Lunds & Byerly’s and Bachman’s: Thank You!! July 9, 2011

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Shareology just noticed something the other day, something that deserves a thank you.  Ever pause in the midst of your busy day, enter the public facilities and come face-to-face with……..this?

Yep, the sweetest bouquet of flowers, well-selected and a treat to the eye.  So, a belated thank you to Byerly’s, Lunds and Bachman’s, who regularly offer us these eye candy treats.  The fact that each of these establishments also sells take-home flowers is just evidence of smart marketing.   So a standing ovation to the mentioned retailers for delighting their customers in yet another way!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


High tech? Low tech? Digital out-of-home? Or … July 23, 2009

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New technology? Or old customer service?

So many things are right at Bachman’s, the dominant retail garden center in the Twin Cities market. Glorious gifts section. Your pick of outdoor statuary or koi. Patrick’s Cafe. What’s not to like? On a recent trip three point of purchase approaches stuck out from the crowd. On the decidedly low tech and high impact end of the game were mailboxes scattered around the outdoor plants, each offering one page takeones of plant information. Got a question on how to put together a container garden? Grab a handout from the mailbox and you’re ready to start a new project. Yep, low tech but effective. I started to keep an eye out for the mailboxes and what subject I might learn about next.




Want a more high tech approach to your shopping questions? Digital Out-of- Home has arrived at Bachman’s. Some units repeat TV commercials; some highlight this week’s specials. Others, like the one below, call your attention to product on the screen — and the product?   That’s very handy very nearby. Didn’t know you needed a garden hose today, did you? 




Rather than get involved in the new technology versus handy, dandy mailbox debate, let me point out the various rain gardens, watergardens and my personal favorite, the green roof. Bachman’s is great at showing you exactly how to use their products and how they can look in your landscape. The green roof  isn’t gigantic, but it is just high enough for me to stretch up to touch the green roof plants…..not your average iris or rose, but tiny plants capable of insulating your roof and saving money on your energy bill. After you’ve reached out and touched a roof garden, you are just that much closer to a green roof of your own. 




Just when you think you know Bachman’s, a trip to Lyndale Avenue introduces you to digital out-of home, informative mailboxes and real life examples of a green roof. Now that you’re totally relaxed, it’s time to pick up those geraniums with the great price and head on home……but maybe just a quick stop at Patrick’s for one of those divine fruit tarts!

Kay Roseland / Twitter: @KayLoire


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