The Social Network — and so much more….. September 29, 2010

Shareology is headed towards her second viewing tonight of The Social Network.   (Thank you, Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul for the invitations to the previews!)  

My first observation after the first viewing was about the comments of the PR flack before the movie.  “If you like this movie, call all your friends!”  Really?  Call your friends?  About a movie based on Facebook???  Really??  No status updates?  No tweets?  Call?  Really?  Apparently no one told her no one is using their smart phones for telephoning these days.

My second reaction was gratefulness:  so glad to be in the land of Minnesota Nice!  Because those Harvard boys play nasty!! 

Upon reflection, this is a movie about so much more than the founding of Facebook.  I walked out of the first preview wondering what is truth and what is fiction.  Luckily the October Vanity Fair landed in my mailbox the next day and gave me an update on Sean Parker, played  by Justin Timberlake in the movie.  Recently, my W landed with an article on the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.  (Sorkin, late of the West Wing and Studio 60, goes a long way towards how explaining how quickly the movie gets off to a blistering start.)

Ultimately it is a movie about trust, friendship, betrayal and loneliness.  Which explains why Shareology will be at preview two tonight at Mall of America.

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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