Return to BHP – and Tatanka! November 25, 2012

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Returning to a place you enjoyed 40 some years ago can be a little….joyous.   Shareology recently returned to Paha Sapa, Black Hills Playhouse and…tatanka!!! Special thanks to JR and BD for making this possible…

whatdya mean it’s the off-season???

Best eight graduate credits EVER!!!

The theatre is still there, the snack shop is still there, the dining room is still there…and the creek still runs through it.  At least three from my season hit Broadway and one ex-BHPer still memorizes vast amounts of dialogue for audiences in New Hampshire; lucky NH!!!

Another day found Shareology wishing for views of vast herds of tatanka….and she found them:

ever been to Faulk County???

There was also deer, wild turkeys, and a big horned sheep named Curley…..

Paha Sapa lives….

  • Pahá Sápa in Lakota is The Black Hills
  • Tatanka is a Lakota word that literally means “bull buffalo”

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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