Minnebar 6: 1200 geeks strong!! May 8, 2011

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Shareology took GistrMN off with her to Minnebar 6 at Best Buy HQ in Richfield, MN on Saturday, May 7, 2011; they were joined by 1200 geeks bent on learning, pizza and beer consumption.  Nine different locations offered tracks on Development, Design, Startups, Social Media and (my personal favorite) Other!!

My seven sessions included:

  • Six Reasons to open an “Offline” Store (Especially if you Sell Online)
  • I Yam What I Am
  • Facebook:  Fan Pages versus Tabs versus Apps
  • Content is a Banquet:  Trends, Tactics, Tools
  • Why Don’t You Blog More?
  • What does Lean Even Mean? Or Bootstrapping Your Way to a Pivot
  • S is for Strategy

Below are some views of our Saturday:


Luke greets the swarm!


Thanks to Adrienne, Ben, and Luke and the Minne team for another great Day!!!  For more information go to:        or on Twitter at:        @Minnebar    #minnebar

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast goes Mobile at Best Buy HQ! November 21, 2010

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul gathered Friday, November 19 at Best Buy Headquarters to get the latest gist on Mobile!  

Now THIS is a panel!!

Now THIS is a Panel!! #SMBMSP 31-Mobile & More:  w/@albertmaruggi @ojezap @footenotes @breon & @mrchristopherl !



Albert MaruggiAlbert Maruggi

Albert Maruggi is a recognized thought leader in strategic business communications. You can always expect insightful questions that uncover new information, a different perspective or a good laugh from Maruggi. He advises clients and conducts company innovation “group thinks” that inspire ideas from within. This methodology allows for greater acceptance and ownership of projects and change initiatives. He is the host of the long running Marketing Edge podcast now in it’s sixth year of production. On Twitter @albertmaruggi and his blog

Panel Info

Lisa FooteLisa Foote

Lisa Foote is Co-Founder of MixMobi, a mobile content creation and measurement Software as a Service. Lisa is a frequently speaker and consultant on mobile marketing, with particular expertise in US and global mobile device ownership and behavior. She has spoken at Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, and at the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto. You can find Lisa on Twitter at @footenotes.

Christopher LowerChristopher Lower

Christopher Lower has over 17 years of experience in marketing, sales and PR, with a decade of focus on emerging social media and web technologies and their use in marketing. Chris leverages social media to enable clients to increase their overall reach exponentially in standard marketing channels as well as lesser-known, hard-to-target market segments. Chris’ expertise lies in providing fully-integrated media services that take your traditional story and tell it with today’s technology, so that you can reach your intended audience on their preferred media format.

Julio Ojeda-ZapataJulio Ojeda-Zapata

Julio Ojeda-Zapata is a longtime technology journalist at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, where he writes a Tech Test Drive column and maintains his Your Tech Weblog. He is the author of “Twitter Means Business,” a social-media primer for companies, and the upcoming “iPad Means Business,” which explores the Apple tablet’s business potential. He considers himself equal parts Puerto Rican and Minnesotan, having spent about half of his life in each place. He lives in St. Paul with his wife, and son.

Breon NagyBreon Nagy

Breon Nagy is the Account Manager for Recursive Awesome, a mobile and web development company. On the third Tuesday of the month, you can find him at Mobile Twin Cities, either presenting or participating in the discussion. Breon presented “Beyond the Code” at the first Mobile March Twin Cities, which focused on user experience, testing and support. In his spare time, he is a freelance writer for, focusing on device reviews.

For more marketing events in the Twin Cities, go to!

Follow the twitter stream for highlights of the mobile presentation at #smbmsp or go to

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


1,000 geeks + Learning + Shareology = Minnebar! May 26, 2010

Minnebar rocks!   One fun Saturday at Best Buy Headquarters:   

Minnebar  =  Minnesota + Tech + Design + Drinks   

What is MinneBar?   

MinneBar is an (un)conference aimed at getting those in Minnesota’s tech and design communities together to discuss topics that interest them. This spring’s event was held Saturday the 22nd of May at the Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, MN. Registration from 7:30 to 9am and sessions from 9-5:30. Light Breakfast and lunch provided. After party of complimentary snacks and beverages (Beer & Wine).   

