What’s a Huddle? March 20, 2010

Shareology participated in her first Huddle Friday morning.  Let’s ask Neal  Kielar of Agency Babylon to explain the concept: 

“For me Huddle is an extension of the hyper-networking that social media has made possible. Because I’m more present on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as through my blog <>, it is easier for like-minded people to discover me.” 

“The upside of that is getting to meet so many smart people and be exposed to so many interesting ideas and ways of doing things. The downside is that you can only have so many coffee meetings in week or month or year.” 

“Beyond that, when I do meet with someone new to network I invariably refer them to many other people. That’s where the idea for Huddle emerged. What if I could not only streamline my penchant for networking but also rapidly network other people together, people who I think this new person should meet.” 

“That’s what Huddle does. It allows me to indulge in my desire to network while also honoring the time and needs of those who wish to network with me.” 

“So Huddle meets once a month. It is by invitation only. And it’s usually triggered by someone reaching out to me to get together – although it might be because i want to meet someone. Once the initial guest is selected, I also invite folks that person might find interesting and useful to know. Some of these added guests are people I know well or would like to know better.” 

“I’m hoping to do this on a designated day each month. Same time, same place. And I expect to get every bit as much out of this as I’m hoping to give others.” 

Let’s see a few visuals: 

Neal Kielar and Jools Brandt


Jools Brandt, Joel E. Carlson and Paul Godfried


Kim Opitz and Neal Kielar


Afterwards, Shareology asked Neal Kielar for his take on this new networking experience: 

“I might not be bringing “sexy” back to anything, but the first Huddle shows that we can bring “social” back to social media-based networking.” 

For Agency Babylon’s own take on Huddle, go to: 

For a superb 1.5 minute video, check  out this Kim Opitz offering: 

Shareology was reminded after watching the above video, that the relationships that have sprung out of Twitter have become all the more richer when meetings follow up IRL or …. in a Huddle!! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Why Shareology? August 30, 2009

When I began Shareology a month ago (Happy Birthday, Shareology!)  I struggled with the diversity of subject matter I wanted to cover.   I’m interested in a LOT of stuff.   The four years Shareology spent at a career counselor resulted in a number of topics of interest in today’s economy.   How to reconcile that with marketing and retail point-of-purchase and shopper marketing and social media?  I can’t possibly do a  blog:   folks like a tad of focus as they click.  What to do?

Finally it dawned on me:   career exploration boils down to networking:  networking is now centered on social media:  and social media is a set of tools for today’s marketing.    Whadaya know?   It does all connect!  Shareology has a focus!  

And the actual word Shareology?  A gracious gift from Agency Babylon, (@AgencyBabylon,  ), leftover from a branding session this summer.  The client went with another name for his digital out-of-home network, and Shareology was thus available for use. 

Thanks to those readers who made Shareology’s first month so much fun; a special thank you to the tweeple who posted comments.  It’s been a delight to read the intelligent, funny and thoroughly engaging words in your comments.  Shareology readers Rock!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


What’s the opposite of Networking Fatigue? Networking Energy! August 4, 2009

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To counter the very popular Networking Fatigue article that Shareology recently posted, herewith follows a tale of Networking Energy which illustrates several principles Shareology is fond of. 

Shareology is often asked how she met AgencyBabylon.  Once upon a Veterans Day, Shareology had a fun day planned.  (As a State Worker Bee, she had this day off.)  She was off to the Betty Crocker Kitchens for lunch.  Well, OK, lunch in the General Mills cafeteria with a friend from Honeywell days.   What to do before lunch?

Shareology decided to pop in to the warehouse district offices of a vp of marketing to whom she had written a fan letter.  The vp of marketing was new to town, and had gotten a nice writeup in the Strib’s business section.  The vp’s vision of marketing was quite similar to Shareology’s and she had written her very first business fan letter.  Shareology arrived at the warehouse district office and asked for the vp, who turned out to be in London. Five open-ended questions later (perhaps there is someone else in marketing I might speak with?), AgencyBabylon was called, presumably to get the crazy lady out of the lobby. Shareology and AgencyBabylon sat down in a conference room, started a conversation over her resume, and two hours later…..Well, Shareology and AgencyBabylon have been sharing ideas and support ever since. 

Writing a fan letter? So outside the nine dots. Cold calling in person on someone who is in London? Waste of time….unless…you ask a number of open-ended questions….and Don’t get Kicked out of the Lobby.    Just saying……

For more ideas on networking, check out my PowerPoint (SlideShare) presentation on “Finding the Hidden Job Market” on my LinkedIn profile :

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


More pics from Social Media Breakfast #17 #SMBMSP August 1, 2009

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More pictures below from Social Media Breakfast #17 at Vic’s on the River:


On the way to SMBMSP #17 at Vic's on the Mississippi river front

On the way to SMBMSP #17 at Vic's on the Mississippi river front



The MNAMA contingent:   Vanessa Bright, Jason Sem and Natasha Tong

The MNAMA contingent: Vanessa Bright, Jason Sem and Natasha Tong

 Networking on the Deck


@rickmahn and @Myklroventine

@rickmahn and @Myklroventine

SMBMSP #17 just a memory -- See you at #18: On-a-Stick!

SMBMSP #17 just a memory -- See you at #18: On-a-Stick!

Need words to go with your breakfast?   Check out  AgencyBabylon for tongue-firmly-in-cheek commentary, sans bacon:

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire



Thank Blog It’s Friday! July 30, 2009

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Shareology stole “Thank Blog It’s Friday” from AgencyBabylon; however, it will be the one and only time Shareology uses TBIF, the AB feature that debuted just a few months ago. Perhaps she will be forgiven this one time, given this post is actually one big Thank You to Agency Babylon.

Shareology has quite a few cheerleader tendencies, and yes, she does own a set of pompoms, thank you very much. A few months ago, she was more than happy to use those cheerleader skills as AgencyBabylon went through its conception, creation and launch phases. She stood in awe as AgencyBabylon grew, posted, and grew some more. AgencyBabylon set the standard for superbly well-written, graphically refreshing blogs.

Thus as it became obvious that Shareology was in launch phase, the high standards set by AgencyBabylon loomed high in the sky indeed. But, as in much of life, AgencyBabylon suggested Shareology Just Do It. And off we went on July 26th, 2009; Shareology was launched.

AgencyBabylon helped support and guide Shareology in innumerable ways this week. Turns out writing the blog is only the first step; promoting the blog so somebody out in the blogoverse actually reads it is quite another. As AgencyBabylon shared wisdom on all things blog, Shareology took her first steps.  

So a big, huge, heartfelt “Thank You” and a shake of the pompoms to Agency Babylon for wisdom, knowledge and uncommon support this week and in the past five years!

Take a trip over to AgencyBabylon and enjoy this well written, entertaining and oh so intelligent blog or follow him on Twitter at @AgencyBabylon: 








A Big Shake of the Shareology pompoms to AgencyBabylon!

A Big Shake of the Shareology pompoms to AgencyBabylon!










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