Great followup to the Apple Briefing Room Post… February 18, 2011

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….that Shareology did last July!  And she got quoted in the St. Paul Pioneer Press:
Note that the Minneapolis Apple Briefing Room is still only one of five:  and wow, the locations!!!

Apple has also opened Briefing Rooms in retail stores in London, Paris, Philadelphia and Shanghai.

Shareology’s post on the Apple Briefing Room:

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


One Response to “Great followup to the Apple Briefing Room Post…”

  1. You are right on target about the strategy of needing a place to sell to businesses (presidents/owners) other than the main floor of a retail store. If Apple cracks this code, they can finally make real inroads into businesses beyond their current creative niche. When Apple retail starts to make having a Mac at work more than a novelty, everyone better watch out. See my latest posting on the complex Best BuyApple relationship to see one aspect of it.
    Flora Delaney

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