This is Minnesota’s barcamp – an (un)conference where you are the leaders of the discussions and sessions. If you are interested in a topic just sign up to lead a discussion and like-minded folks will seek you out.   

Here’s a bit of the day:   

Morning check-in at #minnebar



Networking these days? It's all about checking out the iPads!


Ivan preps for the day!

Patrick Rhone spends a couple of buck for his iPad holders!

A $3 business card holder props his iPad up!

#Minnebar leaders kick off the day!

Your community catalysts    Ben Edwards and Luke Francl  

@GirlMeetsGeek gets ready to lead her panel on Non-Profits and Social Media

What @MyklRoventine does during his day job!


Standing room only at Curt Prins preso

Pizza Lunch for 600!

JJ Parker develops Passion for Products!



For a building full of development geeks, at least a couple of marketing gurus slipped in!  I’m talking about you, Curt Prins and you, JJ Parker!!  Also, that pizza lunch actually was for 1,000 geeks, up from last fall’s 600 attendees.  

5:45 pm: Happy Hour at Last!


Best giggle of the morning?  The bathroom line was NOT at the Women’s Room door:  it was at the Men’s!!  

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Retail, Social Media Breakfast and Mall of America: Woot! March 4, 2010

Shareology skipped over to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy at the Mall of America for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis – St. Paul  #24 for a panel of retail business people who are using or exploring the use of social media.  

Presentation: Hans Eisenbeis, Iconoculture  

Panel: Social Media & Retail  

Moderator: Lisa Grimm, Action Selling  

David Erickson, Tunheim Partners
Bridget Jewell, Mall of America
Jennifer Rock, Best Buy
Jeff Sommers, Izzy’s Ice Cream  

Shareology found the most refreshing portion of the morning was that the panel’s willingness to admit their social media errors and share their learning.  In a perfect world, well-reasoned strategy would be the foundation of each social media plan; in the real world, fear of action tends to stop most companies from even beginning.   The value of experimentation was strongly stressed. 

A few panel highlights: 

David Erickson, Tunheim Partners, brought up the Wait Concept.  David talked about the value of waiting – of not replying instantly to a post or a tweet.  He and others on the panel emphasized letting others in the conversation bring balance; every tweet doesn’t have to be answered by you alone.  This may have been the most valuable concept of the morning.  He also talked about having not necessarily the most followers, but the right followers.   

Bridget Jewell, Mall of America, gave a great practical example of the Twitter parking alerts used during holiday season.  Guests were given real time updates of where parking was available at MOA.  The MOA parking staffer providing information was so supportive of the program he took to calling Bridget’s staff his “Parking Tweethearts!”  A key point from Bridget was that social media is superb for taking those You-Think-You-Knows about your business and finding out if your customers actually agree or actually act that way.  During Q & A the panel was asked if they monitor other sites, if they learn from other social media users.  The resounding answer from Bridget was “all…the..time!”   

Jennifer Rock, Best Buy, is responsible for internal communication and finds social media invaluable for managing communications in both directions for thousands of employees.  Challenges have included concerns of HR, legal and executives. One creative answer was a spreadsheet anticipating all possible *&!@ kinds of words and developing alternative phrases to capture the meaning without the actual  *&!@.  She emphasized that she might have gone through a more strategic approach given what she has learned now, but that there is a great deal to be said to have learned by doing. 

Jeff Sommers, Izzy’s Ice Cream, , has got to be very conscious of time spent on social media as a very small business owner.  In-store time with real customers takes priority as he begins to enlarge his social media footprint.  Look for a BIG announcement from Izzy’s soon!  Don’t know if it was harder for him not to share or for us not to know NOW! 

Let’s take a look at the morning:  


Mykl and Rick, our fearless leaders

To all the sponsors: Thank You!!!

tweet feast during at #smbmsp

ummm ... it's that bacon-flavored ice cream mentioned above...


moderator, @LuLuGrimm


Panel: David, Bridget, Jennifer, Jeff

David Erickson, post-panel

Jennifer Rock and more on Best Buy

Bridget Jewell of Mall of America

The Argyle Friday contingent

Shareology wants to thank Mykl and Rick for another superb panel, Lisa Grimm for keeping the panel on target and for great questions, and a  special thanks (It is Oscar weekend!) goes out to all those sponsors who make social media learning and networking possible.

