Which Twin Cities shopping center is This? Part Deux… April 3, 2011

One of the things that kept Shareology alive during the Winter of Discontent was the strolling between windows of one of the best merchandised shopping centers in the Twin Cities.   Rhoda Morgenstern would have died to have created these beautiful windows:

blue and white sky: 6 inch wide division


blue and white sky: 6 feet wide division


sweet dreams are made of this window....


oooopppps, I'm dripping pure gold......

OK, so which Twin Cities shopping center is this????

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Warm up your February! February 8, 2011

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Shareology found the perfect February warmup; it’s the LRD!!  (Long Red Dress!!!)  designed by Jovani:


and now for the closeup:

Shareology’s thanks to Arafina in Galleria in Edina, MN for those always glorious windows!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Galleria Fall Update: Guess who’s coming soon!! September 23, 2010

Shareology has not been in Galleria in Edina, Minnesota in ages — ah, for the days of excitement leading up to the Louis Vuitton opening!!  Frankly, rain (monsoon!!!) drove her inside and what did she discover?   A hot new shop soon to open, black and white all over and the perfect LBD! 

Let’s start with the new shop:  Eileen Fisher is coming to Galleria!!   Shareology is not a big designer label consumer; however, she has two Eileen Fischer jackets she loooooves.   Look what Shareology found one rainy Edina day: 

Eileen Fisher coming to Galleria!


Next fall trend?   Black and white, more black and white:  Halston would be so proud!  Although he liked a little red with his black and white. 


BCBGMAXAZRIA rocks black and white for Fall!


What really stopped Shareology in her tracks was the perfect LBD.  Now Arafina is a regular stop; the windows are perfect for dreaming: 


OMG: what’s that glowing in the window?  Can it be?  The perfect LBD!!! 

between the two Nicole Millers: closer!!


Alice + Olivia .... ahhhhh.......


the perfect LBD..............

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Louis Vuitton Opening in Galleria May 4 at 10 am!! March 28, 2010

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Galleria welcomes Louis Vuitton –  …   Watch Galleria’s Facebook page for the opening date!   (Galleria Edina)

UPDATE APRIL 19,:  Want to work at Louis Vuitton??



Visit for information and job applications.

UPDATE MARCH 31:    via @GalleriaEdina

BREAKING NEWS! Louis Vuitton will open at Galleria on Tuesday, May 4!

Shareology found more proof this week that Louis Vuitton is inching closer to that May, 2010 opening at Galleria in Edina, Minnesota.  Those chocolate walls now have added images of doves, bags, and more bags…..

Anybody out there heard of a date more precise than May, 2010?

Thanks to Agency Babylon for the update above:  It’s May 4 folks!!!

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


Happy New Year: Retail Style! December 27, 2009

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Shareology previously reported that Louis Vuitton will be opening a store at Galleria in Edina, MN during Spring, 2010.   She now gladly reports that the month of that opening has been narrowed down:  

May, 2010 !!


 Gonna be a Happy New Year in one portion of the retail universe!    

Happy 2010 from Shareology!  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Galleria Roundabout Update December 14, 2009

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Since Shareology loooooves the Galleria, and since Minneapolis-St. Paul has semi embraced roundabouts in our roadways, the following from the StarTribune this morning, had Shareology LOL:

More circular thoughts

My colleagues are starting to call me “Roundaboutguy” because of all the questions on this topic, but today I’ll just share a little something from alert reader Max, who was using one of the roundabouts just south of Southdale in Edina, and:

My wife had a fit that I was in that left lane … that raised section.

Memo to Max: Those are single-lane roundabouts, and you weren’t in the left lane because there isn’t one. That’s the truck apron, which helps fire rigs and other large vehicles navigate the roundabout. So unless you were driving a semi to the Galleria, your wife had the right idea.

Jim Foti can be reached at 612-673-4491 or

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Shhhhh….Soft opening of StyledLife….. October 10, 2009

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in their new space in Galleria in Edina, MN.   If you like accessories or music, this is the space for you!  Accessories nirvana, in twice the space of their previous Galleria location.   Necklaces to die for, scarfs, purses….it goes on and on…..

Shareology is just back from the soft opening, and as she composes, she’s listening to some spectacularly addictive music on  This is one amazing web site….as it boots, it tells you what percentage is loaded, and……….this amazing music plays…..move your mouse over the screen…best fun since the 4th of July!  Shareology doesn’t need a radio anymore; she has

StyledLife has moved to their new space in Galleria!

StyledLife has moved to their new space in Galleria!

Grand opening of the new space in Galleria is November 12 — but don’t let that stop you from taking a peek before then!

Kay Roseland     @KayLoire


And the Winner is…………..!!!!!!! August 25, 2009

Flora Delaney wins the Which Shopping Center is this?  contest for her brilliant, insightful commentary and suggestions for the future of………Southdale!    Shareology is very impressed with the caliber of submissions to the recent shopping  mall identification contest.  A special student category award presented to Diane Kulseth for the first submission of the contest, and for correctly identifying both Southdale and the Mall of America.   

