LinkedIn: To skill or not to skill — that is the Question! May 14, 2013

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Long ago, and far away, I knew I should be listing my skills on LinkedIn.  Hey, at least I bought the Strengths Finder and listed my top 5 strengths!  Then I went on to other things….

Lo and Behold, LinkedIn added a section where others could identify your skills; little gifts from above dropped onto your LinkedIn profile.   One should really be grateful, n’est pas?  But……. I noticed that I was being given credit for skills I would never have given myself credit for.   Here comes the double-edged sword!!!

One very sharp side of the sword says never give yourself a skill you can’t defend in an interview, giving real life examples in the behavioral interview format.  If that is truly the case, about 2/3 of my skills should be deleted.   And yet…..

Perception is reality.   If others think I have these skills, then perhaps I do.  Or I could fake them until I learned them.  In the words of my darling Diana Vreeland, “Fake it until you make it”!!!!

Then skill envy took over; here’s one example.   I started out a networking queen, and added on a social layer in the last couple of years, until social networking is something I eagerly lay claim to.   And yet no one endorsed me for social networking.  What to do, what to do???

I decided to take the bull by the horns; I emailed 5 friends that I was bemused by LinkedIn’s skill system.  Would they be willing to endorse me for the following 5 skills that I truly believe I have, but that others have not yet selected for me?

So far that’s working.   Oh, and I did ask what skills they had that they wish someone (moi!) would credit them with.    So.   All better now.

What do YOU think?   Was I proactive?  Or did I game the system?


Kay Roseland       @KayLoire


One Response to “LinkedIn: To skill or not to skill — that is the Question!”

  1. Kelly Grace Says:

    I think you very adeptly played by the rules. You weren’t asking anyone to credit you with a skill you didn’t possess and I doubt you credited others with non-existent skills. Truth is truth whether volunteered or requested. Well done.

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