Smart Phone?? I don’t need no *$%** smart phone!!! Part Droid 2 September 10, 2010

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In Shareology’s quest for a new smart (?) phone by mid-October, a Droid 2 found itself into her possession.  Turns out of the two, Shareology prefers the Droid X.   However, that decision was made via some very personal criteria which probably do not apply to anyone but Shareology.

 Chief Distinction of the Droid 2

 Droid 2 has a slide out keyboard. This just did not feel right to Shareology.  Too teeny, too late.  To be perfectly fair, I loaned the phone to a #jmu612 buddy; I glanced over a few seconds later to see both of her thumbs merrily tapping out a tweet.  Obviously that keyboard was in no way a hindrance to her communication. 

 3g hotspot

 One of the key features of the Droid 2, like the Droid X is the ability to turn various wireless devices nearby into internet connectivity via the 3g hotspot feature.  Click, Click, Click with the phone and my laptop magically connects to the internet. Unfortunately, with the Droid 2 I got a screen on my laptop from Verizon that had the look of The Next Click is gonna cost you Money.  I backed off since I was only planning of keeping this phone for a week.  Reviews I have read say the 3g hotspot feature is only $20 additional bucks a month.  Unless you get crazy with huge usage.  A question I would put to Verizon when purchasing this phone is “What constitutes huge usage?”  If the 3g feature gets used those few times free wi-fi is not available or if Shareology has the audacity to drive into South Dakota, then that feature is way worth its $20 bucks a month.

 Twitter Comfort

 One of my social media buddies took pity on my twitter discomfort and downloaded Twidroyd to the Droid 2.  Gotta admit I could then find the @KayLoire messages I could not locate on the Droid X.  Not the phones fault if a downloaded app is all you need.  (Well, OK, yes it is the phone’s fault for coming with a less than generic Twitter interface, but that is remedied by one quick download.)


 Shareology has guesstimated the monthly cost would be about $90 per month plus taxes for the features she wants.  Cancel the landline, the current non-smart phone, and the amount I pay for internet connection now, and I have $105 to play with.  Except…….I kinda like having two plus phones to play with….More than once, it has come in handy to have more than one phone alternative.  “This has got static; let me call you on my other phone….”

 Bottom Line

 For those who like the Droid X but really want a keyboard, the Droid 2 is a nice alternative.  I love the weather/news/maps functions.  Sooooo, it kinda boils down to:

 Can Shareology join the 21st century and drop her landline?


Shareology has not yet dropped the landline; as she was calling in a credit card authorization, she realized a lot of folks have the old landline number.  Does she lose her credibility if she no longer has that number?  Stay tuned on that one.

However, Shareology has been living happily ever after with her new Droid X.  The 3g hotspot works ever so well, turning her Sony Vaio on to the internet whenever a connection is lacking.   Soooooo cool.

 Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Steven Be hosts Metro IBA: who knew Chicago Avenue is so cool!!! September 9, 2010

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Metro IBA was recently at 3448 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis for an event at Steven Be’s….Shareology was amazed at what creativity can do to a former fire station on Chicago Avenue.  A division of the Yarn Garage, Steven Be’s sells every kind of yarn in every color you can possibly imagine, plus a few Shareology certainly never has imagined!!  Fiber, yarns, tools and notions abound!  Let’s take a peek: 

The entrance is in the back to the building.....

Just head west on 35th Street from Chicago for 1/4 block and the relaxing patio will greet you!!  

Even the sign-in pen tells you this is no ordinary store.....

now THIS is a chandelier.....

 If you have a former fire station, you have ceilings high enough to support a spectacular chandelier!!  (Be sure and ask the providence of this particular chandelier….it explains a lot about a certain former high flyer in the Twin Cities!) 

Every home and store needs a mirror.....

Yes, there really is a Steven Be.....

 That’s him with his head framed by the mirror in the background…. 

 This store is marvelously merchandised: 






Shareology hasn’t ever picked up a pair of knitting needles — but her heart sang as she went from one part of Steven Be’s to another:  truly a treat for the eyes. For more information, go to  or or follow them on twitter:  @YarnGarage 

  Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Shareology does The (Minnesota State) Fair September 6, 2010

Shareology hasn’t been to the Minnesota State Fair in years:  many, many years.  At some point riding various choices on the Midway, until one debarks and deplanes in a less than perfect state, just loses its appeal.  However, once every twenty years or so an opportunity presents itself and it is time to take another look.   Oh, yeah, crowds.  Shareology hates crowds.  The thing about the Fair is by the time you are tired and want to go home, you are acres away from your vehicle and hours away from escape.  Oh, yeah, now I remember why I don’t go to the Fair.  

That being said, Shareology did manage the horse and cattle barns, a free malt, the butter carving station, the new baby animal barn, and a few animals that didn’t live on the farm she grew up on.  Alpacas or llamas?   You be the judge.  

We start out in the house barn....

the original ponytail....

A free malt: Thank You, Princess Kay!!!

Although the only thing better than a free malt might be a raspberry sundae……those lines really move!  It’s a miracle I ever left the Dairy Building.  Ya got do something while working on that free malt; turns out that puts you 3 feet from the best known exhibit at the Fair:   Butter Sculpture!!  




Time to head to the cattle barns, where the contrasts are kinda interesting.  (Shareology still knows the difference between a Hereford and an Angus, and what a raised tail on a cow means.  The two things it could mean.) 

Flowers, luggage and.................

....the reason you're there in the first place....

Definitely time to head for the Giraffe Parking Lot……ooooohhhh, look it’s llama judging!!! 






That black llama rocks!!!  OKay, time for one last foot long and this time Shareology is really leaving……..See Ya There!! 

In say another twenty years…… 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Social Media Breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair: Saw You There!! September 5, 2010

Shareology packed her tiara and headed for Falcon Heights last Friday.  She probably should packed a parka and Uggs, but Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #29 was held inside a tent and that helped a great deal.   


Food is a key (the key?) offering at the Fair; Social Media Breakfast #29 set a new standard with food from French Meadow Bakery.  Scrambled eggs and bacon sandwiches and morning desert!   Strawberries and cream were involved!  

Ron McCoy hits the French Meadow jackpot!


Bacon AND Strawberries: who knew??


Shareology just got this same brand laptop!!



ooooooh, look what the winners get:  chocolate covered bacon!!  


It was so cold that..........@Quick13 had to tweet with one glove on.....



The United Way Winner is........Just Judy Judy Judy!!!


and that Jason guy on Channel 9 probably had something to do with it!! 

@JustJudyBlog won an iPad for all that United Way tweeting!!




Princess Kay meets...........Princess Kay!


Shareology had waited her whole life for the above photo opp; Princess Kay was a delight and appeared not to be permanently scared by the photo request.   Shareology was on her very best behavior!! 

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


Princess Kay Meets @KayLoire September 3, 2010

Every since Shareology moved to Minnesota, she has been hearing about the annual crowning of a new Princess Kay of the Milky Way at the Minnesota State Fair.  Today it finally happened; yin met yang.  At Social Media Breakfast #29, I give you Princess Kay and @KayLoire:

And yes, we were both wearing our tiaras.

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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