also facilitates around the nation for the NCCC, through her blog, GirlMeetsGeek.

  • GoGirl Case Study: How Conversations Built GoGirl
    by Holly Matson and Cydney WuerffelA case study of a local Minnesota start-up that shows how social media knowledge was put to work to launch and build a brand. We’ll discuss the importance of integration and strategy and why social media can’t work without it.Holly Matson is an Online Marketing Manager at Risdall Online Marketing Group. Cydney Wuerffel, also at Risdall Online Marketing Group, is an Online Visibility Specalist.
  • Imation Gets Social
    by Jeffrey MeredithLearn about some recent social media efforts by the world’s leading provider of removable data storage products.

    Jeffrey Meredith
    is Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Management for Imation.

GoGirl, a new product line, utilizes social media and the occasional MINI Cooper to market a unique feminine product.   Shareology was impressed with the strong branding,  including the product name GoGirl.  About half way through the presentation, it dawned on Shareology that this is not the first time she has run across this product.  Given the events of October  10, Shareology has been doing a LOT of reading; I’ve already plowed through all seven Harry Potters:  again.  Currently I’m rereading Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin, which includes a “female funnel” received by one of the main characters, Mary Ann Singleton, as a component of her job at a San Francisco TV station during the 70’s.  Maupin has written a fascinating seven books about this time period; what he did not do was brand his novelistic female funnel as GoGirl!

Here’s a few selections from Social  Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.Paul #21:

Kristi Kottschade and Lenore Hoolihan at Imation Headquarters for SMBMSP #21

Kate-Madonna Hindes or @GirlMeetsGeek meets her audience

GoGirl, a unique new product introduction, via social media

Risdall Online Marketing Group's Holly Matson and Cydney Wuerffel greet their audience

Shareology guesses this may be the most unusual product @MyklRoventine has ever given away...

What better way to end SMBMSP #21 than with a smiling Amy Bryant?

Next time (December 18 at Open Book) remind Shareology to get a seat by the projected Twitter stream:  so cool!  

A tip of the social media hat to Rick Mahn and Mykl Roventine for another high quality event!  

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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