A Jewel of a Park: Gold Metal and the Guthrie April 17, 2010

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How simple can a park be?   Shareology found out recently in a visit to Gold Metal Park, next to the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.   She actually started to make a list of the elements, as the park seemed the utmost in simplicity.  Surprisingly, she counted five:     

  1. a hill
  2. grass
  3. trees
  4. paths
  5. benches

With only these 5 elements, let’s see what simplicity looks like:     




On the very tip top of the hill.....


more hilltop views: the Mississippi River, the new 35W bridge


The Guthrie Theater, from Gold Metal Park


Are all parks this functional and thoughtful? for your doggie....


A View from UNDER a Bridge.....


Shareology revisited last week and is amazed what a quick and powerful walk it is to the top of the Hill.  Get lost around the Guthrie, take the Stone Arch Bridge across the Mississippi or go in the door of Mill City Museum, and enter the Ruined Courtyard.   Sublime.   

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


minnebar: 600 MN geeks and Me! November 22, 2009

minnebar (#minnebar) — minnesota + tech + design + drinks   was held at Best Buy headquarters in Richfield,  MN on Saturday, November 21. 

minnebar is an “(un)conference” where attendees set the agenda.  It is unique because it brings together the Twin Cities’ design and programming community for a day of learning, networking and fun.

Shareology had a ball  amidst geeks and gurus in the Best Buy headquarters.  The great thing about minnebar is it is created by the participants!  Don’t like a 45 minute session?  Quietly leave and go sit in on another!! 

Among sessions Shareology attended:

Marketing via Social  Media                        Alex Hawkinson

Android 101                                                           Justin Grammens

 Networking Online                                          Paul DeBettignies

Let’s take a look at some of the fun:

Minnebar arrivals begin the day with muffins, fruit and Caribou in Sandy's Place at Best Buy headquarters

Attendees gather for Android 101 in the Best Buy Theater

Android 101



Alex Hawkinson, session leader, and Luke Francl, (un)conference organizer

Donnie Berkholz prepares to present on Bad Apples or ... .....

Zack Steven at the social media end of the (un)conference

Gopher Game or Minnebar? Tough call.... Minnebar wins! Paul DeBettignies, @MNHeadHunter, helps navigate online networking

Networking online session attendees doing their homework

What a great day at minnebar!

What a way to spend a Saturday:  a pure learning adventure!  Many thanks to Luke, Ben, Jeff and Matt  for organizing Minnebar, and a special thanks to all the sponsors: 

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Informed sources tell me the after party went on to 8 pm and beyond!!!

So how did you spend your Saturday?  If you’d like to relive minnebar, check out #minnebar on twitter.

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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