Common Good Books hosts Metro IBA October 6, 2010

Shareology was in St. Paul this week for a Metro IBA meeting hosted by Common Good Books.  Not once, but twice, a fascinating fact emerged:  apparently, Amazon did not hit the friendly neighborhood bookstore.  However, Barnes and Noble and Borders have been badly wounded.  As a result, the neighborhood bookstore is making a rebound!

In St. Paul, is there a finer example of a local bookstore than Common Good Books, about to celebrate its fifth birthday soon.    You may have heard of the proprietor, a Mr. Garrison Keillor.  Shareology has been hearing the phrase “multiple income streams” lately, a phrase Mr. Keillor practically invented.  Let’s take a tour of this local bookstore, tucked away in the basement of 165 Western Avenue at Selby in St. Paul:

One entrance to the store is through Nina's ....

Nina’s Coffee Cafe is located just above the bookstore at 165 Western Avenue.

Pretty sure who owns the store....

A younger demographic is engrossed.....

The Metro IBA Business meeting starts …

and on the way out….

above:  as you exit       Live Local,  Read Large

For more on living and buying local,  go to or follow them on twitter at @MetroIBA.

For more on Common Good Books go to   or follow them on twitter at @CommonGoodBooks

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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