Small Business Gets Social: SMBMSP #28 July 24, 2010

Deluxe Corporation invited Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul back to their glorious campus: (that’s what a real lawn looks like folks!) for #28:  Small Business Gets Social!  

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging are the foundation for Social Media tactics.  Metro IBA got mentioned at least twice for the superb work they do with small business.  Shareology also loved the “I Hate Coupons!” cry from retailers on the panel.  Newsletter and email blasts used in conjunction with social media worked well.  Some folks love Twitter, some love Facebook — figure out which works best with your customer base and go with it.  Zack Steven got props for his Twitter classes.  And finally, another illustration of show up where your audience is:  Julie Warner mentioned she’s had success with Craig’s List.  Her audience is there looking for appliance deals and Julie reminds them she has appliance deals!   


Our panel moderator BEFORE the competition intensified....


Best Dress AND Social Media Muscle!

Ya suppose Rick and Mykl had to mow this before #28?  


Our panel on Small Business

Dan, Julie, Naomi, Aimee

@PeapodsNatural, @WarnersStellian, @SanctuaryRest, @darnknitanyway


Sarah Pierce: What's a gistr?

The answer to What’s a Gistr?  will be unveiled at Alphabet Bash!  

nothing sadder than leaving a great party...unless...

it’s the knowledge that the next Social Media Breakfast will be September 3 at the State Fair!  

Follow them on twitter at #smbmsp or @smbmsp for details……  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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