Minneapolis-St. Paul has a special place in shopping center history with the first covered shopping mall ever, Southdale, and with the biggest, bestest, most PR driven, fly ’em in from all over the world shopping mall, shyly named Mall of America.

Shareology salutes all the entrants for their intelligent comments on shopping centers, Southdale in particular  — and a special hint to Simon Property Group to read Flora Delaney’s comments and seek her out to engage her wisdom.

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Galleria: Retail that Works! July 26, 2009

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In an environment where retail has been challenged, one continuing bright spot is the Galleria in Edina. Where to begin? Perhaps with the strollers at each of the many entrances. Galleria knows the customers it serves and the Edina mom. If she decides to make a quick trip inside, she will find a stroller waiting at the doorway to help her manage her child and her shopping.

I also like the way the Galleria deals with that horror of horrors today: empty retail store fronts. The Galleria uses architectural elements of empty storefronts to showcase current retailers and their offerings. You might be excused from enjoying the display and not noticing an empty shop behind. In a rare misstep, one well done display window is located next to waaaay too much empty white space where previously lurked a store front that no longer leads into an open shop. Most often Galleria paints these empty storefronts in an appealing color that works so much better than expanses of white.  

A few stores closed?  No problem:  Fill them with displays of existing stores offerings!

A few stores closed? No problem: Fill them with displays of existing stores offerings!

Great Bay Window Display:  if only the wall wasn't white

Great Bay Window Display: if only the wall wasn't white

Finally, a salute to the most consistently beautiful windows of Tiffany. Simply breathtaking.

A eco statement  that delights the eye

A eco statement that delights the eye

A mere photo cannot do justice to those two display windows on the side of the Tiffany store.  Next time you’re walking by, take a look. Even in a challenging economy, walking through the Galleria just makes you smile. One suspects that happy customers are more likely to indulge their shopping instincts in this kind of beautiful environment.

Galleria thrives because of a sophisticated mix of unique local retailers and well chosen national brands.   The addition of the Westin Hotel to a thriving restaurant mix, combined with outstanding merchandising makes Galleria stand out in today’s marketplace.

Kay Roseland



Big Box? Big Lot? Or…Public Art? July 20, 2009

As retail  struggles, some retailers in blue stress low prices. Other retailers in red look to outside store design to draw customers into their stores.  Previous experience in point of purchase suggests that the outside of the store impacts the decisions made inside the store.

Those of us who have been strolling the newly opened Edina Promenade, participating in the “Judge the Public Art” contest, might be excused for considering the Super Target on York Avenue as part of that public art. Instead of the normal flat boring back of store, we are treated to some rolling hills, green grass, trees and structural elements of the new Target architectural language.  

Public Art -- Target Art

Public Art/Target Art

 Proceed off the Promenade and around the store’s north side and you find the best looking rain runoff area ever featuring white chunky bricks replicated in the nearby low rock walls. 

Rain Water Drains
Rain Water Drains

 Next up on our Around the Target Tour? Six red chairs ready for your next conference break, picnic, or just plain contemplating all things restfully red. (Will we ever look at a three foot red concrete ball again and not think of Target?)


 The chairs are just off the colonnade that leads you from Galleria across the street to a covered walkway straight south into the store’s entrance. This shaded walkway does a lot to alleviate the harsh Minnesota sun, and makes quite a refreshing entrance to the store.  

Almost as much fun as the Guthrie Theatre's front porch on  the river
Almost as much fun as the Guthrie Theatre’s front porch on the river

Just to give one a teeny glimpse of how good design permeates all things Target, even the ladies room inside the store offers sleekly designed sinks and faucets. Want still more good design and function? Those hand dryers are super effective and efficient:  how come these weren’t in use years ago?

Great Design in places you'd never think to look.........
Great Design in places you’d never think to look………

I know it’s hard, but we leave the store (picnic supplies in tow) and continue our tour back to the Promenade. These hydrangeas are part of the landscaping that perfectly sets off the south side of the store.

Our final shot shows how Target has used images that support the brand while sending messages about how fun and elegant shopping here can be. (Didn’t think elegant was a word you would use to describe Target? Take another look at the woman striding forth in the red dress.) Not one image on the outside of the store that causes us to cringe; all show various Target customers, all demographics blissfully happy in the red spending zone. Try feeling this good about design in blue shopping cart land; ain’t gonna happen.

The Bullseye Branding Rocks!
The Bullseye Branding Rocks!

A tip of the shopping cart to Target, and the designers, architects and landscapers who made this possible!

Is the U.S. consumer marching into stores because of the design of the exterior? Or will Bentonville take over the world?

Even in a challenged economy, I feel a lot better about spending my dollars in a store that makes me happy before I even enter. What about you? What about the consumer?

Kay Roseland / Twitter: @KayLoire


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