Earrings and Necklaces and Bags: Oh, My!!! November 2, 2011

Shareology’s favorite accessories store has just moved to a new location near 494 and Lyndale.  Next time you’re at Best Buy, head east in the center to Our Little Secret; it’s just around the corner from the mattress store.

Shareology spotted the absence of activity at Our Little Secret’s previous location across from Bachman’s and did a quick turn to check out the situation. The sign above meant she was off to 494 and Lyndale on opening day; after all, it is her favorite earrings store. (and bags and necklaces and all thing marvelous, marvelously priced….)

Owner Nancy Nelson offers personalized service and a wide selection of your favorite jewelry.

Shareology had one last surprise:  she met a former Miss America!!

Ms. Dorothy Benham rotates among Our Little Secret locations….so not only can you find a new pair of earrings…you can talk with one of the best stores representatives ever!  Or check out their website at

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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