Kingfield Farmers Market October 11, 2010

Shareology hit Kingfield Farmers Market in Minneapolis for the first time Sunday and was veerrrrrrrrrrrrry impressed!   Lots of variety in a small space.   She was motivated towards Nicollet Avenue by Rick Nelson of the Strib, and he does not disappoint!

He recommended SunStreet Breads and he was ever so right; Shareology got a loaf of bread to go with vegetable soap she had just made.  Mr. Nelson recommended getting there early, and he was right about that too!  SunStreet was sold out of turnovers by 9:30 am, but lots of other delights remained:

There’s been an outbreak of lavender flowers that look like roses but are probably more likely a relative of those cabbages folks  like to plant in their yards come fall.  Purpleholic Shareology lingered in lavender:

Kingfield is known for  local food, good music, and handmade crafts  …  

or on twitter at   @KingfieldMarket

Open Sundays from 8:30 am to 1 pm at 43rd and Nicollet; look for the white tents on the west side of the street.

Find out more about SunStreet Bakery at or follow on Twitter:  @SunStreetBreads

Kay Roseland   @Kay Loire


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