It’s Your Brand!! Don’t put it in the hands of a Brand Buster!!!! April 28, 2012

Shareology has seen too many examples lately of companies hiring unprepared college graduates and putting them in charge of social media.  Ya gotta learn somewhere, right?  They can post Facebook entries, right? They’re born with a cell phone in their hands, right?  They should be great at social media, right?

Wrong!   Assuming that someone whose recent social media activity includes uploading their latest kegger photos can be left in charge of your brand… oh, so dangerous.

The steps to fix this little train wreck?  Oh, so simple.

  •  Do a Google search on the person.

Your new hire can lock down Facebook, stash all their kegger photos there, and not get in the way of being an effective brand evangelist for you.

  •  Check their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  Double check their Twitter stream.

Can they spell?  Can they construct a sentence?  Does the twitter stream consist of nothing but reality TV references?  Danger, Will Robinson!!

  • Share Strategy and Tactics!

Explain to them what your brand stands for and what your strategy is for your company, your marketing, your social media. Explain how you expect them to contribute to those strategies with specific tactics.

Three oh so simple steps.  This would stop oh so horrible brand massacres. Oh, and after you hire them, read what they are saying about your company.  It’s your brand.  Protect it.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Ya gotta know where ya came from to see where you’re going…. December 28, 2011

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The Holidays have put Shareology in a nostalgic mood…..remembering…

Images of a little girl walking up a snow bank to the top of the chicken coop…  Airplanes dropping groceries to a snowbound farm….Daddy bring in a set of toys he “found in a haystack…”

Recently a trip a few miles east of the farm revealed that The Old Place had a tough winter last year and the little house that sheltered a homesteader, his wife and an eventual 12 children had collapsed further into the earth.  This house was built after a soddy and before the house on main street that still stands.

Gabe and Lizzy — Bill, Nora and then Lena — Bud and Ida — Bruce and Barb

All lived on the land and now the land is reclaiming The Old Place…

And yet the future beckons — we wondered how to keep in touch with the nephew in Afghanistan…he figured it out on his own…his weapon of choice?  Facebook.

So on Christmas Eve, to share our celebration with him, I emailed and Facebooked photos to Afghanistan to keep the family together.  You see, the earrings and necklace below were a gift from the soldier nephew…

So Shareology was able to use Facebook to keep the 5th generation in our holiday celebration.

From Kay Roseland, Shareology and @KayLoire:

Happy New Year!!!


Shhhhhhh….don’t tell Facebook!!! October 24, 2011

Having lunch last week with an author, I discovered yet another person who hasn’t drunk the Facebook Kool-Aid.  She’s focusing primarily on LinkedIn, her blog and her website.  As you can imagine, when her book came out, there was spirited discussion of whether to produce a Facebook page.  Turns out, she didn’t.

Wow:  so there is more than one of me.  It is really hard to ignore 800,000,000 Facebook members. But I am pretty much doing it.  

When was launching, as I considered the social media strategy, LinkedIn groups and Twitter were a no-brainer.  But, Facebook?  When I realized that most folks spend 55 minutes a day on Facebook, I was concerned I would never get them to leave and click on  Now the amount of time the average person spends on Facebook is still growing.  Five minutes ago, I had yet another Smart Brief article hit my email why we should all get social.  (This translates to spend yet more time and marketing energy on…….Facebook!)

I do find Facebook handy to keep track of nephews:  getting pictures from Peru and Afghanistan has been wonderful to keep up as they travel the globe.  When Stephan Pastis hit Minneapolis two weekends ago and posed in front of Charles Schultz’ former home in St. Paul and posted it to his Facebook page, I lit up like the 4th of July. Yes, occasionally I do post a new Shareology item to both Google+ and Facebook.

But in general, I think it is very freeing to know you can participate in social media without being on every platform in existence.  Yes, even one with 800,000,000 members.  In my case, the primary platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter and Shareology. In the case of and Shareology, most traffic has been generated by 1.  LinkedIn groups and 2.  Twitter.

So if never-ending changes and privacy concerns worry you, be assured you can live a fruitful, satisfying life without significant Facebook presence.  Heck, you can even drop the electronics for a few days and rediscover the beautiful of falling leaves and walks in the crisp air.  But that’s another post.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


The Social Network — and so much more….. September 29, 2010

Shareology is headed towards her second viewing tonight of The Social Network.   (Thank you, Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul for the invitations to the previews!)  

My first observation after the first viewing was about the comments of the PR flack before the movie.  “If you like this movie, call all your friends!”  Really?  Call your friends?  About a movie based on Facebook???  Really??  No status updates?  No tweets?  Call?  Really?  Apparently no one told her no one is using their smart phones for telephoning these days.

My second reaction was gratefulness:  so glad to be in the land of Minnesota Nice!  Because those Harvard boys play nasty!! 

Upon reflection, this is a movie about so much more than the founding of Facebook.  I walked out of the first preview wondering what is truth and what is fiction.  Luckily the October Vanity Fair landed in my mailbox the next day and gave me an update on Sean Parker, played  by Justin Timberlake in the movie.  Recently, my W landed with an article on the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.  (Sorkin, late of the West Wing and Studio 60, goes a long way towards how explaining how quickly the movie gets off to a blistering start.)

Ultimately it is a movie about trust, friendship, betrayal and loneliness.  Which explains why Shareology will be at preview two tonight at Mall of America.

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Back from the preview of the fb movie, The Social Network September 10, 2010

The deepest impression The Social Network left with me is my profound gratitude to the Minneapolis St. Paul social media community for having grown up. Perhaps flyover land never went through the culture seen in this movie. Watching sections of the movie where the lawyers debated who owned what and who would shaft whom to get what they wanted: I kept waiting for Michael Douglas to stroll over from Wall Street!! Thank you to the social media community in Minneapolis St. Paul for being achieving, results-oriented folks who can grow without bringing out the knives.

For another take on the movie, head to

Plus:   check out the October Vanity Fair for a superb update on Sean Parker!  Everything the movie didn’t tell you!

Pollyanna Midwest aka

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Update from Social Media Breakfast – Retail: Izzy’s Secret Revealed! June 6, 2010

Remember Social Media Breakfast – Minneapolis – St. Paul – Retail when Jeff Sommers of Izzy’s Ice Cream had a big revelation coming?  One that he could not reveal that morning at Mall of America?   Well, Shareology went to 2034 Marshall Avenue in St. Paul for a tweet-up this weekend, and saw the secret revealed!    

It actually starts on YOUR computer!    


By going to their website (listed below), then clicking on Izzy’s Flavor Up, you can check out what flavors are available today in the store for your taste buds!  By using RFID technology, a boatload of persistence, and the help of Tunheim Partners and Sierra Bravo, Izzy’s helps you find your favorite flavor available today in the store.  32 flavors are always on hand; a total of 90 are in rotation.  However, in Izzy’s history, 100’s of flavors have danced through the Marshall Avenue store.  

So check out Izzy’s current inventory via web and head on over to the store:  



Choices, Choices, Choices!




Social Media Savvy Izzy's!




Inside or outside, Izzy's creates memories

Kinda makes you wonder what else RFID technology could be used for in retail….  

Jeff and Lara opened Izzy’s on July 29, 2000; as you can see by the date, you’ve got a great 10 year celebration to add to your calendar.  So get yourself over to Izzy’s at 2034 Marshall Avenue in St. Paul and start online!  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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