More on Social Media Breakfast at  or follow on Twitter at #smbmsp  

Kay Roseland @KayLoire  


minnebar: 600 MN geeks and Me! November 22, 2009

minnebar (#minnebar) — minnesota + tech + design + drinks   was held at Best Buy headquarters in Richfield,  MN on Saturday, November 21. 

minnebar is an “(un)conference” where attendees set the agenda.  It is unique because it brings together the Twin Cities’ design and programming community for a day of learning, networking and fun.

Shareology had a ball  amidst geeks and gurus in the Best Buy headquarters.  The great thing about minnebar is it is created by the participants!  Don’t like a 45 minute session?  Quietly leave and go sit in on another!! 

Among sessions Shareology attended:

Marketing via Social  Media                        Alex Hawkinson

Android 101                                                           Justin Grammens

 Networking Online                                          Paul DeBettignies

Let’s take a look at some of the fun:

Minnebar arrivals begin the day with muffins, fruit and Caribou in Sandy's Place at Best Buy headquarters

Attendees gather for Android 101 in the Best Buy Theater

Android 101



Alex Hawkinson, session leader, and Luke Francl, (un)conference organizer

Donnie Berkholz prepares to present on Bad Apples or ... .....

Zack Steven at the social media end of the (un)conference

Gopher Game or Minnebar? Tough call.... Minnebar wins! Paul DeBettignies, @MNHeadHunter, helps navigate online networking

Networking online session attendees doing their homework

What a great day at minnebar!

What a way to spend a Saturday:  a pure learning adventure!  Many thanks to Luke, Ben, Jeff and Matt  for organizing Minnebar, and a special thanks to all the sponsors: 

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Informed sources tell me the after party went on to 8 pm and beyond!!!

So how did you spend your Saturday?  If you’d like to relive minnebar, check out #minnebar on twitter.

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Branding Opportunity or Ugly Concrete Posts? August 2, 2009

As Shareology was circling Target for the 14th time last week, she started to notice that Target may be unique in its ability to turn a 3 foot high red ball or concrete barrier at the store front into a branding statement:
Target and those 3 foot high red concrete balls at the store entrance

Target and those 3 foot high red concrete balls at the store entrance

How do other stores deal with store fronts and the need to protect the random driver from crashing into a very expensive entrance?  Let’s see how Best Buy, Sports Authority and Harley Davidson deal with the same issue.   Let’s see what branding opportunities are hits and which are misses.

Best Buy:  Ya think they park the car here for the sheer Branding Power of Geekness?

Best Buy: Ya think they park the car here for the sheer Branding Power of Geekness?

Further Away:  Looking Good

Lost Opportunity:  Where is the yellow and blue when it comes to concrete barriers?  Beige is bland, bland, bland....

Oops:   Why no beautiful blue or yellow carried through to the concrete barriers?   Like we’re not gonna notice them if they’re beige?

Let’s see how Best Buy’s neighbor handles the same challenge with a tad more integration:

The Black Posts repeat the shading of the Red Logo:  Yay!

The Black Posts repeat the shading of the Red Logo: Yay!

Looking Good!   Sports Authority is making its corporate colors work by repeating the shading color with the concrete barriers.   Didn’t we always say how important accessorizing is?

And the Winner Is!

And the Winner Is!

Shareology has to admit she was very pleasantly surprised how Harley Davidson in Eden Prairie, Minnesota handles the concrete column challenge.  They don’t!   Instead we have this garden wall.   (Don’t you always shop for your bike surrounded by flowers and garden walls?)  Hey, you’re not gonna drive your pickup through this concrete garden wall, trust me!  So function is served.   But on least a couple of occasions, Shareology has sauntered through this garden and the bikes for sale wondering if she shouldn’t consider another mode of transportation.  

So:   what do YOU think?  Target’s use of the 3 foot round red concrete balls on four corners of their lot, plus at the store entrances, is a strong and unique branding opportunity.  Or do you prefer the outdoor shopping environment Harley sets up in Eden Prairie?  Shareology wants to know!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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