#jmu612 looks to 2011! December 4, 2010

Shareology loves her marketing events in the Twin Cities!  One of the best to emerge in 2010, Java Meetup 612, spent last Thursday looking ahead to 2011:

meets at @UrbanBeanCoffee

founders @JoelECarlson @maikelvdm and @EricaMayer


Erica kicks it off: what do you want to see for java meetup 612 in 2011??

Now for the all important after event networking:

Breon = Droid = Mobile = Thank you!

The difficulty with trying to confer the dynamic discussion in a blog is  — you can’t.   A substitution is to follow the tweet stream at #jmu612 or follow @jmu612         Next meeting is 8 am, February 3, 2011.

For a listing of marketing events in the Twin Cities for December and 2011, go to or follow on Twitter at @gistrMN

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


I’ve been Twitterviewed! May 12, 2010

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Shareology is grateful to Joel E. Carlson ( @JoelECarlson ) for his recent Twitterview of her.  His Twitterview concept is innovative, using Twitter to dig deeper into various Tweeple.

Below is said Twitterview:

NOTES of Twitterview #44 – With Kay Loire Roseland (@KayLoire)

@KayLoire – Good morning! How ya doing?

Q – #1   I’m doing great! Now @KayLoire, how did you end up in MN – born, moved or started college here?

A:   moved here after college, both and raised in South Dakota, born at Holy Infant Hospital in Hoven, SD

Q – #2   So what courses did you take in college, and what did you do after you graduated?

A:   started as math major, then English, finally theatre, graduated in speech and spent the summer after at Black Hills Playhouse in Custer SD

Q – #3   Interesting. So what kinds of things did you do at the Black Hills Playhouse?

A:   LOL: after proving that I cannot sing nor dance, reverted to my true love, lighting and ran the follow spot for Fiddler on the Roof.

Q – #4   So lets fast-forward to now. What is it that you do now, and what has your Social Media experience been like?

A:   After all that liberal arts, I finished my MBA in marketing in 2008, and noticed that marketing has new tools called social media

I began exploring social media, first with LinkedIn, about a year ago with Twitter, then last July I launched Shareology

After discovering #smbmsp and #MIMA, I found I live in one of the most intriguing social media cities around!

Q – #5   I’ve followed you on @KayLoire and Shareology. What would you say is the theme of your blog?

A:   That was the initial challenge: I focus on social media, marketing, retail and networking: whew!

Q – #6   A broad spectrum of flavors on your blog. 🙂 So @KayLoire, you mentioned #smbmsp & #mima. How many events/groups do you support?
A:   #smbmsp (yay!) and #mima, I attend #minnebar and I am guaranteed a guest spot at #unsummit (ask @myklroventine)
also Smiling and Dialing, SAMSnet, Executive Marketing Guild: networking is key to growth and learning @

Q – #7   I’ve also seen you at the “Huddle”, (@AgencyBabylon) & #jmu612. Networking is important. Who are some new ppl to you?
A:   Some folks I’ve met thru SM include @emilyjmc @ColleenMick @GirlMeetsGeek and @Rribbitz – stars all!!!
I would be very remiss if I didn’t mention my sm mentor/partner @AgencyBabylon – w/o whom Shareology would not exist

Q – #8   Great! So now more about you: Favorite restaurant, store, blog & event?

A:   Favorites: Cafe Maude, Nancy Nelson’s Our Little Secret, @AgencyBabylon Alphabet Bash

oh and one favorite place: Vernal Falls in Yosemite — great climb — and the magnitude of the falls is enormous

Q – #9   Okay. So to end today’s Twitterview – What final thought or mantra would you like to share with

A:   explore, innovate, learn!                 and always keep a vice in reserve.

Joel, here’s a huge salute to YOUR innovation! Best wishes always @KayLoire aka Shareology

@JoelECarlson – Thank you so much for your kind praise! I appreciate your time and your comments today. Have a great weekend @KayLoire!

 Joel and more of his Twitterviews can be found at:

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


What’s a Huddle? March 20, 2010

Shareology participated in her first Huddle Friday morning.  Let’s ask Neal  Kielar of Agency Babylon to explain the concept: 

“For me Huddle is an extension of the hyper-networking that social media has made possible. Because I’m more present on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as through my blog <>, it is easier for like-minded people to discover me.” 

“The upside of that is getting to meet so many smart people and be exposed to so many interesting ideas and ways of doing things. The downside is that you can only have so many coffee meetings in week or month or year.” 

“Beyond that, when I do meet with someone new to network I invariably refer them to many other people. That’s where the idea for Huddle emerged. What if I could not only streamline my penchant for networking but also rapidly network other people together, people who I think this new person should meet.” 

“That’s what Huddle does. It allows me to indulge in my desire to network while also honoring the time and needs of those who wish to network with me.” 

“So Huddle meets once a month. It is by invitation only. And it’s usually triggered by someone reaching out to me to get together – although it might be because i want to meet someone. Once the initial guest is selected, I also invite folks that person might find interesting and useful to know. Some of these added guests are people I know well or would like to know better.” 

“I’m hoping to do this on a designated day each month. Same time, same place. And I expect to get every bit as much out of this as I’m hoping to give others.” 

Let’s see a few visuals: 

Neal Kielar and Jools Brandt


Jools Brandt, Joel E. Carlson and Paul Godfried


Kim Opitz and Neal Kielar


Afterwards, Shareology asked Neal Kielar for his take on this new networking experience: 

“I might not be bringing “sexy” back to anything, but the first Huddle shows that we can bring “social” back to social media-based networking.” 

For Agency Babylon’s own take on Huddle, go to: 

For a superb 1.5 minute video, check  out this Kim Opitz offering: 

Shareology was reminded after watching the above video, that the relationships that have sprung out of Twitter have become all the more richer when meetings follow up IRL or …. in a Huddle!! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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