QR codes: They’re not just for retail anymore!!! May 20, 2011

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What’s a QR code?  It’s those square boxes that look like a crossword puzzle on steroids.  Been noticing QR (quick response) codes everywhere you go?   Shareology was on her way to MIMA this week when she spotted this apartment building sign:

So lately, besides in-store information, I’ve seen QR codes in magazines, newspapers, and my personal fav, on business cards.  I use Barcode Scanner and TagReader as QR code readers on my Droid X and am now decoding messages left and right.   I asked Lisa Foote (@FooteNotes) for her favorite QR code resources:

Interesting article on performance of a Boots QR campaign in UK:

Astounding 4,500% growth in QR code scanning, first quarter 2011:

Article citing these stats w/ additional quotes:

Hope that helps! I’m sure you saw the Pioneer Press article today on QR as well. happy blogging! – Lisa

Thanks, Lisa!!   Well, there it is!!  More than you could possibly want on QR codes!!!  Thanks to Lisa and Julio Ojeda-Zapata at the Pioneer Press for superb resources!! 

Where will YOU see your next QR code?

Update July 19, 2011:  USATODAY published a piece on QR codes today which spotted a QR Code on a tombstone in Seattle.  Yep, a tombstone.  Small, quite tasteful, and leading to pictures and a life story of the deceased. 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


4 Responses to “QR codes: They’re not just for retail anymore!!!”

  1. Joelene Says:

    Sorry to post an unrelated comment, but I couldn’t find an e-mail for you – do you happen to know what/why Le Gourmet Chef at MOA has closed? Was surprised to find it shuttered and The Children’s Place being put in its place this past weekend… Loved the folks at LGC, always helpful. Le Sigh. EM at

    • kayroseland Says:

      Shareology checked with one of her best sources–and there seems to be no information available….Le Sigh indeed. @KayLoire

      • kayroseland Says:

        Semi-good news: There is one other store in Minnesota at Albertville Premium Outlets.

  2. Joelene Says:

    Thank you, m’dear. I knew about Albertville, but gosh – too far away unless I’m hitting the Coach FS, and I’m SO over that nonsense.

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